Grandma's Boy # 2

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...Grandma stated she was going to bed now and kissed me full on the lips,as she walked away I watched her ass wiggle back and forth, she turned looking back and asked if I liked what I saw, I said very much she giggled and turned down the hall.. I laid back thinking of the blow job I just got and wondered where I was headed this summer, a smile came on my face as I drifted off to sl**p...

The next morning I awoke with a piss hardon, looking on the floor for my boxers, I grabbed them and headed towards the bathroom and then towards the kitchen, I fumbled around the kitchen and grabbed some cereal, making myself a bowl I then sat at the table wondering when Grandma would get up. About that time I felt a soft hand on the back of my neck and a good morning sweetheart as she walked over to the counter and poured her coffee she came over to the table sitting down I could tell she was worried about something, I asked her what was wrong she said I'm worried about what you think of me..I assured her that I was fine with what happened and that it was just between us. She said I saw you beautiful cock and couldn't help myself it has been so long and with your grandfathers illness well I just couldn't stop.. I grabbed her hand and said it was ok and put on my best smile, I knew it was a selfish move but I wanted this to continue after all I still hadn't felt a pussy wrapped around my dick yet!, and just thinking of fucking grandma was driving me wild...

Grandma stated she needed to run to town and grab somethings and would I mind cleaning up the gararge and mowing the lawn, I said I would and she left the kitchen.. I was mowing the last bit of lawn when she pulled into the driveway and tooted the horn I was in a pair of my cut off jeans and no shirt and waved back at her. I seen she was a wearing a pink dress her red hair flowing behind her, her lips were full and poutey with of course the super red lipstick that she wore, the thing that attracted me the most was her legs with those high heels on..Jesus and that ass as she walked into the house reminded me of last night my grandma was hot!! I was puting the lawn mower away and heading into the house when I heard her ask if I'd like a iced tea, laughing I said I'd rather have a beer, when I got to the kitchen there was a beer sitting on the table I looked at it and then at her and couldn't believe it. She said I didnt know if you drank beer but I picked some up today. Now I had stolen some beer from my dad on those couple of occasions that presented itself and shared it with my buddies, but to walk into a house and be offered a beer was heaven to my teenaged mind. Grandma reached up into the cabinet and fixed herself a drink with whiskey,vermouth and even threw a cherry into it too...

Sitting at the table she asked me how my beer was, looking at her beautiful body I had forgotten all about the beer. I took a big swig and said good! She kicked off her shoes and started rubbing her foot on my leg, I smiled as I sat back in the chair. She stated you know this is what grandpa and I would do after he mowed the lawn on the weekends, I smiled and said I bet thats not all you'd do she gigled and said well no and started to blush I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me and kissed her very hard, she reponded shoving her tongue deep into my mouth I grabbed at her tits in the flimsly dress groaping her roughly. She pulled away smiling and said I think I like where this is going, but honey you need a shower. Giggling she sat back down in the chair and took a big gulp of her drink. I grabbed my beer and almost drank it down. I stated I was headed to the shower and she said ok sweetheart...

In the shower I was scrubbing myself for the third time to make sure I smelled better, when I heard a knock on the door grandma asked if she could come in to use the "potty" I yelled back sure, I wished grandma didnt have the frosted doors on the shower so I could see her and she could see my dick. Thinking of her while I showered had made me rock hard and my dick was sticking stright up going just above my belly button. I was facing the shower when I heard her say would you like some company the shower door slid back and there she was her milkey white tits laying on her chest, the nipples large and poking out to the point of looking like they would burst, I could see the thin strip of red hair running towards her cunt as she stepped into the shower. Looking at my cock she said oh my!! and reached out and grabbed it pulling it down. My cock was so hard she had a little problem getting it there. I leaned down and kissed her again, my own hand reaching down towards her pussy as she tugged on my dick my fingers found her wet hole I slid my finger in only to hear her gasp as I sunk it in to the hilt, with my other hand I reached and tweaked a nipple she arched her neck back and moaned. I kissed her neck and she moaned oh sweetheart you're such a wonderful lover. Tugging at my cock she said in a very husky voice "lets go to the bedroom". I almost killed myself getting out of the shower, we dried each other off, she grabbed my dick and lead me to the bedroom, shutting the door she lead me to the bed and sat down pulling on my cock and opening her mouth real wide she slide the head in and started sucking. She stroked my dick up and down, sliding her tongue into the slit I moaned, grabbing at her head I slid my dick further down her throat the deep moans vibrating on my dick. I began pushing in and pulling out her mouth and throat feeling wet, warm and inviting, I heard her gag once and slowed down only to have her throw her head forward sucking hard at my dick...

Coming up for air she started to lick the shaft up and down, when I looked down on her she happened to look up and smiled she tugged my dick faster looking at me she said sweetheart I want you to fuck me with this big cock of yours and kissed the head again. She then rolled over towards the middle of the bed and spread her legs, looking at her I knew what to do but still worried about how well I'd do! I crawled over to her and placed myself on top of her, looking down I said grandma I've never done this she smiled and said I would do fine, grabbing my dick she started to pull it towards her waiting pussy she smiled and said when I say push you push but not hard because its been a while since my pussy has been ravaged. I could feel her wet outer lips on the head of my dick and she moaned OH!!! she looked at me and said in that huskey voice fuck me sweetie. I pushed the head in and felt how tight she was she groaned out loud and said OH MY GAWD!!! This is when I found out grandma was a talker, I slid more of my dick into her and she OOOO'D and AWWWWW'D putting her hands at my back she pushed me forward and I sank the rest of my dick deep into her warm wet cunt, she grunted and said YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE HONEY, this was all that I needed I started to pull out push in and grandma was meeting me in my down strokes. I could feel her pussy grabbing my dick like a warm wet glove, she started moaning and saying FUCK ME HONEY,OHHH FUCK MY PUSSY, I started to slam her a little harder and harder, our bodies making a smacking sound each time we came together. OHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME DANIEL!!! (Now if I may interject here to any ladies who read this when you call us by our christian names it brings the love making to a whole new level.) I started going faster and faster she was meeting each and every stroke I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, I said grandma I'm gonna cum! OH BABY GIVE IT TO ME GRANDMA WANTS IT SO BAD, CUM IN ME BABY CUM IN ME!!!! OH YOUR COCK IS SO BIG FUCK ME HONEY OH FUCK ME GOOD, thats all it took her warm wet pussy seemed to be pulling the cum towards it I could feel my cock getting bigger in her. As I waas getting ready to blast it into her she yelled OHHHH I'M CUMMING SWEETY I'M CUMMING, I said oh grandma here it is take it all and I filled her cunt I could feel my dick blowing a huge load into grandma her groans increased, OH MY GOD FILL ME FILL ME FILL ME!!! As our fluids mixed together my cock slid easier into her pussy so I kept slamming thinking I would never quit cumming. Grandma grabbed my face and kissed me shoving her tongue deep into my mouth and pushing her hips up towards my dick. As we slowed down my cock still deep in her she wrapped her arms around me and said sweetie you were fantastic and started kissing my neck, I could still feel her cunt milking on my dick and I never felt this good...

In the after glow we hugged and kissed some more and she held onto my cock as we cuddled. She said I got to do something and got up from the bed and went out of the room, coming back she had my duffle bag and said since you're the new man of the house we wont need that couch anymore!! I couldnt believe what happened to me in just two short days....

I promise there is much more to come as in the first part please tell me how I did and what you thought. The next part will be awhile as I'm going on vacation to Mexico but I promise I'll be back...

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1 year ago
red headed Granny--gotta love it
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good...see pleasuring family is so good..i'm so glad that you wrote this hot and horny story..check out my videos on my page because i just love all kinds of incest-incest lovers please feel free to friend me!
3 years ago
Super hot story got some pre cum in my pants from this one.
4 years ago
Made me so hard!!!
4 years ago
Hard to believe but this was better than part 1. I am rock hard sitting here reading this (doesn't help that my name is Daniel, so hot!!
4 years ago
that is so good very well written
4 years ago
i loved it
4 years ago
will be waiting for part three, Great story
4 years ago
great story keep them coming
4 years ago
4 years ago
Terrific,, brings back memories of my younger days with my mom.
4 years ago
awesome. I cant wait until the next chapter
4 years ago
very,very,very hotttttttttt