Teasing myself for maximum cum

After typing you that email this morning, all I wanted to do all day is come home and wrap my hand around my cock, stroke it till it gets nice and hard while watching some porn then letting it go soft and grab it again and stroke it till its rock hard again and gets close to shooting a nice load of my hot white cum. Then I have to let it relax yet again watch some more porn rubbing the head through my sweatpants with no underwear so I can arouse it more, Then put the right video on, ( usually seeing compilations of guys shooting loads of cum in women's mouths and spraying there hot cum all over there faces) taking my sweat pants off. Wrapping my hand around my waiting cock, and slowly sliding it up and down from the base to my head, feeling my hand tickle the crown of the nice soft velvety head of my cock. Slowly it begins to respond as I watch the vids of cum spraying in wanting mouths and all over there faces. Now it would be growing in my hand, getting harder and more swollen, I can feel the cum building in my now stiff shaft. All my raging hard on wants to do at that point is let all that hot cum spray out of the head of my cock. There is no stopping it now, as my grip tightens around my swollen member, and I feel the explosion unavoidable,,,,,,,,,,,,then the first shot of cum sprays out, it feels sooooooo good to shoot that first blast of cum, then there is another, now it is just pouring from my cock. I stroke faster letting all my cum and euphoria too be unleashed. I continue sliding my hand up and down my cock, feeling it pulsate with every burst of cum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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