Shemales humiliate me

One night I was out partying and met 3 girls.
They were very sexy and between 20 - 35.
One was very dark skinned brazilian hottie and a blonde and brunette one, not very tall.
So a couple of drinks later, we went to their apartment (they are living together), things came down really fast.
One girl threw me on the bed, the brazilian, as the two others held me down. I was asking what the fuck they are doing and tried to escape them, but they were unhumanly strong.
So one girl literally ripped off my pants and shirt, so I was naked.
She then started sucking my already hard cock and I leaned back and moaned.
Her tongue was everywhere.
Then the other girls turned me on the back and the third started tossing my salad.
But then I suddenly felt something big and hard in my ass and it hurt. I realized, I was getting ****d by a shemale.
She fucking me very hard and I cried, because I never had a big dick up my ass, never even any dick.
She came in my ass very fast, I felt the warm cum getting pumped up my ass.
It felt so good. Then she turned me around and sat on my chest and made me lick her dick clean and put it up my throat till I gagged on it.
"Do you like that? You're a tranny slave now, bitch!"
Then they put me on my knees and started forcing their big hard cocks and balls up my mouth and deepthroated me until I gagged on their big dicks and cum was running all over their cocks and balls and my face. My mouth was full of cum and I had to swallow repeatedly.
I then was told to "get in doggystyle, worthless piece of shit!" and was humped by the two smaller shemales, the blonde and the brunette and they fucked me in my tiny tight asshole so hard till I started crying. THe blonde finished her big load of cum in my tight asshole first. The brunette pulled out and came on my ass and both stuck their big hard cockss in my mouth and made me clean it and came some more.
I then had to throw up, because of their huge cocks making me gag and because there was so much cum.
They pulled me by my hair "now, fucker, it's time to get the fuck out of here!"
They wipped out their now soft cocks in front of me and started pissing right at my face and in my mouth. I gagged, cried, and puked, but they didn't care.
I was all naked, drenched in cum, piss, puke and tears.
Then they pulled me by my hair and threw me out of their door. The walk home was so embarassing.
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2 years ago
I like.
Mistress Joanne.
2 years ago
it isn't true, it was a story. fantasy.
3 years ago
That was hot baby three beautiful shemales man I would love to be with three of them and experience what he did getting fucked and filled with their cum and swallowing their spunk jizz loads.
3 years ago
that must have been horrifing im sorry :(
4 years ago
your story turned me on
4 years ago
y cant that happen 2 me???
4 years ago
Loved the story.