Who is Tove Jensen aka Tiny Tove

Tove Jensen was born in Sweden in April 1958.

Tove Jensen, a.k.a. Tiny Tove, has become one of the most sought after porn actresses of her time - and with good reason.

Although being of legal age to star in both shoots and films, she always gave the appearance of being younger.

Not much is known about Tove because her career in the adult industry - whilst fruitful - was short.

What is known is that Tove got into the adult business soon after turning 18 years old. With the loss of her father at an early age, her mother became her inspiration (although that might be putting it somewhat too strongly!).

Already a porn actress, Tove's mother persuaded her to try the industry out for herself and it is a recorded fact that they once appeared together. Where and when this was is for you to work out.

It was her mother, who encouraged Tove to follow her into the porn business and Tove quickly eclipsed her mother and found a devoted army of fans that continues to grow to this day despite the fact that she made only a handful of movies over just a very three years in the business.

After a few short years in the industry, Tove suddenly quit when realising that this was not going to be a "lifelong career".

Quitting Denmark (where most of the shoots were made), her friends took her to sea, at her request, and she has never been seen in the adult industry since. She also vowed to pursue her privacy which continues to be respected to this day.

The film shoots were laid down on Super 8mm film but have miraculously survived the test of time. Not everything that Tove made is available but a large majority was preserved by the legendary Danish studio, Color Climax.

Incidentally, despite some claims to the otherwise, only Color Climax have the recognised right to license Tove's photosets and film shoots.

Although Tove quit the adult industry, we should be grateful that much of what she made is available to this day!

A simple google search of her name can come up with a listing of all the movies she played in as well as magazine apperarances.

So what of her mother, Mrs Jensen? We don't even know her first name or any details of her death which apparently happened in the late eighties.
She had been working in commercial and amateur porn for some time before Tove became legally old enough to follow her into the business. She also had quite a following on the early Sex show scene in Sweden and Denmark and she was better known for that then for her film work.

She has featured in the CCC films Big Black Delivery, Maid for Sex, and Lesbian Lust as well as in a various magazines. Her most notorious photo set -

I do not know a video is available of it - is an outdoor foursome she did with Tove when she (Tiny Tove) was just turned 18 and of an age to legally work in pornography.

However, perhaps because she lacked Tove's stunning looks, her film career seemed to peter out as she lost her looks with age and she returned to working on the live sex show stage including at least one show with porno guru Horney Rob (at least so he claims on his website). It seems that she continued to sink lower and lower in the the more depraved and sordid end of the sex industry - including a****l work - until at last, it is said death overtook her.

It would be a great shame if Tiny Tove's work is lost as she was a great performer and from all accounts motivated by genuine love for exhibitionist sex as much as for a desire for cash. She was at her happiest on stage or before the camera naked and with a man between her legs.

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3 years ago
some of her vids do pop up here love her
4 years ago
Loved tove's vids and pics. always got me off:)
4 years ago
So where do we "The admiring public" get hold of this limited matrial? I think we should be told.
4 years ago
Although I already new these facts I think it is great of you to take the time and effort and go into great detail so that others can know as well. Great job, well done!
4 years ago
Excellent. great job