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For The Love Of An Hairy Pussy

The act of a woman removing all her pubic hair is, in my most likely correct opinion, just an effort to please men; men who consider the ideal sexual experience to be what they jerk off to when they watch porn. In looking deeper, I believe those who shave and those who want their g/f and or wives to shave. It is because they want to make themselves look younger than that they're really are.

Call it how you want, but to me this seems odd and straight out wrong. Here you have a man who wants his woman to shave her pussy, to make her look younger to make her look like a l*ttle g*rl. To me this... Continue»
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Fun Penis Facts And Fun Pussy Facts By JIM GOAD

Straight talk About Erections
A healthy male averages 11 erections per day—nine of them while asl**p. After ejaculating, it can take him anywhere from two minutes to two weeks to achieve another erection.

Gallons of cum
The average man shoots one to two teaspoons of cum per orgasm. During his life, he will cum over 7,000 times, resulting in 14 gallons o’ jizz, give or take a few drops. Each load contains approximately seven calories, and each spurt whizzes through the air at around 28 MPH.

From shower to grower
On average, a limp penis will increase in volume 300% when it is erect. It... Continue»
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Porn Stars I Would Want to Fuck

Patricia Rhomberg - She is not only beautiful but also has a yummy looking hairy pussy.

Kimmie Kummins

Tove Jensen aka Tiny Tove - who in their right mind wouldn't want to fuck this hairy pussy. - Don't know their names but they both have nice hairy pussies.

Jenny Lane aka Shelly Lee aka Cindy Lane

Sophie Jones Continue»
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Can You Name this Movie

I am looking for the true name of this movie, and or know who these two hairy women are, if there is other movies of them in please let me know.


Who is this hairy woman?

Who is this woman, I've seen posts by others that there is more of her but I can't find it here.

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Classic Pornstars

Abbey Gale
Abigail Clayton
Adele Stephens
Agnes Ardant
Agnes Faludi
Agnes Lempin
Ajita Wilson
Aki Wang
Alana Quinn
Aleena Ferari
Alex Dane
Alex Jordan
Alexa Schiffer
Alexa Parks
Alexandra Box
Alexandra Nice
Alexandra Quinn
Alexandra Ross
Alexis Devell
Alexis Payne
Ali Moore
Alice Arno
Alice Springs
Alicia Monet
Alicia Rio
Alicyn Sterling
Alison Brown
Alison Wills
Aliza Rusk
Allison More
Amanda Addams
Amanda Gier
Amanda Jane Adams
Amber Hunt
Amanda Long
Amanda Palmer
Amanda Shell
Amber Lynn
Amber Woods
Ami Rodgers
Anastasia [3]
A... Continue»
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List of porn actors / actresses

Will update this list once more information comes in - some names may be repeated;

Aaliyah Jolie
Aaliyah Love
Abbey Brooks
Adara Michaels
Addison Rose
Adriana Sage
Adrianna Chase
Adrianna Deville
Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna Rouso
Ai Iijima
Ai Kurosawa
Aika Miura
Aimee Sweet
Akari Yamazaki
Aki Tomosaki
Akiko Takaoka
Akira Fubuki
Akira Watase
Akira Watase
Alana Evans
Alana Ferreira TS
Alana Leigh
Alaura Eden
Alejandra Maderos
Alektra Blue
Aletta Ocean
Alex Devine
Alex Jordan
Alex Taylor
Alexa Lynn
Alexa May
Alexa Rae
Alexandra Morgan
Alex... Continue»
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Real Names of a Porn Star

This isn't a complete list once more information comes in, I'll add more to it.

Porn Stars

Şahin K - Şahin K
Aaron Lawrence - Aaron Lawrence
Abbie Lee - Toni Champa
Adriana Sage - Alaura Tamis
Ai Iijima - Mitsuko Ishii
Aika Miura - Yuu Hasegawa
Aja - Barbara Holder
Akshay daniell - James daniell
Alana Evans - Dawn Marie Thompson
Alaura Eden - Staci Nakabe
Aletta Ocean - Dóra Varga
Alex Jordan - Karen Elizabeth Mereness
Alex Taylor - Adriana Molinari
Alexa Rae - Mary Sharpton
Alexander Brent - Brent McCourtie
Alexandra Nice - Aleksandra Groth
Alexandra Quinn - Diane Purdie... Continue»
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Write and Send Fan Mail to a Porn Star

I wonder why there is not a fan site where one can contact certain pornstars, and request a autograph from them. Like you can do with any other hollyweird actor. I did find a site that has it.. Problem solved, sort of as it is not a complete list >>>> and it is free too. Porn Star Finder >>>

Many of these address came from a paid site, that a online friend of mine has a membership of, to find out where to send fan mail too porn stars as well as communicate with other members to see what address is good and which is not. So much reps goes to them.
... Continue»
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Layla Exx

Aliases Victoria Allred
Vicki Allred

Profession: Porn Star

Ethnicity: White

Born: USA

Hair Color: Strawberry Blond

Height: 5 feet and 11 inches

Years Active: 2008-2010

c***dren: One

Movies: (and dates of released - may not be a complete list of movies/scenes)

Assfucked Sluts Evil Angel DVD Only 2011

ATK Perfect Pussy 1 Kick Ass Pictures Facial 2009

Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Mile High LezOnly 2010

Masters of Reality Porn 5 Pink Visual Facial Bald DVD Only 2010

My Dirty Angels 13 Northstar Asso... Continue»
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Anuschka Marek

Name: Anna Marek

Real Name: Anuschka Marek
aka Teen Anna, Little Anna, Anna L*lit*

Date of Birth: 30th April 1974

Place of Birth: Poland

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Blonde

Retired from the porn business (Where ever she is, I wish her the best, she is beautiful.)

COLOR CLIMAX: featuring the original photosets of ANNA and TINY TOVE
Anna - 17 Photosets, Tiny Tove - 4 Photosets, 6 Movies Naughty Anna Marek was a daughter of famous and well off adult film producer and studied spying on the action shot in the estate of her father. Babe with natural small tits became a per... Continue»
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Kinky Sex Tips: The Wild Side of Masturbation

Just too weird I think but each of their own I suppose

Homemade Sex Doll

Learn how to make your own friends:

Take an old paper towel roll and stick a sandwich bag in it with some lube. Then stuff an old pair of pants and a shirt with any thing to make it look like a person. Stick paper towel roll in the open fly of the 'dummy' and just fuck away! It feels great, and when your done just throw the bag away.


Mommy, I Wet Myself

Try to get this image out of your head:

I like to put on a cotton ... Continue»
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Where to Spew Your Goo - The Aftermath

Some of these are just gross, but I bet some guys do like licking their own goo, lol.

Masturbating starts off so promising, just gets better, and finished with a fabulous climactic release. Women are lucky, they're left with nothing but a smile on their face. But men have to deal with the messy reality of a load of jism to dispose of.
In this guide, we'll explore how best to dispose of your ejaculatory aftermath. From the solid, time-tested methods to the more kinky possibilities, we'll offer you the dos and don'ts.

In a tissue

This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to ... Continue»
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Using Objects to Masturbate:

Balloon Bust

Get a big bang -- or two -- out of your jerk off:

Take a balloon and inflate it to about 2/3 of its size. Sit on it slowly and start to wank the usual way. The closer you get to cumming the harder you squeeze down on the balloon, and before you climax, bounce on it. If timed correctly you can cum just as the balloon pops. Alternatively you might take two balloons filled until they are just about to pop, and shove them up your top. Then lie face down on the bed and wank, trying to pop the balloons in the process.

-------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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Lubricate when you Masturbate: What Lube to Use

Tub Humping

Get clean and dirty at the same time:

Lube up your dick and balls with Vaseline, turn the shower on super hot water for about 5 minutes, then turn it off. Make sure the tub is drained then lay on your stomach and fuck the bottom of the tub. The Vaseline will melt a little bit from the warmth of the tub. This feels great!! Plus the noise your balls make as they plop on the bottom of the tub is a bonus. You will cum in no time. Make sure you are home alone as this could get noisy.


... Continue»
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Sex with Food: How to Masturbate with Food

The Quicker Picker-Upper

Use extra absorbency if you're a big shooter:

To make clean-up easier after blowing your load, you can get a paper towel, poke a hole in it with your cock, and push it all the way down to the base of your cock. Then, jack away! This way, you don't have to get anything when you cum, just take the paper towel or whatever off, fold it up, and throw it away.

Frosty the Ass Man

For cooling off on hot summer days:

Use the ice cubes from a tray and ice up your asshole, letting it melt down a lot. When your ass is good and numb, push the ice cube into yoursel... Continue»
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Stroke Your Cock: Masturbation Stroke Techniques

Go For Distance

Sometimes one hand isn't enough:

Take the index and middle fingers of both hands and put them on the underside of your dick. Then place both thumbs on the top side and jack away. When the cum is about to flow, jack even harder. This will increase the amount and distance

Go For Distance - Part 2

Look, Ma, no hands!

Masturbate normally, but when you feel you are about to blow your load, take your hand off. You will feel the cum running up into your cock. At this point, start to "push" it out of you penis with your inner pelvic muscles. This may sound hard to do ... Continue»
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[Story] Daisy Duke Sex Slave for Boss Hog

Daisy Duke walked out the store, carrying a bag of groceries. The young country girl was wearing her favorite outfit skintight cutoff jeans and tight blouse tie between her well-endowed chest. Her long shapely legs clicked along on the spiked heels. The high heel made her firm round butt wiggle in the most wonderful way. Long dark brown hair fell over her shoulders surrounding a beautiful face unmarred by any make up. She strolled by the Hewitt boys, two of Boss Hogg’s goons, sitting on a bench, sipping sodas. The tall beauty could feel their eyes leering over her body but kept her eyes forwar... Continue»
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[Story] Worst 101 Sexual Perversions

101. Assphilia:- The desire to put your Toungue on an ass Image.

100. Pyrophilia:- The burning desire to have sex with a partner who is on fire. Tip: lighter fluid works well and doesn't smell as bad as petrol.

99.5. Pyrocoprophilia:- The desire to take a shit on your partner and set the shit on fire.

99. Cropohilia:- Liking for rumpy pumpy in a field of corn.

98. Frodorism:- Lusting after a small person's ring.

97. Dwarfism:- Dressing up in silly pointed hats and wanking over a sl**ping person of the female type gender.

96. Autoerotisism:- Cars, lots and lots... Continue»
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[Story] What does it mean

Okay, let me say to the many that might say what the fuck. And ask why I am posting this. Well I know that there are some that don't know everything so to "ABC" the sex words, (Just for the ones that don't have a clue. And the credit goes to the "sex dictionary"). >>> Please note some of the key words were left off for obvious reasons of course as some of them were very taboo. <<< Enjoy........

afterglow - n.
The good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

I screamed as we both climaxed, then he... Continue»
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[Story] How to Guide Blow Job


The number one blowjob mistake: letting your teeth hit his cock. I can't stress this enough. Ask any guy and he'll tell you again and again: nothing is worse than a blowjob that is "all teeth". In fact, most guys won't admit it, but their idea of a perfect blowjob would be getting sucked off by a gorgeous woman with removable dentures. Teeth can nick and sc**** the sensitive skin of the penis. Open your mouth wide enough that they stay away from his cock, or suck your lips in over them to cushion the rough edges. If he's wearing a condom during the blow... Continue»
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