my holiday with the girls..

it was my friends 40th and we decided to go to New York and have some fun..
there was 8 of us and we were all about the same age married k**s and happy???
we got there and got unpacked and hit the town straight away we all thought lets make the most of it cos we never get the chance to get away from the k**s!!!!

so the 1st night we were totally pissed cos of the traveling and tiredness,we really enjoyed making fools of ourselves but we thought fuck it nobody knows us so fuck them...we ended up in this Irish bar and the bar man was a young black lad 27 he was our waiter we told him to keep coming over with the drinks when we shouted him ,he thought we were funny cos we were pissed and loud but he did as he was told.

as the night went on i ask the lad what was his name Terry (MAM) don't call me MAM i get that at home call me Mary,,OK Mary..
he asked so you have k**s,,yes 2.. 17 and 14.. wow he said you don't look old enough,,well the girls pissed them selves laughing,,i think he fancies you Mary..
shut up i'm old enough to be his mam.. Terry laughed and said give me a shout when you's want a refill..

it got late and we decided to call it a night ready for some shopping the next day,as we were going round the shops we decided to go into the Irish bar for a coffee and there was Terry serving,the girls said its your toy boy Mary,, shut up girls hes looks embarrassed.he came across and ask what we wanted but you could see he liked me cos he never stopped looking at me all the time and we could all see we were leaving he came over and said where we out tonight as it was his night off and would we all like to be shown around the town and go to some other bars..OK terry meet us back here at 7,30..

we all got back and put our glad rags on,i put my short skirt on and tight top which showed off my big boobs and my black leather boots on,the girls said are you on the pull Mary..i might be??? we met terry he had brought 5 of his mates so that he didn't feel left out with 8 girls.we all split up as we were walking and Terry was talking to me asking about my k**s and hubby,what they were like and all that,i asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said NO to bizzy with work,,i said all work and no play is not fun,,Terry said he likes to play but never gets the chance,we both laughed and i said i love to play but when you get to my age its only now and again..

we hit the 1st pub and 2nd and the 3rd then the 4th finally we ended up in some club,by this time after the day before and the shopping the girls wanted to go home,,Terry said come ladies please stay out,,sorry son were are off..Mary are you stopping out,i looked at the girls they said stay if you want but make sure Terry brings you back,,OK i will but not to late..

as the night went on i told Terry i have to go i'm shattered,come back to my flat 1st for a coffee and i will order a taxi from there i only live over the road,,OK but 1 coffee.. we got to his studio flat and he showed me round it,it was very smart, we ended up on the settee having our coffee putting the world to rights and finding out about each others lives,,when all of a sudden he leaned over and kissed me!!! what do i do??? but for some reason i kissed back,there was this young black boy 27 kissing ME,,WHY.. as i stopped i asked WHY me!!!

he said when i walked in he just noticed me and said to himself he would love to fuck her.. he started to kiss me again this time undoing my top and fumbling with my bra, wait i will take it off for you,i let them fall out his eyes lit up as my big tits were there in front off him,my nipples were rock hard he knelt down and started to suck them and play with them whilst he was down there my legs were open cos he was between them,his hand started to stoke my inner leg then my top thigh then my pants,he was rubbing my hairy mound through my pants when he pulled them to one side and opened my lips with his finger and started to rub my clit,i was gasping for air it had been a while since another mans/boys hand had been down there.his fingers entered my hole one at a time as his 3rd one went in my juices were flowing,,stop stop..WHY..lets get go to the bedroom

i got hold of Terry and we went to the bedroom,i took my clothes off and he just watched me,,come on lets see what you have?? he started to undress i walked over to him and went on my knees waiting for his shorts to fall,,WOW.. what a cock..
as i started to play with it got bigger and bigger it was easily 10inches and thick very thick..i took it in my mouth and played with his head and balls i tried to take it all but not a chance..Terry lifted me up and laid me on the bed opened my legs and licked his way up to my pussy,he started to eat me out and poke me,he then lifted my arse up on a pillow and started to poke my bum with his thumb it had been a while since i had done anal so it was very tight and nice!! with my pussy dripping and his licking the pillow was soaking so we got shot of the pillow and he started to make his way up to me with his cock, i couldn't wait for it,he slowly opened my lips with it and entered me bit by bit
it was unreal as he started to pump away on me, he kissed me and sucked my tits he stroked my body he was gentle on the top half but down below he was fucking me hard..

he pulled me up so i was on top then he turned me on my side and fucked whilst fingering my arse hole,he got me on all 4's and shoved 2 fingers in my arse,then he asked if he could stick his big black cock in my arse!!!! i had to say YES it was only going to happen once so fuck it,,but be gentle..he got the head of it and slowly put it in, i was in pain,,spit on it do something lick it??
he spat on his cock and my arse to get some fluid there,he was finally in,he started to fuck me slowly to get the hole loose and once i was there he let all mighty rip on my arse i had never cum so much in my life he was rubbing my clit from underneath and pumping away like mad on my arse i was in heaven,Terry was about to cum and i wanted it in my mouth he pulled out and i took him all and never spilt a drop,,we sat on the bed looked at each other and i said thank you for that,,NO thank you Mary that was my best fuck ever and i will always remember my lady from England..he ordered me my taxi and that was the last time i seen or heard from my young lover,,,the girls asked but i said we went to a party and i came straight back??? but they must have smelt the sex on me cos they looked as if to say what ever....time to tell hubby and try one at home??

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2 years ago
2 years ago
loved it :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Naughty girl!! Love it!! Cheers!!