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All of my BDSM 'toys' have arrived and I have been trying them out already.
I have used the paddles on ALL the ladies arses (50 smacks) and their tits (also 50 smacks) and their skin comes up really red, especially their arse cheeks but watching the girls tits jump around as a smack them hard with the paddles or belts, is truly amazing.
The ladies can choose how I am going to smack their tits;
Standing up and leaning well forward from the waist, clasping their hands behind their heads, to make their tits hang away from their chests so that I can get a really hard smack at them, either on the nipple/nipple ring or on the sides of their tits, or;
Lying down so that I can then smack their tits as their tits are lying flat.
For pussy belting the ladies have to lie on their backs with their legs as wide apart as they can with the soles of their feet together, again with their hands clasped together behind their heads and with their pussies held wide open by their rings and chains.
Arse whipping (again 50 smacks) is done as they bend over and grab their ankles, if I want to smack the actual arse hole, they have to pull their arse cheeks as wide open as they can and push the hole outwards as if they are trying to have a shit (shit does ooze out sometimes making it quite messy) so that I can give their arse hole a good hard belting.
Whether I am belting or paddling my ladies tits, pussies or arses I always start with 5 smacks, one after another with no gaps in between and I NEVER hold any thing back and swing at them as hard as I possibly can and I ALWAYS make them cry, and I do mean that, they really are crying hard...
If the lady being smacked/belted moves or flinches in any way at all when I hit her, I simply start all over again, if she moves twice I double the amount of hits and if she moves three times etc etc...
After giving the girl I am with at the time a really hard paddling or belting I ALWAYS give her a good hard arse and/or pussy shagging too, just to round off the evening...

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