My PA's dream job 2...

The PA I chose last year is still with me, in fact she has asked if she can take on more personal duties.
I have not fucked her yet as that was never in her job description but now she want to take it to the next step and start having sex with me.
The opportunity to step it up a gear happened when I had to go to a meeting in Europe and Carolyn of course came with me.
Her first question was 'What should I pack' so I said 'Just what you are wearing and nothing else' 'So I won't bother with a travel bag either then?' and we left it at that and she made plans for our flight tickets and hotel room which brought on the next question 'One hotel room or two?' What do you want to book I said and left it to her and I finished doing what I was doing and buzzed her later to take her to dinner and told her to wear only a very short jacket and when she came in to my office an hour or so later that's exactly what she was wearing, because she opened her jacket wide and stood in front of me to show herself to me.
Ok I said ten out of ten for dress style and lets go for dinner, I am starving.
Next morning I left my office en route to my car and Carolyn was walking towards me in the car park, still wearing just her jacket and her high heeled, slip on, open toed sandals.
We got into my car and with the jacket being so short she didn't have to lift it up at the back to sit down with her bare arse on her seat and sat with her jacket open, her sandals off and the soles of her feet together with her legs spread wide open, all the way to the airport.
When we arrived at the airport and parked the car in the long term park we got on the free shuttle bus and she still never buttoned up the jacket and as the bus was packed she had to sit on my lap, and I whispered to her to do up the middle button and after she did that I slipped my hand up inside the back of her jacket and squeezed her left nipple hard and she squealed loudly because she still had the nipple clamps on, which had never been off her nipples since I put them on a year ago <our medic had checked them every month and made sure they were always cleaned and sterilised> and the silver chain was still really tight between her tits, pulling them together so hard that was literally no gap between her tits now.
The flight itself was uneventful, as was the short trip to the hotel and then I found that Carolyn had chosen the Honeymoon Suite for us and as soon as the bell boy left I took her jacket off, bent her over a chair and shoved my solid cock up her arse in one movement, well she was soaking wet after the constant teasing I had been giving her during our journey, and about fifteen minutes later I had cum full blast in her bowels and Carolyn had cum at least twice in that time too.
When she suggested a shower I told her no showers, washing or even wiping until we get back from our trip and maybe not even then and it is your period in a day or so, so just use tampons and wear a bright red bangle from when it starts until your period stops.
Carolyn put her jacket back on and we went down for dinner and I noticed a dress shop in the foyer and took Carolyn in to get a dress, and after I told the assistant what I wanted for Carolyn she brought out a few to try on and the first one she tried on I said we will take that one and in fact just wrap the others up and she will wear that first one and Carolyn took off her jacket there and then, and slid the strapless dress on, which obviously showed her long straight pit hairs, and pulled it up and over her huge tits and that was when she noticed that the dress was just one step away from being transparent, although you could just barely make out how hairy her pussy was and as it just covered her arse it showed her hairy thighs and legs too, PERFECT...
The rest of the trip which was not spent in meetings was spent shagging each other to multiple orgasms, and yes I mean both of us and our life together was amazing from that point on.

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