A PA's dream job?

I am the Owner - President & CEO of a very large company and have a lot of wonderful staff members.
None more so than the girls in the typing pool so as an incentive for them and to give all 8 of them an opportunity to earn more money in their pay packet so I included a letter with their pay slip the next month which asked if they would be interested in being my PA but with certain conditions attached and one of the condition was that if you have to ask what the conditions are the job is not for you.
5 weeks later I had a few replies and within a day I had set up interviews for the four girls who had confirmed that they were interested in being my PA.
For their interviews I had asked the girls to wear very business like clothes and to be as plain as they possibly could.
I buzzed my office receptionist to tell her to ask the first girl to come in so she came in and sat down and the first thing I asked her was if she was wearing underwear, she said she was and I told her to show me.
She stood up and opened her blouse to let me see her bra (black) then pulled her skirt up to her waist to show me her knickers (huge) then I said thank you, you may dress again and there will be something extra in your pay packet at the end of the month for attending this interview but you do not have the job, please ask the next applicant to come in which she did and this young girl (who really looked very young, but was obviously of working age) came in and sat down and again the first thing I asked her was if she was wearing underwear and she did not answer but simply stood up and unzipped her pleated and flared, crochet dress, which had a very wide, very deep neckline and let it fall to the floor and there she stood, in all her hairy glory <pits, tits, nipples, belly, thighs, legs and feet> and naked.
I said thank you Carolyn, the job is yours now pick those papers up off the floor please, so she turned around and spread her legs a little, then bent over from the waist showing me her really hairy arsehole.
When she stood up again I told that contents of her pay packet will now be doubled (from £1250 to £2500 per month) and that if she was always as cooperative she would be given an increase every so often, but if at any time she could not cope with being my PA she was simply to tell me and she could go but she could not work for my company again.
My first instruction to her as my new PA was to take some time off this after noon off and get her dress shortened to a barely decent level, (to cover her bum cheeks would be alright) get the lining removed and buy a good pair of high heeled (4") slip on, open toed sandals too.
Off she went and I arranged the paper work needed to authorise her pay increase, and about an hour and a half later Carolyn reappeared, wearing the sandals and the by now, very neatly shortened dress, the lining had been removed too because I could now see her nipples pushing against the tiny holes in the dress.
I said right lets go for a late 'business' lunch and she just said Yes Sir and we left the office and took my private lift down to the underground garage.
As soon as we got in the lift I said 'strip off please Carolyn' and she unzipped the dress and handed it to me.
This was going to be one hell of a 'business' lunch as I did allow Carolyn to dress again until we were about to get out of the car, and I got out first and held the door open for Carolyn and she opened her legs really wide so that I could easily see her very hairy pussy and thighs, and when she was out side the car and standing up her dress did not fall down and she just left it, showing her bare hairy arse to any one who actually bothered to look at her.
When we got inside the restaurant she asked if she could go and 'powder her nose' and I ignored her and told her as you sit down lift your dress up at the back and sit bare arsed and as we sat down the waiter was just standing there with his mouth open, looking right down her dress and I knew that he could almost see her huge nipples and I just coughed and asked him if he could take our order now.
When the waiter left with our order Carolyn began to ask me again if she could...and I stopped her mid question and told her you can if I let you, when we leave and do not ask again.
I leaned closer to her and handed her a pure silver chain with two pure silver clamps attached and told her to put these on your nipples now, so she took the chain and pulled one of her really quite large tits out of her dress and attached one of the clamps then did the same to the other nipple, and I told her that these clamps had been made to my special order which meant that once they were on only I had the release mechanism to remove them again and when she had put her tits away I said here is a matching chain which I want you to attach to your beautiful and very beefy pussy flaps now, so she pulled her dress up, pulled one of her huge flaps outwards and attached one of the clamps to it, then did the same to the other flap too and when she had done them both I gave her my last gift of our lunch time and when she opened it her eyes opened really wide, it was a double pussy/arse dildo/plug and I told her to push it up inside your holes now, so she put it below the table and opened her legs as wide as she could and tried to wet the ends but I told her to just shove them up her pussy and arse dry, now those things do not usually go any where dry but after five minutes or so she had them both buried right up to the centre base and sat still again.
When we finished our lunch we drove back to the office and I told Carolyn to remove the dildos and she tried but as she had shoved them up dry they had stuck to the insides of both her holes so I told her to bend over, spread her legs and brace herself and I grabbed the plug in both hands and pulled it as hard as I could and out it came followed instantly by an almighty scream from Carolyn who then turned , looking very sheepish and said sorry but I just orgasmed when you did that.
I said thats ok and you can go to the loo now if you want to, and she said no I will wait until I get home or I may even wait until I come to work tomorrow...
The other girls had already been told that the position was filled as Carolyn and I left for lunch so I went home then too!
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2 years ago
wow.. can i be your PA?
2 years ago
excellent i want this done to me mmmm