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Another pet peeve: Retired

So what does retired mean? Well, according to Webster;

re·tired - riˈtīrd - adjective
1. having left one's job and ceased to work. "a retired teacher"
synonyms: former, ex-, past, in retirement, superannuated More
retired people, senior citizens, the elderly, seniors
2. archaic (of a place) quiet and secluded; not seen or frequented by many people.
"this retired corner of the world"

Now, I'm struggling a bit to try and apply either of those meanings here, simply doesn't fit, does it? So let's expand on it a bit- according xHamster-land definition, when a friend's icon says RETIRED, ... Continue»
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Just wow! Idiots, zealots and fakes- oh my!

So Allie sent out a friend request to this moron...

...who had the balls (yes, it says she's a woman) to reply by posting on our wall the following comment;

As stated on my profile:

In order for me to accept your friendship request, it is an absolute prerequisite that you have an avatar of an actual person, your profile's not empty and your profile's verified OR at least one of your photos has proof that it's yours.
(Photos can have your on paper like mine, with a body part you've taken previous photos with (to v... Continue»
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The first time with another woman...part 1

View this first for inspiration...

We met at the hotel bar, the four of us. I was nervous and she was too - that was obvious. We ordered drinks and made small talk. M & V, A & T.

"Let's talk about why we are here," T said. "I enjoy watching my girlfriend being pleasured, and pleasuring another woman."

Wow, bold, but why dance around it. That's why the four of us are here.

Hey, elephant in the room!

"I would enjoy having you watch me with another woman," I said.
Not knowing the temperature of the other woman in... Continue»
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[Story] The License Plate...

"I noticed your license plate. So I just had to tell you I thought it was awesome, wish I could be that bold."
She replied, "thanks, my name is Sara. Most people don't get it, try explaining it to someone who doesn't know what it means."
"I imagine that can be tricky! Must be fun to make them squirm a little."
"Usually I let them off easy, just say, 'think about it,' and walk away," she said. "You obviously got it, what do you think? 'W' 'U' 'DO 3'?"
I blushed, couldn't believe I followed her because of her license plate. Don't know what came over me.
"I've been thinking about it a lately... Continue»
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