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I love to watch amateur women pleasure themselves, especially ladies of colour and heavy-set angels, and of course any interesting lesbian clips. I also like upskirts where the participant is willing :) Feel free to subscribe me, as I upload and/or update my favourites almost daily. There was only ever one perfect woman for me, but she shall remain nameless :)

Speaking of which, my favourites video collection hopefully caters to all tastes in amateur female masturbation, and is now at 5,800+ scenes (yikes!!), all thanks to the users who share my passion. I keep them "clean" by removing deleted scenes, so have fun watching.

My uploaded pictures are mainly of pregnant women, I just love the "inner glow". Favourite pictures are basically open leg pussy shots of beautiful women......sue me.

Oh.....and feel free to take absolutely everything I've uploaded to my profile and spread it over the internet with impunity. This applies in particular to any and all Australian universities, especially those on the south-east coast near the Tasman Sea. The chances of me getting pissed off at you for stealing / copying / selling / bartering the content of my profile for your personal profit or aggrandizement is absolutely zero. There is no chance in Hell that I have the means, resources or inclination to do anything whatsoever to track you down. So have a nice day y'all

Clip of the week

audrelis25 uploads some of the best pregnant / lactation videos on hamster. Here is an erotic compilation of a lactating lady. It must be the same lady (tattoo on the arm) so if anyone has any more links for her, please leave a message on my profile

The absolute best-of-the-best, and why I am so turned on by watching women masturbate

WORK IN PROGRESS. See my blog post for the "old" set. I am now reviewing my huge collection, hunting down those scenes that are worthy of being included in a new Best-of-the-best. A dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Like some sort of masturbatory supernova flash1207 appeared on the scene in mid 2014 and now reels off one superb self-pleasuring scene after another. This triple cum, her latest, is just amazing and oozes sexiness. Her loose fitting clothing gets me every time.

I could never decide which of sylvinha86's shows to put in my old list, but as if on cue, she and Rob come to my rescue and solve the dilemma with this remarkable squirtpilation. The best of the best, of the best, from one of hamster's nicest couples??

Women can of course masturbate when their men are present, but not exactly serving any useful purpose. Mrs cagedcuckcouple lets us know in no uncertain terms who's in charge and denies hubby while pleasuring herself via a strap on dildo. Probably the best ever cuckold tease and deny scene.

If you just want filth, trinityvixxxen is the epitome of what being a dirty slut is all about. It seems there are no limits

Not strictly amateur, but I have always loved how this mulatto lady talks us through from start to squirt

stretchslut has to have a scene, so after a long, hard, search (very long, and very, very, hard) of all her awesome scenes, I settled on this one, where she is getting naughty in her car at the mall

I found this scene in the Latina section, "la edad de la inocensia" but I always called it Gorgeous Latina with Huge Tits plays. Pretty ingenious, huh :)

jeopardy-dk sets the bar just about as high as it can go, with this simply amazing close up scene. Although a recent upload, it's definitely a best-of-the-best

sparklingeclipse shoots a fantastic selfie. Do yourself a favour and watch this one 2 or 3 times, then you can time the exact moment when to cum as she orgasms imagining you fucking her and rubbing her clit. I know that's what I do :)

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7 days ago
Thank you xx
8 days ago
I am glad you enjoy with pictures of my wife with Chinese balls in ass hole
8 days ago
Love your profile
9 days ago
Love your channel :D
12 days ago
What has?
13 days ago
Great content, loved cagedcuckcouple
13 days ago
I'll bite.....73 ??? years of age?? If so...welcome to the "dirty old man" club. BTW love your profile ladies...and very nice stuff altogether..
16 days ago
Great avatar!...and super-hot-vids!...thanks for your "hard" work! :)
20 days ago
Love your profile!!! Your pics are great!!
22 days ago
I'm glad you like the looks of my evening dress without underwear, now you can separate my buttocks to remove slowly my butt plug
22 days ago
Excellent work sir!
23 days ago
It's ok ;-)
24 days ago
I Love YOUR Vid`s nice Profil
26 days ago
Love your profile
29 days ago
like your edging vids
1 month ago
really great collection
thanks for sharing
1 month ago
51 what?
1 month ago
Great profile!!
1 month ago
Thank you for the invite.
1 month ago
ohhhhh.. I adore all the hot masterabtion sessions..... masturbation is my passion and a pleasure of life!!!!!
1 month ago
your collection is outstanding!
1 month ago
Love your pictures and videos would love to be friends with you
1 month ago
1 month ago
Hi there, thanks for reading and commenting on our blog!
1 month ago
Thanks for letting me know. I'm not even a granny .lol! Seriously though, he is not a "friend" of mine, so not sure what to do to report it. I don't mind too much, just hate the title x
2 months ago
Awesome profile
2 months ago
very nice collection
2 months ago
nice profile and great videos
2 months ago
Hi it's beautiful when you find somebody with your same tastes! But you man, you're the greatest, believe me I'm not joking. So pls add me, Tks
2 months ago
Excellent videos and favourites

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