What a Saturdaynight 07.Sept.2010

wow, what a night yesterday.
it began with a chat on YIM......
an older turkish(56yo) man had seen my pics on xhamster and was interested in me.after a while he told me to dress extreme slutty, include collar and leach, take the train to bonn, go to the mens restrooms and leach me in an open stall.i did as told, waited nervously about an hour, then he appeared, to me by the leach, led me to his car and told to get in the trunk.after a ride about twenty minutes, tha car stopped and he lead me to his house(dunno, where i was now).he led me to the basement,wher six other men where drinking sitting and drinking tea and smoking on a shisha.
i had to kneel, and my arms were bound behind me.he blindfolded me, and then they began to lough, what a dirty christian slut i am, nothing more like a dirty dog. and they´ll show me, what i deserve for not beeing the man allah has decided.
i had to lick them feet and after i cleand them, they laid me bottom up on a couchtable.one gave me something to smoke on,clamped my nose, so i had to inhale.i got dizzy, but very horny and my resistance got to zero.....
then i got a spanking, fingers probing my ass, pulling down my panty.
then they began to fuck me, one after the other, but never cummed in my asspussy, had to swallow their seed.told me i`m not worth to get it in my pussy, only if i where a real christian girl, they would breed me, to let everyone see that im a whore for turks.but i loved it, anyway.after i swallowed, i lost count, but think, more then twenty loads of cum, they shoved a gag in my mouth and then i was filled with a mixture of piss an beer.one shoved my panty in my pussy, and i was, blindfolded as i was, led to the cars trunk, after a ride, i was freed, told to wait five minutes and then take the blindfold away.
i was in a forrest....long way to go, until i found a cab, to drive me to the railwaystation..... had to pay the driver with a blowjob, because he had seen, what a slut i am.
at home i got an e-mail.....they copied my ID-card and all numbers of my cellphone ....
what a night...........
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4 years ago
geile geschichte!!!
jetzt hat die bewertung doch noch geklappt