my overseas trip

I was heading overseas to visit the f****y but on the way I was stoppin at KL to meet up with my with my cousin who was flight back to see her parents as she is from the Netherlands. I got in to the air port and had to wait for Anna to land, she was about half an hour behind me. It was late at night by the time we got to the motel after the taxi ride in , we booked in to the room now we were sharing a room but had booked 2 beds. When we got in to our rooms there was only 1 bed but it was a big bed and we were tired and couldn’t be bothered to get it all changed at this time, so we decided it would be ok to just stay on our sides of the bed as it was large. Now let me tell u a bit about anna she is 25 and is a size 12 with very nice bum have wanted to fuck her for so long but al I was thinkin this would give me a chance to smell her nice dirty panties as I love panties. So we got in to bed and when to sl**p it was only a few hours when I woke up to find that I had my hand on her bum and I was so hard I decided to have a wank very quietly as I still had my hand on her bum, it was a dam good wank cumin as I had played with my cousins bum.
Morning had come and i woke up before her and had a shower. When I come out she didn’t here me and she was standing in on her side of then bed just in her panties and bra now this was a yellow set with lace around the edge and small heart, school style but so sexy I just stayed at her and she smiled and said she was showering now then we would have breakfast. While she was in the shower I was thinkin how sexy she looked in those panties.
It was warm in KL so she was wearin a short mini skirt which was so sexy. We got back from breakfast and dedicded we would head out and see some site we got on a hop on hop off bus and sat down stairs as no one was there so we had lots of room. We got off at the twin towers and looked around there and went shopping.
We got back to the hotel at 7pm so we went up to our room and I showered first then she did, as she was showerin I had a look in her suit case to see if I could find them yellow panties. I found them and as I was pickin them up I could see how dirty they were I was getting so hard and I hadn’t smelt them yet I lifted them up to my nosie and got my face right in them and had a good deep sniff I was in heaven I could smell her juice and her pee the smell was so good so I got my cock out and started to wank as I new I would blow in no time. I got a quick wank in before I heard the water turn off. So I took one last sniff and put them back. She got out and we went down to get dinner. After dinner we decided to check out the sky bar in the motel. We had a few drinks knockin them back and just enjoyin our selfs. She got a little lose with the tongue. After 5 or 6 hours of drinkin we were pretty d***k so I had to help carry her down to our room and as I did this I could feel her playin with bum I just went with it as I did it to her the night before. We got in to our room and I put her on the bed. I went to the toilet and came out in my boxes and she was tryin to get her dress off. I said u right there she said no I am to d***k to get the zipper open can u help me. So I unzipped her and as I did I got down to her bum and I could see I nice hot pink G string lookin at me. She let the dress drop to the floor then took her bra off and turned around and looked at me and said can u get the light as she got into bed. I was stunned by the site and just starred at her she said It again and I come to and walked over and turned the light off, by now tho I was very hard and she could see my cock peak out of my boxes. i got into bed and we just layed there and then i could feel her movin and breathin heavy, I said to her are u ok and I got a moan out of her and then I knew she was playin with her self and reached over and slide my hand on to hers, as I did this she turned to me and said I want you. I started to make my way down her body kissin and lickin my way as she stil played with her clit I got to her panties and she pulled her hand out and grabbed my cock as I kept my cock near head so she could play with me as I licked her I started to lick and suck her panties as she took my cock in her mouth it was bliss eatin her fresh panties as she sucked on my hard cock. I pulled her her panties aside and slide my fingers deep inside her and licked clit I could feel her tighten up she started to cum as she did she took my cock deep down her throat. She was still cumin or as I thought was cum till I got a taste of it she was now peein letting it slowly flow out of her and I was in heaven I was suckin it all up, she was so juicy and wet from her cum and pee.
I then climbed on to her and slide my throbin hard cock deep inside my cousins juicy pissed pussy it felt so good I was so close to comin but she told me that I had to cum in her mouth so she got down and sucked my cock dry as I unloaded my hot cum in her warm mouth. Anna then climb on top of me and started to ride my cock again she was dripping all over my body I could feel her juice runnin down my balls then she started to cum again screamin her head of as she ran hard down on me to take my hole length deep inside her. Anna then climbed off me and got on her knees and begged me to ran her cunt from behind I slide my cock inside her slowly and she begged me to ram her cunt so hard. I started to speed up and got in to a hard poundin on her cunt I was getting so close I was about to blow my load deep inside her and then I blew my load in her cunt. We then fell to the bed and laid there and fell asl**p. The jounery still goes on.

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