jackson and his father (final part)

dad and mark exchanged places on jackson's hole
he was happy sucking his dad's dick while marks was fucking him
" oh son i can't take it any more am gonna cum "
" dad cum in my mouth let me taste your sperm "
jackson's father load inside his son's mouth while mark was still fucking him
" dad , am tired i can't take it anymore "
" okay son go to your room and let your dad handle it
jackson kissed his dad and went to his room to get some rest
he sit down thinking about the idea of being with his father it's so wrong yet it was his dream just thinking about his dad's dick made him hard agian
moments and he started listing the sounds coming from his father's room it was his father getting fucked by mark's dick
jackson was all naked and his face was covered with his father's cum
rubbing his dick and imaging his dad and mark fucking
fingering his asshole and licking the cum from his face
jackson fall asl**p ....
"hey baby "
"hello dad "
jackson's father sit beside him on the bed
" son i think we need to talk about things that going between us "
" yeah dad "
" son am i gay , your father is gay always will and always be and thats why me and you mother get divorced i love dicks and i will always love dicks "
" dad i love you i need to be with you "
words that let jackson's father stop talking look at his son eyes and said
" i love you too son come here my lover give me a kiss "
and from that day jackson and his father are two lovers
having sex every day

the end
75% (10/3)
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2 years ago
great, loved it
3 years ago
This is a very interesting story and I enjoyed all the chapters. For your nest one I suggest it be more mutually advantageous between the two guys and not one-side for the dad only. This is merely a suggestion as I did enjoy this very much. Good job!
3 years ago
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