jackson and his (3d part)

" morning son , did you sl**p well ? "
" yeah dad great night "
" what about leting your dad see ur backside "
" it's all yours daddy ,my pleasure "
weeks and weeks later
jackson and father fucked every day they can't be togther in any room for 5 min without jackson's father zipping his pants and leting his son suck that master dick
that day jackson's father was late out when he returned home he wasn't alone mark was with him
" hello son "
" hey dad "
" you know my buddy mark right we talked about it, so are you ready for your first 3some boy "
" oh yeah dad it's cool am ready to push to the limits dad "
jackson's father looked at mark and he smiled then told him to show jackson his dick and he did
jackson was shocked he coudln't talk it the first time to see a 12"inchs dick it was the real deal
" like father like son , it's like your dad first impression " mark said
" well it's huge !! i don't know if i can take it but i can't let that dick without pleasing it ! "
" i told you he's a little bitch , daddy little bitch common let go up stairs "
they laid on the bed and start jerking each other
" son start sucking mark's dick let your daddy be proud of you "
jackson started kissing and licking marks chest and stomach and then he start licking mark's dick like a gooboy with an icecream cone then he take it inside his mouth inch by inch till it's inside when mark put his hand on jackson backside head and start skull fucking him he was groaning in pleasure
" you are a lucky dad i wish i had a son to blow me like this , he's like you dick lover "
jackson's father was so horny watching his son sucking his freind but he was a little jealous
"well son that's enough with mark's dick it time for your daddy dick and let mark see your tight ass "
jackson started sucking his father's dick while mark stand behind him and start licking and fingring jackson tight sexy asshole
"ahh yeah fuck lick my hole mark dad your buddy is so good he know how to use his tonuge "
then he start rubbing his dick on jackson's hole and then quickley his 12" dick entered jackson he was screaming in pain it was his first huge dick but the pain is gone and start that good feeling
mark start pulling it out and then putting it back inside the hole moving fast
" mark it's my turn to give it to my son common let him suck your dick while am fucking him "
to be continued
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3 years ago
Wow! That was hot!, i cant wait for the next part