jackson and his dad (2nd part)

next day
jackson sit to the table thinking about last night
when his father come down
" good morning son , how are you doing "
" am fine dad , dad can i ask you a question ? "
" son i know , am sorry i don't know what happened to me "
" well dad it's weird but i liked it "
dad looked at jackson " well why don't we do it agian later this night ? "
later that day
jackson was in the shower when his father enter
" son is there any place for your old man ? "
jackson's father was undress and join his son in the shower , jackson start looking at his dad's dicks and he start to get hard
" you like watching your daddy naked right ? "
jackson smiled and nodded
" you can touch it if you want "
" dad , get out i need to finish my shower "
" okay son i'll be waiting for you in my room that buddy is not gonna suck itself "
" okay dad , i will "

from that day , every thing changed between jackson and his father they are so close right now and jackson didn't sl**p in his room any more
sucking was their life jackson became Addicted to his father's dick
he would suck it any time it was like a reward for him

that day dad came up to jackson's room
" son i think your ready to take it all , we must take it to a new level "
" what level dad "
" i think you know what i mean , just go up on the bed take all your cloth and turn around "
" son you got a hot ass just like your mother , let me lick son hold your legs up "
jackson's father get down and start licking his hole at that moment jackson start to moan " ohhh yeah fuck that's so good , yeah daddy lick your son's hole "
" it's time son i can't take any more your father's dick is on fire " he stand up and start rubbing his cock on jackson's asshole and he push it slowly till his dick is all inside jackson he screamed in pain but after a few second the pain feeling is gone to discover a new feeling of pleasure
" now that's how it really feels dad "
" oh yeah son oh yeah , now let your daddy work "
he start fucking him hard jackson's groans was turning his father on
" take it son take it take it "
" oh yeah dad give it to me am a naughty boy need to be punished by that huge dick oh fuck yeah dad "
the father continued fucking jackson till he cum inside him and then he pulled it out and start kissing his son
" oh son am proud of you good boy i love you jackson i will never let you go away i want to tell you somthing you now mark my buddy "
"yeah dad what about him ?? "
"well he knows everthing i told him about us ... and he asked me if we can do a 3some action "
" we will see dad "
to be continued !

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3 years ago
Soeone is going tobesosore that its going to hurt just to shit thanks
3 years ago
okay man just wait for tmrw
3 years ago
more more more!!