jackson and his dad (1st part)

it's my first time writing here hope you like it

" ohhh you like it son " said the father
" yeah dad give it to me hard " said jackson

the story started when jackson's parents get divorced
jackson is 18 years old guy live with his father alone in the house, jackson's father was a 40 years-old hunk with a huge dick and a tight sexy ass and he didn't mind to walk around the home all naked
and here were jackson's dreams start about him and his father
that day jackson returned from school early to hear some noises comming from the living room
" ohhh yeah fuck that's so good , oh god yeahhhhhh "
he walked inside to see his dad jerking his hard dick jackson was to shy at that moment but his dad stand up looked at him and continued jerking till he cum all over the floor
and said " son don't be shy your not young any more and you do know that am a lonely man ! " and winked
jackson watched his dad jerking every day without letting him noticing him
that night jackson wake up to drink some water , he passed by his dad's room to see the door open and his dad jerking
" son, come and sit beside me " jackson was a good boy and came inside the room and sit on his father's bed while his father was jerking
" well look at you you grew up to be a handsome boy , why do you still shy son ? " father's said
"will dad it's a bit awkward watching you jerking "
" oh son common show me your dick i want to make sure thats big as your dad dick " jackson was shy but his dad stand up and take his pants off and hold jackson's dick it was hard he hold jackson's dick and look at his son's face " will it's a nice dick son "
" but it's not big like your dick " jackson's replay
" well do you like my dick son ? , hold it "
jackson hold his dad's dick and start jerking it
" well son i am horny and i know that you are horny too wanna take it for the next level boy "
"like what dad ? "
" just like taking my dick in your mouth don't you want to please you father, just close your eyes and open your mouth a little " and he did the father start puting his dick in jacksons mouth inch by inch till it's in and start to suck it
" oh yeah sonn thats so good you have a sweet mouth , common suck the dick that made you "
and jackson continued sucking his dad till he cum
" now it's your turn to come son common give me your dick i wanna suck it till it cum "
" oh dad yeah thats so fucken good "
" dad am gonna cum am gonna cummm .....

wait the second part if you like it just comment :)
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wait the second part tmrwwwww it's gonna be amazingggg