my gf caught me

One day i was home alone and bored. There was nothing good on tv so i decided 2 jack off. I had forgotten about my girlfriend coming! So i took off my jeans and boxers and pulled up some sexy pictures of my gf on my laptop and started jerking away 2 her. i got so caught up in it tht i didnt notice my gf standing in the door way stareing at my 10in hard dick until i shot my load and she let out a gasp. i looked over and got rlly embarrassed and tried clean up mh mess. But then she stopped me and started licking my cum off of my dick. when she was done she said with my dick in her hand stroking it that after dinner she had a surprise for me. thats another story
(not true story first time writing)
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3 years ago
thanks 4 the tips
3 years ago
this is just the intro paragraph, you need to go back and start over
3 years ago
you should like....write a longer story? :P