Adam's Two Sisters

Being just a month short of turning fifteen, the hormonal rage that
flowed through Adam's lean body wasn't any kind of anomaly. All of the
typical reactions to that crush of hormones were well in play, the unending
sense of horniness and the seemingly endless erections, the nearly constant
masturbation that only served as a very temporary relief to the burning
desire to fuck somebody, anybody, and right now, and then again.

Adding to Adam's terrible angst was the fact that he was f***ed to live
a lifestyle of near isolation, save for his immediate f****y. His Father
worked as a forest ranger, and for the past couple of years he had been
assigned to this very remote section of Montana where he rode horseback
patrols into the desolate high country, frequently being gone from home
several days at a time. About a year ago the isolation had proved too much
for his Mom, and she had one day simply taken off for civilization leaving
her three c***dren behind. That left just Adam and his two s****rs, 12 year
old Amy, and not quite eleven year old Toni. Being the oldest, Adam had
been expected to look out for his siblings during their Father's frequent
absences, and he had done his best, but this recent onslaught of desperate
horniness had become a serious distraction making him crazy with the desire
to skip out himself in search of some way to assuage his burning lust.

It also didn't help Adam's situation any when in spite of the girls own
onslaught of physical development they had fallen into the habit of not
paying much attention to any form of modesty in their mode of dress. When
they had first moved to the small mountain house the Forestry provided
their Dad they were younger, and the need to wear anything but the minimal
clothing around home seemed wholly unimportant given that they never saw
anyone other than each other. With the passing of time and an increasing
physical maturity Adam had become aware of the need for some modicum of
discretion with regard to keeping his rampant erections concealed to some
degree, but this had yet to become an issue for his younger s****rs who
frequently romped about in nothing more than a pair of small
panties. Sometimes when Dad was away they didn't even bother with the
panties, and the frequent sightings of the two naked young girls drove poor
Adam to distraction, s****rs of not.

It wasn't that big of a deal with regard to Toni who at age ten had not
yet really begun the transition from little girl to young woman, although
Adam had to admit that if he allowed himself he was quite stimulated by
viewing her puffy little nipples and hairless little slit, not to mention
her very sweet little pumpkin-ass. But Amy was another story
altogether. About a year ago, as she turned eleven, she had begun
developing as puberty descended, and her breasts had begun to grow until
she presented a pair of lovely little mounds on her chest that were topped
with nice sized areola and pink nipples that frequently swelled into
erection, an event that caused poor Adam no end of anguish as he struggled
to not think about what it might be like to touch her soft looking mounds
and maybe lick and suck on those erected nipples. And if her budding
titties weren't suffering enough for Adam, her entire young body was
beginning to exhibit definite womanly curves as her hips began to widen and
a fine dusting of peach fuzz began to emerge on her rather prominent
pubis. Along with her gaining maturity her labia had become more
pronounced, the outer lips gaining thickness, and if she positioned her
well shaped legs just so when seated, her shiny inner lips became fully
visible, and at certain times even her little nubbin of a clitoris was on

This last had simply become too much for poor Adam to endure, and as
much as he wanted to avail himself of these opportunities to view his
little s****rs sweet pussy, he just couldn't help himself as the burning
need to shoot a load overcame him and he hurried off in search of some
difficult to find privacy where he would frantically whip his throbbing
erection into a spitting froth of copious boy-cum. This very moment had
been one of those times actually, and Adam lay stretched out in the hay
loft of the barn behind the house, his spent cock in hand as the fingers of
his other hand trailed fingers through the massive flood of warm semen that
drenched his torso. He was panting like a distance runner, but savoring the
afterglow of the massive orgasm and the brief respite it provided from the
constant burning sensation in his plump balls.

The incident had been triggered when he had been quietly sitting in his
Dad's recliner reading when his s****rs had come into the room nude, and
settled down onto the large area rug to work on the ongoing jigsaw puzzle
that was always in some degree of completion on the large rug. At first
Adam had ignored them, struggling to keep his mind on his book rather than
his two cute and naked s****rs, but when Amy had shifted around to assume a
position known as "Indian Sitting," he had been unable to resist studying
her naked and gaping young pussy. His cock went full hard instantly as he
stared at his s****rs wide open cunt, the dampness of it actually
glistening in the sunlight in the room, and his eyes locked onto her
swollen lips and protruding clit, and he shuddered strongly as he imagined
touching her there, or licking her, and then sliding his pulsing six inch
cock into those buttery depths. Fuck, he thought, stop it...that's your
freaking s****r you are having these thoughts about...what the fuck, are totally sick! In an effort to curtail his sinister thoughts
regarding Amy, he forcibly shifted his attention to Toni who was lying on
her side studying the puzzle, and just as his gaze settled on her trim form
she brought one leg up, and splayed it in a way that left her own bare
little cunt on full view to her exasperated b*****r. That had done it for
Adam, and he bolted from the chair, the book held in front of his raging
erection where it poked out the front of his thin cotton shorts as he
hurried from the room. Shit, he thought as he hurried through the kitchen,
I can freaking smell their cunts!

The girls watched their b*****r all but run from the room, giggling at
his obvious boner that he tried to conceal, and when they heard the
backdoor slam closed behind him, they looked at each other and broke up in
peals of giggles at his predicament.

"Poor Adam," giggled Amy, "another bad case of blue-balls it looks

Toni nodded, giggling as well, and added,

"And another trip to the loft, I bet...I know you explained about his
boners and how he makes it go away, but man Amy, wouldn't it be awesome if
he would just rub his thingy right here where we could watch him, and see
the stuff shoot out...I'd really like seeing that!"

Amy laughed, her hand dropping to her lap as she let her finger trail
lightly over her swollen clit as she replied,

"Me too, Toni...that would be so won't believe how huge his
thing gets when he goes all hard like that...and when his stuff shoots out,
it's, like, tons of it that goes all over the's so neat to see!"

"Yea, I're so lucky, Amy...I really wish I was with you the
time you snuck up on Adam down at the pond when he was all naked and
big...and shooting out his creamy stuff!"

Amy groaned loudly, closing her eyes as she conjured up the mental image
of her studly big b*****r all naked and hard as he pumped his big penis and
sprayed his hot load all over his stomach and chest. Her finger continued
to probe her now very juicy pussy and rigid clitty, and as the wet
squishing noises reached young Toni, she brightened and asked excitedly,

"Amy...oh wow...look how wet you are...can I...?...can I touch your
pussy and make you feel good again?"

Without hesitation Amy nodded, and quickly lay on her back, her legs
splaying widely as her little s****r scooted closer and placed her small
hand on her s****rs mound, her slender fingers quickly dipping into her
wetness and warmth. She used one finger to gently rub Amy's swollen
clitoris as she probed her slippery slit with the middle one, and Amy
groaned some more, the sweet feeling quickly flooding over her young body.

"Oh God, Toni...that feels so good when you do it Baby...make
me get the feeling, and then I'll do it for you!"

The then year old didn't need any more encouragement than that, and she
began fingering her big s****rs juicy slit in earnest, shifting her thumb
so it ran steadily over the swollen bud of her clitoris. Amy gasped in
pleasure, her own hands moving to knead her small breasts and tease at her
very stiff nipples as she basked in the mounting pleasure her younger
s****r was providing. Her juices were flowing, and Toni's fingers gliding
in and out of her pussy made lewd squishing sounds and Amy imagined that
was how it would sound if there was a big hard cock like Adam's plunging
into her slippery folds. Like her older b*****r, Amy had of late begun to
have frequent feelings of horniness, and while she truly enjoyed the
pleasure Toni had learned to provide, she secretly wished that there were
some boys around that might afford her the experience of exploring a hard
cock, and possibly even actually being fucked. She thought it sucked that
Adam was so uptight about having his s****rs see him naked, both of them
were very curious about his equipment, after all, and his was the only set
around...well...his and Dads, but that was another whole issue.

Her small hips were bucking now, and her breathing was ragged and deep
as Toni's talented fingers began to work their magic. Her orgasm was
building now, that sweet tingle all over feeling washing over her, and when
Toni trapped her rigid clit between two fingers and pumped it furiously she
went over the top, a strong orgasm washing over her leaving her feeling a
strong sense of warmth and pleasurable release. Eventually she reached down
to grasp Toni's wrist and make her stop, the sudden sensitivity of her
pussy nearly unbearable, and when she did, Tony withdrew her hands, and
quickly flipped onto her back, he legs wide splayed and her back arched
upward to offer up her bald little slit for her big s****rs payback. Amy
grinned at the young girls excitement, and moved into position to take her
turn fingering her younger s****rs slippery little slit. Toni was even
quicker at reaching orgasm than Amy had been, and in a few short minutes
the room was filled with her shrieks of pleasure as Amy deftly brought her

With the aching of his balls temporarily abated, Adam wiped up the
remainder of his cum, and slipped his shorts back on, relieved at the sense
of relief of tension that his jerk off had provided, no matter how
temporary. He left the loft, and made his way back to the house where he
stopped in the kitchen to grab a Coke from the fridge.

As he entered the living room he was suddenly aware of the very strong
aroma of sex in the air, and as he settled into his Dad's chair, he checked
out his s****rs who were sprawled all over the sofa, still fully naked,
seemingly engrossed in television. He studied Amy's pretty face a moment,
noting the slight flush of pink in her cheeks, and then he looked at Tony
who appeared to be sporting a similar glow. Connecting the flush with the
scent in the room, he idly wondered if the two of them had been engaged in
some manner of sex play together, but he dismissed the thought as
unlikely. Probably just the fact that the two of them have their pussies
all naked and open all the time that caused the aroma.

Returning his focus to his older s****r, he let his gaze settle on her
cute little tits with their rosy nipples, and he felt his cock stirring
again when he realized they were fully erected and pointy like pencil
erasers. God, he thought, she is really getting some sweet little tits, and
he again imagined how the stiff points would feel as he sucked and licked
them. He let his gaze travel over her slender torso, and it settled on her
puffy pussy, the nearly hairless slit slightly open due to her leg
position. He stared at her pinkness, his cock once more on full rise in his
small shorts, and wondered what she might taste like there if he ran his
tongue into her opening. Damn it, he chided himself, stop thinking of her
that way, asshole...she is your s****r!

His eyes shifted to Toni, and he decided that she was pretty much a
younger and smaller version of Amy, cute as a button, and exuding a budding
sexuality of her own. Her barely-there breast buds were tiny, but somehow
sexy as hell, and the puffy nipples that topped them looked so inviting to
toy with, and suck on. His erection was throbbing in his shorts again, and
he idly pressed it with his hand as his eyes dropped to Toni's bald slit,
noting that her labia were also slightly parted which revealed the pink
little slit of her cunt. He shuddered involuntarily, and f***ed thoughts of
fucking the little ten year old from his mind as he struggled to his feet,
and left the room, seeking the privacy of his bedroom to once more unload
his aching balls. Fuck, he thought, why do I have to live out here in
Hooterville with the only pussy around being my two s****'s just not
fucking fair!

Somehow, the night passed without Adam actually going out of his mind
with pent up lust, and when he caught food smells wafting from the kitchen
in the morning, he got up, and showered. Finding himself out of clean
shorts, he wrapped his towel around his narrow waist, and headed to the
kitchen. When he entered, he saw Toni seated at the table, naked as usual,
as she sipped at a glass of OJ. Amy was behind the stove top fussing with
what had to bacon judging from the delicious aroma filling the house and
she wore an apron and apparently nothing else. She moved to the
refrigerator, and bent over to retrieve some eggs, and as her pert little
butt flashed at Adam, he groaned quietly, and quickly sat down at the table
to hide his massive erection that poked grossly at the front of his
towel. Toni looked directly at his hard on, and giggled sweetly, and he
stuck his tongue out at her. Amy returned to the stove, and asked,

"How many eggs, you guys?"

Both Adam and Toni request two, over easy, and Amy deftly cracked them
into the hot pan. A few moments later she amble over to the table and
placed a plate of bacon, eggs, and potato's in front of her s****r and
b*****r, and then went back for her own. Returning to the table, she shed
the apron, and sat down fully naked. Adam stared at her delectable breasts
and nipples, wondering how it was he didn't just go crazy around all this
naked female flesh, and then he dug into his food, trying not to think
about things sexual.

Following breakfast, Toni took off to the television to watch her
beloved cartoon shows, while Adam and Amy cleaned off the table. Amy
stepped in front of the sink full of dishes, and Adam put away the eggs and
juice in the fridge, and then stepped up beside Amy to rinse his hands
under the tap she had running. As he did that, Amy suddenly wrapped her
arms around him, and hugged against him, her firm breasts and perky nipples
pressing warmly against his bare back. He felt his cock throb, and he
turned his head to look at her, and said,

"What's this...?"

Amy held him tighter, her nipples kind of wiggling on his back, and she
answered quietly,

"Nothing...just a hug for my cute big b*****r."

Adam pulled away, or tried too anyway, and as he did it Amy grabbed at
the hem of his towel, jerking it off him so that he now stood there in full
erection, his rigid cock standing straight as a stick and his plump ball
sack dangling between his smooth thighs.

"What the fuck are you doing, Amy...Christ!" he bellowed.

She just smiled prettily, her soft blue eyes locked onto his boner and
balls as she replied,

"Don't blow a fuse, b*****'s just kind of not fair that me and
Toni are naked most of the time, and you're see us naked all the
time, and we like seeing you naked too...especially like,
Adam...your dick is really nice...big, and nice...I don't think I ever saw
it all hard like that because of me, hmmm?" she cooed.

Exasperated, but very much turned on, Adam glared at her, and answered,

"Hell yes, its cause of you...and Toni...what do you think, Amy,
huh...?...what effect do you expect two naked and hot girls to have on a
guy, anyway...?...if seeing you two didn't make me all hard and horny, I'd
be dead!"

"Oh, really...? think we are "hot"...? interesting, cause me
and Tony think that you are pretty hot looking yourself...especially right freaking awesome...would you let
me and Toni check t out...?...really check it out, I mean...please...?"

Adam's brain was running a hundred miles an hour, confusion, anger, and
lust all banging together at once, and it took a moment for his s****r's
plea to register. He just stared at her a moment, his cock bobbing around
in front of him, and he finally muttered,

"I actually don't see how you can get a better look than you are getting
right now!"

She smiled coyly, and moved closer to Adam as she answered sweetly,

"Oh, we want a lot more than just seeing it, big b*****r...we want to
feel with it...and watch it shoot out the creamy stuff."

"That's fucking sick, guys are my s****rs for crying out
loud...what about that?"

"Oh come on, Adam" she replied, "we are girls, and you are most
definitely a boy...we're all curious and horny, and how many non-s****rs do
you see around here...?...can't we forget the f****y bit, and just be two
girls you said were "hot" and one seriously hot boy?'

God how he wanted exactly that, Adam thought, his mind still reeling,
but with some degree of acceptance seeping in. He let his eyes travel over
his s****r's lush naked body, and he saw her thrust her poochie little
pussy toward him, he groaned out loud. Amy sensed that she had him now,
senses his will buckling, and to seal the deal she reached out and grasped
his rock hard cock in her hand while her other hand dropped to carefully
heft his heavy scrotum. She looked up at his grimacing face, and batted her
baby blues at him, as she purred throatily,

"Please, big b*****r...please let us play with you...and you can play
with us, will be great!"

Amy's sense was exactly correct, Adam was a total goner the instant her
soft little hands gripped his cock and balls, and it was a small miracle
that he didn't cum all over her right there and then. He sucked in a ragged
breath, and then nodded as he stared at his s****r's hand slowly stroking
his cock, and he mumbled,

"Okay, Amy...fuck yes...anything you guys want...anything...just don't
stop touching me...please!"

Amy giggled, and swiped a large dollop of Adam's oozing precum from the
knob of his dick, and she gave it a little tug, saying,

"Awesome...come on, Adam...let's go tell Toni!"

Adam was still debating the wrongness of this whole situation, but
whatever resistance he was feeling was rapidly giving way to the amazing
feeling of his s****r holding his hard cock as he followed her into the
living room where Toni lay on the floor in front of the television. As Adam
and Amy entered the room she turned her head to look at them, and her eyes
went wide when she saw Amy towing a naked Adam by his huge hardon. She
quickly lost all interest in her beloved cartoons, and she gasped loudly,

"Holy cow, Amy...Adam...what's going on?"

Amy walked Adam to the sofa, and then nudged him to sit on it, and as he
settled he leaned back, his legs splayed and his rigid erection standing
tall and pulsing. Amy settled in beside her b*****r and resumed stoking his
cock as she told Toni,

"I think I finally convinced Adam to forget about us being s****rs and
b*****r and let us all fool around some...why don't you scoot over here and
check out his's really awesome!"

In a flash Toni crawled across the carpet until she was kneeling between
her big b*****r's spread legs, and as she leaned in to check out his cock
and balls Adam could feel her warm breath on his cock. He gritted his
teeth, his balls so eager to explode that he could hardly contain the urge
to spray his load all over Toni's sweet little face. She studied his
erection for a moment and then grinned at him as she said,

"Wow,'s so looks awesome...can I touch it too...?"

Adam was so gone he could barely nod his head in response, and it seemed
like slow motion as he watched his baby s****r extend her small hand, and
gently close it around his hard cock while Amy dropped hers to feel his
balls. Oh my God, he thought, oh God that feels so good!

"Wow," whispered Toni as she moved her small hand along his pulsing rod,
"it's so hard...and look, its leaking wet stuff."

Adam looked at his nearly purple cock head, and he watched a steady
dribble of precum ooze from the gaping little slit which Toni promptly
spread around with a finger, nearly causing him to blow his load, and then
she kind of stared at her wet finger for a moment before sticking out her
pink little tongue to taste the slippery fluid. Adam groaned loudly as he
watched the ten year old licking his juices and Toni simply repeated,


Seeing Toni venture a taste sample of Adam's discharge, Amy was suddenly
struck with an idea, and she suddenly ducked down, and swiped her tongue
all over her b*****r's leaking knob.

"Oh shit, Amy...oh my God...yes...please do that...oh God, Amy...suck
me...please suck me!" Adam groaned, pushing at Amy's head with his hands.

Strangely enough, sucking his thick cock seemed like the perfect idea
to Amy who without hesitation opened her mouth and engulfed her b*****rs
drooling cock while Toni took over exploring his aching nuts with her tiny
hand. Poor Adam couldn't take it anymore, the combined pleasures being
delivered by his s****rs pushing him past the brink, and as he felt the cum
boil from his balls, he blurted loudly,

"Oh shit, out...I'm cumming...!"

Adam's loud outburst startled Amy who quickly pulled away just as a
thick rope of creamy semen ejected from Adam's cock, and she watched in awe
as it arched through the air and splattered all over Toni's sweet face. The
next several spurts quickly followed the first, and by the time Adam had
finally stopped shooting cum, Toni was covered in the stuff, long streamers
of the creamy white substance covering her face, and her puffy little
nipples as it ran down her slim torso.

A gasping Adam slouched into the sofa; his face flushed a bright pink as
he gulped in air. He stared incredulously at his well slimed baby s****r
between his legs, and he nearly shot off again when her little tongue came
out to lick at a streamer of his warm cum that painted her face. Amy
watched too, and then quickly leaned down to lick at another cum streak
that was running down Toni's cheek, and Adam could only groan some more as
he watched his s****rs tasting his cum. They both looked up at him then,
and wide grins crossed their faces as they said in unison,

"Oh man, Adam, that was so awesome...!"

Stunned, Adam smiled back, his balls feeling more drained than he could
ever remember, and he scooted up to the edge of the sofa as he took Toni's
hand, and had her stand up. He leaned in to her, and began lapping at the
splatters of cum that coated her chest and puffy nipples, and then he began
alternating between those lovely little nubbins, licking them and sucking
them as he savored the taste of his own cum along with the taste of her
little girl nipples. While this was going on, Amy felt kind of left out, so
she positioned herself, and fed one of her own distended nipples to her
little s****rs eager mouth. Adam sat up, amazed at how eagerly Toni was
sucking at Amy's nipple, and it was suddenly obvious that the two girls had
played together before, an idea that for whatever reason had never occurred
to him before. Fuck yes, he thought, his cock stirring once more, that is
smoking hot to see! As he watched, Amy reached for Toni's baby nipples with
both hands, and began teasing them with her fingers as Toni continued
suckling her own. Once again fully erect, Adam stood up, and took both
s****rs' by a hand, and he told them,

"How about we take this to my bedroom?"

They both giggled and nodded, and then the three siblings hurried off to
Adam's room, and bed.

They cuddled on the bed, Adam between his s****rs, and they took a long
time to explore each other's body, and Adam felt he had gone to heaven when
he slid down the bed, and used a hand on each girl to explore their juicy
slits. Amy verbally guided him in the best parts of the female anatomy, all
this being foreign ground to Adam, and in no time at all he had it down,
bringing both of his s****rs to crashing orgasms as he fingered their
pussies, and stroked their swollen clits. Amy's orgasm actually brought
forth an ejaculation of liquid from her gaping slit, and on an impulse Adam
lapped it all up, the slightly acrid flavor once more lighting off his
libido. He scooted up onto his knees, his thick erection bobbing off his
groin, and he eyed Amy's glistening cunt as he gripped the base of his rock
hard cock. Amy watched him, and when he looked at her, his eyebrows arched
in question, she smiled, and splayed her legs, silently inviting her big
b*****r to fuck her sweet little pussy. Adam never hesitated, but moved
above her, and aligned his thick cock with her sweet slit, and then slipped
it inside his s****r.

The sensation of slowly sinking his cock into Amy's cunt nearly caused
Adam to blow his nuts again, but he resisted somehow, and when the urge
settled some, he began instinctively thrusting in and out of her juicy slit
as she moved her hips to match his rhythm. Toni watched intently completely
fascinated at the stunning sight of her b*****r's big cock moving in and
out of her big s****rs pussy. Seeing how his dangling balls swung around as
he thrust, she sat up, and reached behind him to play with his pouch as he
fucked Amy. As is typical with first-time fucks, Adam wanted the amazing
feelings to last forever, but alas, the combination of Amy's tightly
gripping sheath and Toni's hand working his balls had him at the edge all
too soon. He withdrew, and then slammed fully into his s****r once more,
and his balls exploded, ejaculating about a quart of his creamy cum deep
into his s****r's cunt as her heels beat about his back. Young Toni could
actually feel Adam's balls draw closer to his body at the moment of climax,
and then she sensed his cock spurts as he unloaded into Amy's pussy, but
she had to let him go as he finished cumming and sagged down on top of
Amy. Stretching out beside the panting Amy and Adam, she quickly dug her
slender fingers into her soaked pussy slit, and strummed her rigid clit
until she too enjoyed a hard climax on her own as she tried to imagine what
Adam's fat cock would feel like filling her little sheath.

After a bit, Adam withdrew from Amy, and rolled onto his side on the
bed. Tony quickly scooted down the bed to peer at Amy's pussy, thrilled to
see a small river of Adam's creamy semen running from the well pounded
slit. Acting on pure impulse, she dove right in, digging her tongue into
Amy's folds as she eagerly lapped up her b*****r's sweet
nectar. Eventually, they shared a long, hot shower, and then ate some lunch
before returning to the connubial bed where they left no stone unturned in
exploring each nook and cranny of their young bodies with fingers, lips,
and tongues. Both girls was ecstatic over Adam's licking and sucking their
sweet pussies, and Adam couldn't get enough of his two s****rs sucking his
cock and balls, or of lapping their pussies and nipples. To wind up the
day's activities, they thought it would be hot for Adam to fuck Amy from
behind while she ate Toni's little pussy, and each of them enjoyed another
stunning orgasm before they bedded down for a night of much needed rest,
this time the tree of them happily cuddled nakedly in just one bed.

Over the next year the three siblings enjoyed near constant sex
together, the only exception being the few times their dad was in
residence, and even on those occasions there was secretive groping and even
a few quickie fucks between Amy and Adam. Adam never did get to fuck Toni,
all of them deciding that it might be going too far for her tender age of
just ten, and despite all of her protesting that she was plenty big enough
to get to feel her b*****r's big cock inside her cunt, she settled for her
share of every type of sex other than actual fucking, thinking that Adam
would be her b*****r all her life, and that one day soon he would agree to
fuck her.

When their dad's work eventually took the f****y back to civilization,
the adjustments were difficult to say the least. The three had gotten all
too used to being naked and sharing sex at the drop of a hat, activities
that were difficult to enjoy in a much more populated environment and with
their dad home every evening. While they did manage the occasional tryst,
Adam eventually joined the military, and left home. Amy began dating
regularly, and she and Toni just kind of drifted away from their sex games
together, and life went on.
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Stories are pretty safe. XH just deletes videos & pics as fast as I can put them up though. They are censure happy.
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very nice. It's a shame he didn't get to fuck little sis as well.
Bummer ending. but as they say, "all good things must come to an end".
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sounds very much like my siblings and I.
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Fantastic story, had me cumming....keep it up.
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That was great! well paced writing, fantastic characterisations and such a nice subject.
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Very well written. Great story.
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Very good 85%, but sadly it is probably going to get taken down for underage sex.
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