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I normally eat lunch at a Subway Resturant near work. My schedule makes it to where I get a chance to eat well after lunch time. Usually the place isn't busy so it is a nice quiet place to sit and relax. The manager there, Jen, usually chats with me when I am in there.

I went in one afternoon and placed my order. No one else was in the place except Jen, another worker and me. After I got my order I went and sat at a table. Jen came out and started cleaning the tables. I loved it when she bent over to wipe a table top. She is around 5 foot 2 with a beautiful bubble butt. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and she caught me staring at her lovely ass. Great I thought, she is going to be upset. She continued cleaning the tables and when she got near mine, she bent over to pick up a paper towel. Her butt was about a foot or two away from me. That was one lovely ass. When she stood up, she turned around and started making small talk with me. During the conversation she said, do you like watching me clean? I said, hey the view was awesome. She smiled and said, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. She went back behind the counter and several minutes later she came back to my table with a cookie, saying a sweet for the the sweet comment. I said, you caught me staring didn't you. Yes she said, but I thought it was sweet. You have a nice backside I told her. Come on, please, I'm pushing 50 and gravity is killing me she said. Not to me, I think your very sexy, I responded. Thank-you, your such a flirt she said, smiled then walked away. I overheard her tell her coworker that she was thinking about going to eat at a seafood resturant that night. When she walked back by my table a little later, I stopped her and asked her, what would you say if I offered you a free seafood dinner tonight, my treat. Really, what's up, she said. Nothing I replied, just thought that I would love to have dinner with a beautiful lady. Right she replied. As I was fixing to leave, she came up to me and said, are you serious about dinner. Yes I said. Okay, and she gave me a piece of paper with her phone number and address. I get off at 6, pick me up at eight. You got it, and I left.

At 8, I arrived at her place and knocked on the door. After a few minutes she opened it in a bathrobe. I didn't get off until 30 minutes ago, I need to finish getting ready she said. Take your time, the night is young I said. Several minutes later she came out of her bedroom ready to go. She was wearing tight jeans with a red blouse that was having trouble keeping her breast under control. We went and ate, had more small talk, then decided to take a walk at the park near the lake. As we were walking around the lake, I thought the hell with it. I took her arm, turned her to me and kissed her. She responded by pushing her tongue halfway down my throat. It was a passionate kiss that lasted for quite some time. She was awesome, and must have had a 8 inch tongue. Let's go get a drink she said. Where do you want to go I asked. I have some Vodka at my place if that is okay she said. Sure, let's go.

At her place she said to make myself comfortable while she fixed the drinks, screwdriver's her favorite. As she was making the drinks, I came up behind her put my arms around her and started kissing her neck. She started moaning and whispered, it has been along time since a man has done that. She turned around and kissed me hard and long. Back in the living room we where making out hard and heavy. I put my hand up her shirt and started massaging her breasts. As she responded to my hands, I started removing her shirt. Don't she said. Why I asked. I really don't want you to see my body in the light. My breast sag like bowling pins, by stomach pokes out and I haven't had a chance to shave. I think that is real sexy, it is what makes a real woman I responded. But I have stretch marks from hell she said. So, what woman doesn't who has had k**s. You sure she said. Honest abe I replied. Okay then you asked, remember that. She then stood up and stripped down to nothing. Wow was she beautiful, big huge tits round ass and a very hairy pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and buried my face in her hairy bush. Follow me she said and walked to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and pulled me close to her. She took my pants off and immediately went down on my dick. She was sucking it like she was on a mission. Finally I was able to get her off my dick and lay back. I dove onto her hairy pussy and started licking. She was so wet, my whole face looked like a glazed doughnut. Fuck me now she said. With that I got up and mounted her. I slid my dick up her slit and into her. She arched her back and came immediately. Fuck me hard I want it now she moaned. I hammered her pussy and within minutes I was filling her sweet pussy with my cum. We laid there for a while, enjoying each other. She had me roll over onto my back and said my turn. She took my semi hard dick in her mouth and started working on it. It wasn't long until it was rock hard again. She then straddle me, her pussy hovering above my dick. A huge glob of my cum fell out of her pussy and onto my dick. She then buried my dick in her pussy and fucked me like a mad woman. Smacking, slurping and slapping sounds were so loud, I'm suprised the neighbors didn't call the cops. As I unloaded my second load into her pussy, she clenched down on my dick and came hard. When she was done she laid down on top of me, our cum leaking out of her pussy and onto my balls. Don't worry, I'll clean that up she said. She got up, put her ass over my face and said, you like to watch my ass while I clean don't you. She then sucked every drop off of me while her pussy leaked all over my face. She was really getting into it. She dropped her pussy down onto my face and I thrust my tongue into it again. Our cum had mixed and had a very unique taste. This continued until once again, my dick was rock hard. I bent her over the bed and took her from behind. It was like the best slip and slide I have ever been on. Grabbing her hips, I fucked her so hard that her tits kept slapping her face. I came again in her, just as hard as the first time. Both of us then collasped on the bed and feel asl**p, sl**ping in our cum until the morning.

The next morning I was woken up to the feel of a hot wet mouth on my dick. And round two began.
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