A Cure for the Mondays, Part 1

NOTE: My first story, EVER. Be kind. Sadly not based on personal experience. More like personal fantasy!

Fixing people's computer problems is not what you'd call a glorious job. Hell, it's barely tolerable some days. Then again, some days are WAY better than others. Even at work.

Monday's are easily the worst though. It seems that everyone had some problem over the weekend and just has to report it first thing Monday. This particular Monday was no different than any other. We were slammed. I believe "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" is the expression. We were all dead chickens that day.

It was just ticket after ticket. Phone call after phone call. I swear I had made my way around the building 5 times already that morning and it was hardly 10am. My next ticket was all the way on the other side of the building too. Figures. At least it should be an easy one, I thought... "Mouse not working."

After dragging my tired ass all of the way to what seemed like the other end of the world, I finally found the office. The area appeared deserted. There was no sign of anyone else out here and the only light on was where I was headed.

In my rush to grab the ticket and get out of my office, I hardly thought to look at the name... Sara Mitchell. Must be my lucky day. Sara is not your average office slave. She was a beauty. Certainly didn't deserve to be stowed away here in the corner of nowhere slaving at a computer, entering data all day. It was a damn tragedy.

But there she was... Sitting there. Waiting. Waiting for me, as a matter of fact! I knocked on the door so as not to startle her. She jumped anyway. None of us really knew anything about her... Except that she was hot. And to an IT guy, that’s all that mattered anyway. She appeared to be around 30, very quiet, professional. I had only gotten to see here a couple times in passing previously, grabbing lunch in the cafe, or passing by in the hallway. And as she turned around and got up to greet me, all of those mental images of her came flooding back.

There she stood, all 5'10" of her, obviously irritated with her current technical difficulties. Her usually long red hair had been hastily pulled up to a makeshift bun. I loved redheads. The expression on her face told me her computer problems were the least of her concerns today. I must have lost myself staring at her though because it took me a minute to hear her calling for me.

"Hello? Are you here from IT?"
"Oh, sorry. Yes, Ms. Mitchell, I am." I snapped out of it just in time.
"Oh thank god. I want you to watch me throw this piece of shit out the window."

Whoa. She must have been really frustrated. Most of our customers are a bit more civil when we are around. It was nice to know they're regular people too.

I chuckled. "I'm sure that's not really necessary. Surely, you could toss it out the window without me!"

She smiled. Now we’re rolling, I thought. "So what seems to be the problem anyway?"
"Stupid mouse isn't working again. I tried removing the plug and putting it back in, but it still refuses to work. And this is the worst possible day! I have so much to do."

As she was describing this, she had turned toward the computer to demonstrate the mouse’s lack of movement - and in doing so had bent just slightly over her desk to reach for the mouse. Suddenly my thoughts drifted to another movement; the stirring in my pants. She had bent over just enough for her skirt to tighten up around her waist and ass and outline what appeared to be a most-delectable behind.

Sara had curves. They were just the right size and in just the right places. Oh what a fine ass she had. And at that moment I wanted nothing more than to just bend her over that desk, hike up that little skirt and give her a good fucking.

"Hey, you still with me?"
Shit. I was losing it again. I hope she didn't catch me staring. "Oh, ya, sorry. I think I know what's going on. It looks like you've just got a bad mouse."
"Is that it?" She finally looked a bit relieved and sat back down in her chair.
"Yup. And lucky for you I grabbed a new one on my way over!"

I love it when I come prepared and can play the hero.

"If you'll give me just a minute I'll swap them out and we'll see if this one works."
"It's all yours." she said, as she rolled her chair back from her desk, leaving just enough room for me to work.

I quickly dropped the new cable down the back of her desk and ducked under it. I unplugged the dead one and connected the new.

"Try it now." I said to her.

She slid forward a bit in her chair and reached for the mouse. I turned around as she did this and got my second spectacular view of the morning. Not two feet away from me was Sara's lace-covered pussy staring me in the face. I had a perfect view straight up her now slightly hiked up skirt. Her knees had opened just enough to let in the light when she had rolled to her desk. It was a beautiful sight. I could just barely make out a little fold in the fabric right down the middle.

"Yup! It works!"

I yelped as my head hit the underside of her desk when she spoke... waking me from my trance. I slowly started working my way out from under her desk, rubbing the top of my battered head. She rolled her chair away a little to let me out. As I looked up I saw her watching me.

"Oh geez, are you ok?"
"I'm fine." Crap, I thought, did she catch me looking again? Fuck. Surely she'd have to report the pervy IT guy to HR.
"Are you sure? That sounded like it hurt."
"Ya, I'm ok. Really."

She smiled again. I liked that. She has such a wonderful smile. I was already starting to forget about my aching head. Then I remembered my other aching head. In my stumbling to get out from under her desk, I forgot that I now had a raging hard-on. First the curves of her ass and then her panty covered slit front and center under the desk. My pants were bulging at this point.

I thought I saw her steal a glimpse of my groin and flash a little smile. I must have been dreaming.

"It looks like you're all set!" I told her. "Is there anything else I can do for you today?"
"I don't think so... but, maybe there's something I can do for you?"
"Excuse me?" The look on my face had to be priceless.
She glanced downward at my pants again and looked back up at me, smiling, raising her eyebrows.

Was this girl setting me up this whole time?

"I uh, I'm not sure what you mean."
"Oh, I think you do. Or at least part of you does." She licked her lips this time. "It's only fair I repay you for fixing my problem so fast. And now it looks like you have a problem that I can fix."

As she said this she walked around me, confused look on my face and all, and closed and locked her office door.

"Have a seat."
"Uh, I uh, have to get..."
"I insist, really."

There was that smile again. This time it was accompanied by a mischievous look in her eyes. I liked that too. This Monday might not be so bad after all.

I staggered backwards a bit and sort of fell into her chair. She walked slowly towards me and bit her lower lip. She hiked up her skirt just enough to get down on her knees and soon she started to rub her hand around my package. I let out a light groan as she just looked up at me again with that look.

She reached up a bit for my belt and quickly had it undone and out of the way. In another quick motion she had grabbed my pants at both sides and pulled them down to my ankles. Her eyes widened a bit at what she uncovered. There in front of her was the outline of my 6" of semi hard cock still trapped inside my boxer briefs. Her hand went for it immediately.

"Mmmm" was all she said as her hand moved along my shaft, outlining my increasing hardness.

Slowly she started pulling at the elastic of my underwear, just enough to let the tip pop out. Her head moved toward it and gave it a light lick with her tongue. I let out a sigh and grabbed on to the armrest of the chair. She slid her fingers under the rest of my waistband and shimmied my underwear down to my ankles to join my pants.

I couldn't believe this. Here I was naked from the waist down with easily the hottest girl in the office and her hand wrapping itself around my now rock hard cock. She licked her lips again, looking up at me while she did.

"Now just sit back and relax." she told me.
"Mmmhmm." was all I could muster, nodding, as her warm hand started moving itself up and down on my full 8 inches.

She moved into it a bit closer now and licked my shaft from the bottom to the top. She did this on each side, wetting my length more each time she did. And when her tongue wasn't working its way up to my pulsating head, her hand was working all of her saliva into me in a long twisting motion up and down. Eventually she flicked my head with her tongue and started to take me in her mouth. It was glorious.

She worked her pouty lips down a little and back up to the head, slowly. She repeated this a few times, each time going a little lower until she was nearly at the base. My god, it felt amazing. Her mouth was warm and moist and her tongue moved around my shaft in such a motion, it made me delirious. It was just heavenly. She started moving a little faster now and the slurping and sucking sounds started to fill the room. Looking down at this perfect redhead working up and down on my cock is one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

This girl was no amateur, either. She worked her hand up and down my dick with the motion of her mouth. Both parts worked in amazing harmony to milk my me for all that I had. I moaned loudly this time and tilted my head back to rest on the chair.

Her pace increased again, this time she put both her hands on my thighs, digging her nails in lightly, and was now just bobbing her head up and down my whole length. It felt incredible. So incredible in fact that I felt like I was nearing the finish already. She must have felt my body tense up and grabbed my shaft with her hand again, the other hand started massaging my balls. She really wanted this cum. I was all too happy to give it to her.

I started to squirm a little in the chair and my body tensed up further.

"Oh god... I'm gonna cum..." I managed to blurt out.

This only made her quicken her pace and strengthen her hold of my dick. Her mouth started making even more sucking and slurping noises, I soon reached the point of no return. And with a deep grunt and one of the best orgasms I've ever had, I started to squirt my load of hot cum right down her throat. As soon as she felt my cock spasm she pushed her head straight to the base of my shaft, taking all of me in her mouth as I continued to shoot streams of cum in the back of her mouth. Her tongue worked around my shaft as I emptied my balls into this beauty’s throat.

She continued to suck until I thought there wasn't going to be any of me left. All throughout, she never missed a drop. This girl was definitely a pro. As I finished, she started moving her mouth up and down me just a bit more, cleaning my cum covered shaft. I sat there in a daze, still not believing what I'd just experienced. She worked her way to the top and with a little "pop" my head sprang out of her mouth and she licked all around her lips again.

She looked up at me and just smiled. She got back up and adjusted her skirt and thanked me again for fixing her mouse. Just like that, it was over.

Even though I could barely move, I somehow managed to pick up my pants and pull myself together. Staggering like d***k, I thanked her on my way out.

"Anytime." she said with what I thought was a wink as I walked out the door.

I found my way back to my desk and went to throw out the old mouse, that's when I noticed that the optical sensor on the bottom had been deliberately smashed.

Oh that clever girl...
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