black cock goes thru pringles can

his name is albert me and my friend danna went to a club and got wasted so albert took us to his apartment he is probably 50yrs old but he said he could do what most white men cant and pop a pringles can he said first we had to show him our thongs well i dropped my pants and showed him my hot pink thong and danna showed him her yellow thong well he whipped that cock and jammed it through a pringles can and popped the top off his dick had to be 13 inches he told us in 3 wks he wants to fuck us both but i want to know if there are bigger black cocks available for both of us
100% (5/0)
Posted by h34cwantsbbc
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1 year ago
Women are never satisfied. They always want more.
3 years ago
You have been spoiled girl! Not enough big cocks to go round - make do with an ordinary one and buy yourself a big cuntstretching vibrator for special occasions is my advice --- lol.
3 years ago
3 years ago
It's the hard cock you're after honey. 13 inches might be tough to stay like steel as long as you need it to. But a thick one only a little less long will serve you well for a long long time.
3 years ago
would try 13 inches, my black man's cock is 11 inches,
3 years ago
Thats different....pop a pringle box with my dick.......hhhhhmmm. Well I can help with the next cock...
3 years ago
u had 13 inches right there and wanted to find bigger? might i recommend a horse farm? hahaa