I posed nude for a black friend of mine

I was snooping through my husbands journal the other day and found that I had talked way too much the other night.
I don't remember any of this and he was cool enough to not bust me on anything. He just blew it off to me being me. I think. I will say this for him though, he did leave me and my friends alone that nite and if he'd shown up, I don't know what would have happend.
Anyway, I'm not gonna change anything or help him out with grammar or anything. This is ver batim out of his journal.
She shouldn't go out after work and get that d***k. At least this time she wasn't throing up. She couldn't track her sentencesfrom one end to the other and was barely able to stand. Let alonedrive or anythng like that. She got into the apartment about 3am. I was awake and waiting for her cause she'd texted me to see if I was up and if I'd wait up for her.
I told her sure, if she wanted me to be. That had been about 10:30. She'd texted a few more times after that, that dinner was over and she and a couple of friends were going for drinks. Then it was gonna be a little late whnen she got home, cause she was waiting to to ge a rides. That she was thinkin of bloowin off her first ride and take the second offer. He was takin too long to come.
I asked where he was and she said pokin around behind her somewhere, but he was being a pain in the ass cause he drank too much and it kinda hurt her for him to do that to her.
Her other friend had offerd a ride for her that she'd like better and he drove better, the way she liked. But only if she wanted it.
Not to mention, he didn't use a compact, his was a fullsize and loaded. All the comfort she could want.
Long sleek black and new rubber.
Ok, her texts
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