it was around 1100pm at night on a saturday when krystal and her husband dan decided to go for a walk around the block, to talk about thier relationship, now krystal was a small blonde headed girl about 5ft 4 and with a sexy fit body always got all the boys attention when she passed by, her husband dan on the other hand wasnt that big at all, he was a scrawny guy that dressed prepy and didnt like to fight nor have any confrontations, as they were walking around the block a group of guy walked passed them, little did they know that this was going to be a bad night. "Hey sexy why dont you fuck a real man" one of the guys with a black shirt said he was a pretty strong looking guy that stood 6 ft even and was built like a brick shit house, all the other guys just laughd as dan stood there getting mad but didnt want to say anything so they kept on walking as they were walking away the big guy punched dan right in the back of his head knocking him to the ground and the other 3 guys laughed and grabed krystal by her arm, "come her bitch we want to have some fun with you and you can make the hard or easy but ethier way your going to take some dick," scared stiff she stood there frozen in her place as dan layd on the ground bleeding and dazed the big guy knowin as teddy grabed krystal on her ass and the throwher onto the ground and she hit the ground next to her husband she relized how bad this situation had gottin teddy the leader started undoing his pants and blet while the others moved toward krystal and started riping off her jeans "STOP pleaze no dont help help!" she yelld but know one else was around one of the othe guys slaped her in the mouth wack! shut up bith or we will beat your ass like your mans, they contiuned to rip the rest of her pants off and took off her pink shirt your hubbys going to watch you take my dick in your pussy along with all my friends to! ha ha im going to show you what a real dick feels like teddy pulls out a fat and long 8in dick krystal looks at it with shock dans wasnt neraly as big "no pleaze no i cant handle that pleaze leave us alone!" she yelld, your going to handle it bitch and like it teddy reached down to a horrified krystal and riped off her thong that she was wearing exposing her tight looking pussy "damn you are tight this is going to be some good pussy boys!" teddy spits on his hand strokes his hard cock and puts the hea o his fat cock at the enterance of her pussy, then slowly puts the head in, AHHHH!!!! she yells "no no! stop!" but he dosnt he just keeps pushing his big cock inside of her and her pussy is w****d tightly almost tearing around the girth of his cock she yells again but he starts pumping harder and fasteras dan sees his wife getting ****d he is scared but in a sick way kinda of turnd on, teddy has both hands on his wifes ass and is pounding her and for some reason he is kinda getting off on it the other guys stand around rubing there cocks waiting for there turn, teddy pumps harder and harder damn bitch your tight she is telling him to stop and it hurts her but she has never had a dick this big before and her body is almost beteraying her but teddy slams her untill he cums ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! fills krystal up with his cum she starts to cry relaizing what happind as he pulls his big cock out of her pussy his friend jeno gos for his turn turn over bitch he gabs her and flips her doggy style jeno has a big dick to not as long as teddys but thick as he pulls out his dick he slams his hard cock right into her ha ha yeah bitch take my dick , teddy turns to dan who is on the ground still ha ha you like watching your wife get ****d your a little bitch you are to afaird to even try stoping us and thats good on your part dan starts to feel asahmed but relaizes hes right that he might get killed if he trys stoping it ahhhh jeno is getting close as hes fucking krystals pussy he cums and grabs her b size tits , "put my dick in your mouth bitch fucking do it now"! jeno yells he grabs krystal by her hair and shoves his dick all the way in her mouth she almost chokes on it but dose as shes told fucking suck on it or ill kill your man right now scared out of her mind she sucks on his dick and finishs him off the rest of the way he cums again this time in her mouth and down her thorat swallow she swallos, then they hear sirens coming some one must have heard the yelling so the hurry up pull up there pants, thanks for the fuck slut ha ha teddy yells as they run off into the night the police arive but no one know who the boys where that gave krystal the fucking of her life.
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4 years ago
thats why it is in the taboo section
4 years ago
Nope we don't need rape on here thank you.
4 years ago
rape sorry should not be on here!
4 years ago
I want to read the whole story but the lack of paragraphs made it difficult to even try..