my friends phone

well this night started all because i had lost my phone the previous night in a d***ken state, as one does. my phone was my alarm so i needed to borrow my mates so i got sorted for bed and got the phone it was at this time i remembered how he said claire his girlfriend sent him sexy pictures. now she is one sexy girl i used to work with her she got short hair, nice big brown eyes, a cute face and a lush body which makes you so hard. i would alway look down her top to see what sexy bra she was wearing always black with bows. i had thought about her on many nights about the dirty things i would do to her and her massive tits. so i now i have naughty pics of her in my hand in her sexy pantys, turning me on so much, i get comfy and go through them and start feeling a twitch in my pants and then so i was so hard i was bursting out. i start will slow strokes so i have time to enjoy the pics but then my imagination takes over and i start to imagine all the dirty things i would do to her im so turned on right now i then spurt all over my chest and some even hitting me in the face. i enjoyed them to more times that night and any other chance i could

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3 years ago
yea it was. thanks for reading i know its not great but it was my first
3 years ago
ive done that before
feels amazing