My "boyfriend" Moby

My "boyfriend" Moby

Moby is my boyfriend and he likes when I dress for him, I always wear my black lingerie: my black garter belt holding up my sexy black stockings, my bikini panties, 3 inch heels, my black bra and my black chemise. That’s the way I greet him at the door.

Moby didn’t know about my cum eating fantasy. When I sucked his cock, I usually let him cum in my mouth, but I didn’t swallow. I loved giving him a blowjob but I didn’t swallow. After reading some of my stories, I decided I needed to eat his cum, I was a cocksucker and I should swallow my guys cum.

I told myself if I really wanted to be his cocksucker, I should go all the way. I decided to start at home, with myself. I would eat my cum to get used to it. I think he tried to give me my cum once, I didn’t know what he was doing at the time, I thought he was trying to kiss me, but later I realized he still had a mouthful of my cum, I kissed him, but didn’t take any cum. He had just given me a fantastic blow job, I was still weak in the knees when he moved up toward my mouth and I missed the opportunity to receive my cum from his mouth. I could cum just thinking about it.

I decided to always eat my cum from this point on. I would eat mine and think of swallowing Moby’s cum for him. It’s the least I can do for my cocksucking friend. I trained myself to eat it always, I didn’t want to because I lost the desire after I came, but I f***ed myself to do it, I told myself a cocksucker needs to eat his man’s cum.

I decided to send an email to Moby because when I wanted to try something different, I would send him an email so I couldn’t back out. When I wanted pictures of his cock in my mouth, I sent him and email and then next time we were together, Moby took them for me and they were wonderful. When we were not together, I could look at the cocksucking pictures and get hard. I liked looking at them. So it was natural for me to ask for something else by email.

I suggested it to Moby, so I really started it. I’d been thinking about it for a while and I wanted to try it with him. I really wanted to do it, but I was afraid I’d lose my nerve. This is the email I sent him to get it started and so I couldn’t back out.

Dear Moby,

I’ve asked you if there is something else I could do for you when we are together. I love having your hard, delicious cock in my mouth. I like being your mouth pussy, I like you fucking my mouth and feeling you cum for me. I also like watching you suck my cock and letting my cum loose in your warm, wet mouth. I’d like to go one step further – I’d like you to keep my cum in your mouth, catch it all.

After you’ve done that I’d like you to kiss me and feed the cum into my mouth. Maybe the first time I should be laying on my back so I can't refuse you and you can make me take it in my mouth, I don’t want you to take no for an answer. I don’t want to be able to turn you down, I want you to push my cum into my mouth and have me eat it. I think maybe the first time you gave me a blowjob, you were trying to do it – I don’t know, but I’d like to do it now. I need to start doing this; I want to be a cum eater for you, I want to eat your cum.

I also want to start eating, swallowing your cum, I like feeling you cum into my mouth, it’s rewarding and sexy when you shoot your load into my mouth. That's why I don't want to use a condum - I want to feel your warm, hard cock in my mouth and I want to feel you spurt your cum, fill my mouth. I wouldn’t mind having your cum in my mouth and you pushing mine in there also. We could mix the cum and I could eat it all. I’d like you to do this for me – make me take my cum.


Your cum eating cocksucker in stockings.


We had been doing that for a while, me always eating my boyfriend’s cum. Moby knows I like it when he says things to me while his cock is in my mouth. The closer he gets to shooting his cum into my mouth, the more he says and the louder he says it.

“Suck it cocksucker. Do you like me fucking your mouth pussy Terry?

Do you want it bitch, should I cum in your mouth?

Will you swallow for me?

Terry, You are a cunt, do you want my cum?

Eat it for me bitch.”.

I really enjoyed when we could get together. He would come in the door and we would hug, and then start kissing. I couldn’t wait to feel his hardness in his pants as we pressed against each other.

The last time we were together I was dressed as usual in my stockings, garter belt, heels, panties and bra and I was between his spread legs laying on the bed with him. I was playing with his cock and enjoying it in my mouth. I felt his balls and really wanted to suck them into my mouth.

I moved down and felt his cock slip out of my mouth and went to his hairy balls. I was feeling them and then kissed them and let them slip gently into my mouth. My mouth was full of his balls and I liked the feeling as I pulled back some and let them slip out. I had never done this before.

Then I opened my mouth and sucked them back in. I could tell Moby liked it and I did too. We added something else to our sex and we liked it. I moved back up to his hard cock and was working feverishly as I felt him get ready to cum. That excited me because I knew the signs and my boyfriend was getting ready to cum in my mouth!

I sucked harder and faster in anticipation of his beautiful cock getting ready to reward me, to fill me, to finish fucking my mouth, to finish fucking me. I loved sucking his cock.

I also like to feel his cum in my mouth, feel his warm thick cum after he shoots it into my mouth when he is fucking my mouth. After I have it all, I like to open my mouth and show it to him before I swallow it. I want to show it to him like all of the movies I watch. I like showing him my mouth full of his cum right after I suck his cock. I show him that I am his pussy cocksucker and I love it.

All of this is TRUE, I love it!
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1 year ago
so dam erotic made me cum all over myself and I do love to drink cum all the time
1 year ago
lovly storie