My first time being fucked

This happened around ten years ago. I was a happy heterosexual until I hit 33 years of age, found myself really wanting to give a guy a blowjob - I thought I was going mental - I adore pussy, come from the roughest part of my city, have played a full contact (brutal) sport since I was 5yo, had mates and myself who could've been called homophobic, yet this thought of sucking a cock kept reappearing....the courage to think about it would be present when copious quantities of alcohol and/or a chemical pick me up were consumed. I started this journey by purchasing a penis shaped vibrator, after a big night I would get home pull it out of my drawer and watch in the mirror my tongue adoring this life-like cock, not dissimilar to any female porn actress. I decided that I was d***k, would not try the real thing but see in the morning if I would be filled with regret for sucking a cock the previous night had I acted on these urges. The next morning I looked myself in the mirror and told myself that I would not have regretted it, I've had the urge for a year now, and must be bi-curious...a part of me honestly thought when I had a cock by my lips, I wouldn't do it.
In as few words as possible, I'm now 34, after a decent celebration in Auckland city with some good mates one Friday night, I drove down Pitt St, where male prostitutes were said to wait. I saw a young guy 22ish, olive skin with leather pants, slim and handsome and pulled over, asked him to come for a ride....he said 'business or pleasure?' & I said business. We drove 30 mtrs to a dead end street, I pulled into a kerbside carpark and asked him how much? He said $100 - I said 'look mate, I wana quick suck of your cock then you give me a blowjob, I'll be gone in 10 mins, I can give you $50. He accepted, I paid him, he unzipped his pants & pulled out a cock like mine, 6-7 inches, average thickness, looked cut like open mouth had his cock in it instantly, my head was going up and down, slowly at first, then stuck my tongue out & licked from his balls to the tip several times, before putting his hard cock back in my mouth and as fast as I could with my lips and tongue around him , went up and down, up and down..... after a few minutes he started to groan & I definitely didn't want a mouthful of cum on my first BJ said Ok, I'm happy.....I had wanted to receive one from him but I got light headed after drinking up the courage for this and knew I was going to be sick. He got out of the car, I drove around the corner, pulled over & I 'lost my lunch' as they say down-under (was ill). I was excited at finally trying this, couldn't have picked a better guy, but d***k a little too heavily on an empty stomach - after a couple of cigs, a coffee from the gas station and around an hour had elapsed, I safely drove home. Hard. So aroused by sucking a cock I removed my clothes and drove home playing with my cock.
I then slowly, once every three months or so would end up in a gay sauna, I'm tall athletic considered handsome & would have instant offers of a blowjob - I started to ask if they 'swallow' as I preferred cumming in a mouth and only let those willing to swallow suck me, if I considered them cute or muscled up gym bunnies I would suck them off, never swallowing. Then I found a sex shop with a cinema, was a third of the entry price and had same results so more frequently now, 3 years later at 37 years old, once every 2-4 weeks I would be there. I had been using vibrators on myself occasionally and at the gay sauna one Saturday a cute Chinese guy approached me, i said 'want to go for a walk?' he nodded & followed me into a small room we could lock, all little rooms and all had 'men at work' stickers on the doors. I sucked him & he would've been the size of my finger beside my little finger, my smallest vibrator which had pounded my ass was much bigger. I was excited, and after he sucked me for a while I asked did he want to fuck me or be fucked? He said 'I fuck you'. He got a condom & some lube I lay on my back with my legs open, I felt his cock around my ass, and I put it in my ass, he slid in with ease and started fucking me, his balls slapping against my ass, I was saying 'fuck me harder, fuck me harder' and he started pounding me. I knew what I wanted and after 3-5 minutes I stopped him, pulled him out of me, he seemed confused, I rolled over, on to my knees with my ass up and pushed my head into the mattress, he mounted me doggy style and pounded me again, but not for long, after 30 seconds he groaned and i could feel his cock shudder in my ass. He withdrew removed condom & we hugged for a few minutes, I guess he liked my 'whore for you' offering and i know I loved being fucked for the first time. We showered & went our separate ways.
Four years later in the sex shop cinema I would experience what to this day remains the best sexual experience I've ever had, an MMM 3some. I will post that one next week. The above happened exactly as I have written it, to this day I get hard thinking about it, & I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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22 days ago
You don't ever need to pay for cock! Lots of bi married guys who love cock too.
11 months ago
very nice,never paid for cock yet though,
11 months ago
Sounds good,,I never had the courage to go that far but have sucked and swallowed many times.