motels are fun

was stayin at one of the shitty motels in my town and went out to go to the store and seen this hot little chick through her window in a room a couple doors down from my room. dint think i had much of a chance till i went to the store. and walked by her room. there was a stairway closer. but went the longer way to see if i could see her again. curtains were closed this time so i went to the store. on the way back i took the long way again. and was glad i did. her curtains were open and she was standing next to her bed naked. i passed her room but stopped and went back for a better look. i tried to be slick as i passed again. but this time she cought me checkin her out. and i was going in the wrong way from my room so i went down to the parking lot to pretend that it was just a accident. i smoked a cigarrete and went back up to my room. this time her curtains were closed. i opened my door and went inside. i sat on the bed thinkin of the things id like to do to her. when the phone rang. i answered it and it was her on the phone.she said hi peeper and i went to go into defensive mode when she asked if i had a good show. she didnt seem mad so i asked her when the next one was. she laughed and said no its your turn this time. she told me her name and i told her mine. she said she so when do i get my show? i said huh. she laughed and said hey you got to see me. open your curtains and surprise me. i want to see if ya got the balls little boy. i asked her if she was seriouse and she said its 11;15 ill give you till 11;30 then im gonna walk by. lets see if you can do it. i thought about it for a second and said ok. i hung up the phone and didnt really want to do this but she obviously wanted me too. so i took off my clothes opened the curtains and started to stroke my cock. i opened my door so incase she seen something she liked she could come in and we could play. i looked at the clock and 11;30 came and i heard her door open. i flexed my arms and stood there with my cock hard right in front of the window she walked up to my window looked in and opened up her robe that she was wearing and wispered for me to stroke it baby. she was stroking her tits and went down and started to rub her clit. we both stood there masterbating to each other for a minute. i was just about to come when i seen her look to the right close her robe and run back to her room. right then some guy came walking by looked in just as i was about to come. i shot my load and he stood there lookin at me.i was so emberassed he laughed and walked off. my phone rang and it was her askin me if i liked that? i told her about the guy catching me shooting my load and she laughed and said my door is open get over here. i put on a pair of pants and went inside her room. she was laying on the bed naked and i walked up to the bed and reached out to carress her leg and she told me to get my clothes off. i told her but we just met im emberrased. she laughed. i took my clothes off and asked her if she liked watchin me jack off. she reached out and grabbed my cock and said ill show you how much. pulled my cock to her mouth and started giving me a great blowjob. i was carressing her body and reached down to rub her clit and she was so wet. she looked up pulling my cock out of her mouth and said you got me so wet. i want you to fuck the shit out of me. but i had other plans. i wanted to taste that pussy so bad i stepped away from the bed to get into a better position when she said what are you doin? i looked down at her and said im gonna eat that pussy baby. i grabbed her by the ankles and went right down on her and started to lick her pussy. she through her head back and siad yes he eats pussy. i ate her pussy for a long time she tasted so good. she finaly grabbed me by the hair pulled me up and said fuck me. i took my cock and shoved it into her pussy she felt so good. i started pumping my cock in and out when we shared our first kiss. we fucked for a nice amount of time when she begged me to go faster that she was coming. i started to give it to her as fast and as hard as i could she came and now it was my turn i was givin it to her and was just about to shoot my second load of the night when she pushed me off her and screamed at me to lay down. she was so f***eful about gettin my cock in her mouth. i layed there and she put my cock in her mouth and took half of it the first couple of times. then looked up at me and pulled my cock out of her mouth stroked my cock and sucked on her middle finger got it wet reached her hand down to my ass and took my whole cock down her throat i through my head back and felt her figer enter my ass. she fucked my ass deep throated my cock and it was all i could take i screamed out that i was coming she lifted her head up used her left hand to stroke my cock while the right hand fucked my ass and said come for me baby i shot my load so hi up in the air that some of it landed on my face and hit the pillow. she took her finger out of my ass licked all the cum off her fingers then took my cock in her mouth and stroked it with her hand and sucked on it till i was done convulsing from the orgasm she gave me. she looked at me and said that was great. but you have to get out of here cause my boyfriend is going to get here any time and i dont think he would like this. i looked down and said you have a boyfriend? she said ya so do me a favor and dont say anything ok. i told her her secret was safe but next time lets do it in my room ok. got my clothes on and went back to my room. and never seen that ladie since. but sure do thank her for a great night
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1 month ago
Motels are a lot of fun.
3 years ago
that was hot! i love motel peep and show!
4 years ago