Morning fantasy.

I yawn and stretch my arms but suddenly become full awake, my eyes spring up and I shake my head to clear the fog of the sl**p. I am still in my bed but I am stark naked and my hands are tied to the bedpost! Movement catches my eye and I try to focus, but the apparition is mostly a blur, so damn difficult to focus without my glasses, I tear at the restraints but it’s no use.
“Who… who are you?” my voice sound a bit weak and feeble.
“It’s only me you silly!” a pearly light laughter fills the air and I relax a little.
“Thank God for that, now please release me.” I pull at the restraints once more and turn towards the nightstand where I left my glasses, or at least the head turns.
“Ah, ah, no can do babe,” you laugh again.
“I decided to have a little bit of extra fun this morning before I’ve got to go. I promise, this won’t hurt one bit!” I see you much clearer now as you have drawn closer. Casually dressed in tight jeans, bare minimum of makeup and a long sleeved top with a high collar that accentuates your neckline, your hair is tied back and you look like you’ve just dressed after coming out of a shower. You sit down on the bedside, cross your legs and put your glasses on and then you tilt your head just-like-so and flash me one of those gorgeous smiles. Gods you are beautiful!!! I glance down as I feel the very familiar action in my loins, my cock is slowly growing and you have not missed that.

“Mmmmm, look who’s already up !” you stroke my chest with your delicate fingers, like butterfly wings and run them downwards, turning your hand over you run it slowly down and over my thighs. I spread my legs wider like a whore for a customer and breathe more deeply, my eyes glaze over with horniness and I stick my tongue out through my lips, licking them. Your hot warm tongue is brushing against mine and I lick your lips, feeling your breath on my face. I gasp with lust as you suddenly take my throbbing hard on into your hand and stroke it with your fingers, grasping it tight around the base and slowly release it, at the same time you suck my tongue into your mouth so my outcry is muffled. I try to buck against your hand so you can wank me but you only giggle and let your fingers touch my glistening head.
“It’s been really fun to fuck, I have to admit, and as a treat I want to do something special for you. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride babe,” you wink at me and slowly cover me with your fit body and straddle me, my cock is standing up ramrod straight and you lower your tight firm jeans clad ass over it, stretching out those long slim fingers on my chest and playfully rake my torso! You slowly rotate your ass over my cock, pinching my nipples between your fingers and ramming your hungry wet warm tongue into my mouth! Your hairband is released and your long hair envelopes my face

You stick out your tongue, licking my chin and neck, letting it slowly slide further and further down over my body, licking my hard nipples, sucking at them and running your long hair over my torso, brushing it lightly. I want to take your head into my hands but the restraints prevent me from that, frustrated I pull and twist at them but to no avail. You look up at me with those stunning eyes and fixate me as you stretch out your tongue and just about, ever so lightly lick my cock helmet!! I take a sharp intake, my body quivers and I think I’m going to cum there and then, but you expertly grasp the cock root and the feeling subside.
“You liked that didn’t you?”
“Fucking did!!! Oh my God, that was sexy!!!”

Your warm mouth is breathing on my fuck rod and you kiss it lightly, licking the drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip, kissing my shaft all the way down towards my balls, licking it like a giant lollipop!!! Your tongue flutters at my shaven balls as you take them into your mouth, one by one and you suck on them making them wet, your delicate hand is firmly grasping my fuck meat and you jerk it slowly but steadily, getting small dribbles of my fuck cream over your long fingers!!
“Ohhhh fuuuuucccckkkk babe!!!” I moan.
You take my shaft sideways between your blowjob lips and run them up and down, flicking your tongue at the tip, breathing hot warm air from your mouth on my tip before finally, finally taking me into your cumthirsty deepthroat cavity!!! My buttocks clench as your lips form an impregnable seal around my cock and your take me deep, deep into your mouth, but once more your hands know what you’re doing so you stem me from coming by grasping the cockroot hard, you take me out of your mouth and a dribble of saliva and pre-cum run over your chin, you rub it off with your fingers and put it back into your mouth before it can fall on your top!
“Oh no, not yet babe, not yet!” there’s a mischievous twinkle in your eyes and my cock is throbbing hard, eager to squirt but outside f***es decree otherwise.
When the immediate danger has subsided you lean forwards to kiss me again, I can taste the lingering flavour of myself on your lips and tongue and at first I’m a bit apprehensive but it’s also quite a turn on!
You glance at your clock and sigh:
“I wish I didn’t have to go soon, but have to make the most of it!”
This time there are no seductive movements, no teasing, you just slide downwards, tie your hair back once more and plunge my cock right home where it belongs, in your thirsty insatiable mouth!!! Your head goes up and down my shaft, taking it all the way down so you gag on it, sucking it hard, your tongue stroking my balls when you’re at the bottom and my thighs buck against you. You hold your head still and let me ram my cock hard and fast into your mouth, you’re even holding the back of your head down with your hands, just as I would when I’m facefucking you!!! You withdraw your mouth and swallow a few times, there’s plenty of saliva and precum there!!! Your lips close around the tip of my cock and you suck as hard as you can, fucking hell!!! You’d be able to get a basketball through a garden hose babe!! Your slim hand work furiously at the base of my fuckpole and once more the familiar feeling is rising!!!
“Ohhh fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk babe, I’m cumming, I’m gonna… fuuuuucccckkkk!!!” my whole body is quivering, buttocks clenching and balls are ready to burst.
At this moment, you thrust your mouth all the way down on my rod as I explode deep into your throat!!! You swallow as much as you can but my orgasm seem to go on for hours, squirt after squirt shooting into you, some of it runs out again over my cock, tummy, balls and thighs!
“Mmggggghhhhh, fucking great babe!!!” you look up at me with your mouth full of cum and you swallow it down, licking up the rest that you’ve missed. I am sweaty and my chest is heaving but I have a happy smile on my face.
“You’re amazing!!!” I manage to answer.
“I know!”
“Wish I could stay longer and play, but I’ve really got to go. How do I look?” You turn your face this way and that way. I make a motion to one side of my mouth and you wipe the cum droplet off with your fingers, licking them clean.
“Like a fresh spring rose,” I laugh.
“Thanks babe, can’t turn up with that yummy cum all over my face, can i?”
“Probably wouldn’t be a good idea!”
You kiss me once more and undo my restraints with a few simple movements. You notice me looking and say:
“Don’t think the girl scouts ever intended it to be used THIS way though!” your laughingly say.
“Most likely not!”

I take my hands forward, they are a little bit sore but great care has been taken not to make the restraints chafe, I put my glasses back on and I watch you pick up your bag and put your shoes on, I feel truly fucked but in a very good way. A quick smile and then I see you walk out through the door. I lie in bed for a few more minutes, still savouring the memories from the morning blowjob, before I unhurriedly make my way to the shower and getting some breakfast in order. A marvellous beginning of the day indeed!!!

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11 months ago
Omg that's hot...I would to do that to the right person lol