A fun nignt with my X and her sister Pt. 5

After having my cock sucked dry by my X wife. The girls took a hand each and lead me back to the house, my limp drained cock hanging between my legs bobbing as I walked. We went into the house and thru to the bed room. Jane opened the French windows and it was like been outside only comfortable. I flopped down on the bed on my back with a silly smile on my face.
Jane asked, " What's up with you horny fuck??".
"Oh I was just trying to imagine how you and s*s would look in a 69". Jane blushed and Elen giggled. Then Jane asked with a wicket smile on her face, "Do you think if you saw something like that it might work like Viagra on little Peter?".
"Well", I said, "Why don't you two try it and see if has the desired effect on me, but I think Jane should go first seen as she's the pussy licking virgin in this little trio, Elen it would seem has spent some time here and there clit pleasuring,,, little slut". Jane gulped. Elen said, "Ok Peter up off the bed you lazy fuck and let us girls have some room to play, you sit in the armchair and watch us putting on a little show for you and see if we can make you hard". I did as I was told and Elen took Jane by the hand and led her to the bed. Elen lay in the middle of the big double bed and pulled Jane towards her. Jane knelt on the bed and Elen spread her legs and began to play with her pussy like a good little slut. She put on a husky sexy voice and told Jane how much she wanted her pussy licked and he clit sucked, As Elen toyed her wet pussy I noticed her clit grow and stand our proud. I hadn't noticed this when I was finger fucking her earlier. But now I was so looking forward to getting my lips round her wonderful clit, sucking and teasing it till she came in my mouth letting down her juices for me to drink.

Poor Jane looked over to me with a very unsure look on her face. I said, "What about all those times I teased you about wanting to lick Elen's pussy. It always made you horny as fuck".
"Yes and I teased you about wanting to fuck her and get your cock between her tits, that made you extra too, if that's possible with you".
" I admit I've always wanted to fuck Elen. Her on all fours wriggling her sexy ass offering it to me, is something I've stroked over many times and tonight I'm going to have my dream come true, so I want you to get your head between her legs and make her pussy nice and wet for me to fuck her".
Elen said, " Fuck sake, talk about me like I'm not here, have I no say in how I get fucked tonight!!".
I looked at Jane and she looked at me, then she said, "No s*s, you have no say in how you're going to be used, tonight you're out sex toy". Elen just purred and drove her fingers deep into her pussy, her head rolling from side to side as she fingered fucked her pussy like a wanton whore. J

Jane said, " Peter I think s*s likes the idea of been our play thing, I see you like it too by the way your cock is growing hard". Jane turned like lightening and dove between Elen's legs, she began to paly with Elen's pussy hair wrapping it round her fingers and rubbing then thru it, then she grabbed a hand full and pulled hard. Elen let out a squeal of delight and Jane pulled harder. Then Jane lowered her face down close to Elen's hot wet pussy, she sniffed and licked her lips. Then she kissed her s****r on her pussy lips just like she had done on her lips. Elen was beginning to moan and squirm in total pleasure with her big s****r between her legs.
Then Jane's tongue darted between Elen's pussy lips, Elen in tangled her fingers in Jane's hair and ground her face into her pussy her hips lifting up off the bed as she offered her pussy to her s****r.
Jane was doing really wonderful work, her tongue buried in Elen's pussy while two fingers massaged her clit. Elen's breath was coming faster and faster as he was building up to orgasm, she pushed her hips up arching her back and began panting hard breath rasping in her chest, her rolling form side to side as Jane tongue fucked her. At last Elen let out a scream her whole body went stiff, back arched and then came the surprise as she came she squirted into Jane's mouth. Jane was taken by surprise too and pulled her head back for a sec, but quickly diving back down too suck Elen dry as she squirted again, her body still tense, sweating and moaning mouthing yes over and over.
Jane clamped her mouth onto her clit and sucked really hard I thought Elen was going to pass out from cumming so hard. Jane released her grip and Elen came slowly down from her high panting but her breathing slowing she flopped down on the bed totally spent. Jane looked over to me her face red, gleaming smeared with squirt and pussy juice. My cock was rock hard after watching this show. Elen panted," Fuck s*s you said you never licked pussy before, you lying bitch, there's no fucking way that was your first time. I thought I was going to pass out. Where did you learn to pleasure pussy like that, now who's the slut".
Jane said, " s*s it was my first time to lick pussy, cross my heart,,, but I've been watching lesbian vids on Xhamster and seem to have picked up a few tips".
"Have you been watching cock sucking vids too", I asked.
" I don't need to do that, you know I suck cock like a pro".
" Yes you do, you little cock slut".
Jane stood up and walked to the door. I asked, " Where are you going".
" I'm going for the wine and glasses, don't know about you but after that little episode I need a drink". "Bring a few bottles it's going to be a long night", I said.
" Are you up for it big boy", she said, looking over her shoulder and wriggling her ass as she left.

Elen said " I think the bitch is lying to us, no way she could have learned to things like that from watching vids. I never had my pussy licked like that, and I've had a lot of pussy licking".
"Maybe she just it all right the first time, can happen you know. We've both known Jane to long to know she cant lie to us".
" Yeah she seemed truthful enough, she didn't drop her eyes like she usually does when she lying".
" I noticed that too, here tell you what you can get your own back on her. When you get between her legs tease her clit with the tip of your tongue, she cant help but cum when you do that".
" Yes I'll give it a try. I see it worked on little Peter he seems harder than ever. Are you going to fuck my ass later Peter, I would really like that". My cock twitched. " I see you're up for that, lovely".
Jane came back carrying a tray with glasses and two bottles of red, she also had a little glass with my Viagra in it. I looked at it and raised an eyebrow.
" Oh you're going to need these before the night's out, believe me Peter. You have to service both of us and I'm so fucking horny I think need to cum at least five times and slut Elen will be wanting to cum a few more times too. Hope poor little Peter doesn't get too sore from over use. Now I need my pussy licking too, s*s you're up, I so want to feel that snake tongue of yours tickling my pussy. Here Peter, pop a pill. I'm sure you'll get overworked when you see s*s between my legs and will need to do something about it."
My cock twitched again, seemed like Jane was inviting me to take Elen from behind while she was licking her pussy. I reached for the wine poured three glasses took a little blue pill and washed it down with some wine.
Jane walked over to the bed and reached her hand out to Elen, Elen took it and Jane pulled her up off the bed. Jane then fluffed up the pillows and lay in the middle of the bed and beckoned Elen to join her. Elen crawled up on the bed giving me a wonderful view of her sexy ass, she moved between Jane's legs and started slowly kissing her pussy and all a round it till Jane began to breath harder.
Then Elen stuck her very long into Jane's wet pussy and did something that made Jane yelp.
"Fuck, oh sweet fuck what are you doing to me??", Elen paused.
"No fuck sake don't stop you little slut, keep going"
Elen continued.
" Oh fuck yeah, do that, don't stop,, oh yeah just like that, don't you fucking dare stop.
Yes yes yes more oh give me more, do it s*s. Oh fuck I'm in heaven. Oh shit I going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".
Jane's whole body went stiff her back arched up. She drummed her hands on the bed as she came so hard. She flopped down on the bed, asking thru hard breathing, " What the fuck did you do to me, it felt like I had ten long spindly finger up my pussy. Are you some sort of freak??".
Elen stuck out her long tongue and flicked it in the air, saying " I look at vids on Xhamster too".

"Sorry Peter I didn't expect to cum so quickly, and I thought you might have had a chance to nail s*s while she was busy licking my pussy. who knew the bitch has secret weapon like that".
Elen was till head down ass up on the bed and said wriggling her ass, " Why don't you take me now Peter, I'm all yours, which hole is your choice". I said, "How could refuse such an offer", and stood and walked to the bed to join the girls....

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