Be honest... if I dress up and play on cam would men pay?
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I'm:Risha Girlyboy, 49
From:Jacksonville WS Herlong A, Florida, United States
Seeking:Gay Man
Personal Information
Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Occupation:Geek Panty Slut
Education:Some college
Star sign:Gemini
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
Physical Information
Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me
I'm going to give this another try, but am still very concerned about where this might lead. I am in my late 40's and am not the 'prettiest girl in class' by far. Plus, I am after all still a man in most regards, fully functional and living as such except for my 'secret identity'. For a number of reasons that I will not go into here, I have come to realize that I truly enjoy becoming a 'girl' quite regularly. Moreso even now, because for the past year I have become entirely and completely in love with a very special woman who desires to help and encourage me, as much as I wish to help and encourage her, to explore our sensual desires and share our kinky journey of discovery.

There have been some pretty serious problems crop up over this past year, most recently prompting me to pack up every girly thing I own and stow it, refusing to go back. However, the love of my life has asked that I bring back that part of me as she felt "disconnected" from me without it, and after some very serious consideration and discussion we came to the realization that both of us had allowed our fears to push a wedge between what we want for each other. So, I am going to embrace my fantasies, as well as hers and try to face each day and each obstacle honestly and develop my 'secret identity' while sharing every kink, desire, fantasy, and orgasm with my sweet Anne (even if we have to share via video)

So, you got this far? Not asleep yet? Ok, well let's see if the basic stat stuff will take care of that... I'm 47, white (really white), thin 145 lbs 5' 9" barefoot but like to wear heels when I'm girly. I want to be girly and slutty. I most like to dress in cutesy teeny stuff but I've got some pretty slutty club wear too. I am just a guy so no boobs but I do shave my body regularly and if I ever have a chance to get laser hair removal I would from my nose to my toes! I haven't quite gotten brave enough to dress in actual public where I can be seen close up, nor have I been with a man yet, but I do enjoy being somewhat daring in my outdoor dressing and am trying to push myself to finally experience being a girl for a man and feel him sliding deep into me while telling me what a slutty girl I am. I want to eventually be able to go out to clubs dressed and maybe even chance other public venues like trains or restaurants. For now, I will continue to dress and post video and pictures, I will masturbate for my fans and promise to become more submissive and compliant when requested to do things or make certain videos. I will try to post at least one outdoor crossdressed video each week. I want to have my sweet Anne fuck my ass with her dildo for you at least once a week if possible. Most of all, I want to make my sweet Anne the happiest and most satisfied woman in the world and help serve her fantasies, desires and kinks as well as sharing my cross-dressing girly slut fantasies and exhibitionist desires.

Please comment on my profile and pics. Do share any particular desires you have of my girly ass. I'm also very into the idea of doing "dares" or challenges concerning cross dress sissy play, costumes, roleplay or trany gurl exhibition or sex. I can't promise to complete all, but I CAN guarantee that I'll do my very best. If you have request of any kink let me know.

Willing to trade sex for 100% hair removal ;) lol

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Anyone in Jacksonville Florida wanna help make it real 4 me?

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32 minutes ago
Good morning dear. I'd welcome becoming a friend. If you're interested, you can go to https://joycelynnsphotos.shutterfly.com/ and read my story in JoyceLynn's Awakening, PF_JoyceLynn Story.pdf (it has pictures). Kisses.

╔════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╗
*♥✿♥✿....HAPPY NEW YEAR !.... ✿♥✿♥*
╚════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╝
4 days ago
I used to have a place in Jacksonville and crossdressed quite a bit when down there. Used to love getting dressed up and going to the boat ramp on the northside at the Zoo exit and hanging out and having a really good time.
5 days ago
thank you for the friendship wow you are amazing love that sexy body great profile bio love it very sexy gurl
6 days ago
Thanks for requesting the Friend add!
6 days ago
Hello and thank you for the invite! WOW I love your profile. You are very sexy! :)
11 days ago
Thank you for the invite!


JoHose xxxxx
11 days ago
Thanks for the friendship, Baby!

12 days ago
very nice thanks :)
13 days ago
I would ^^
15 days ago
ty for the invite hun, love the profile
23 days ago
Thanks you for your invitation!
25 days ago
Thx for the invite=Bev
27 days ago
Love YOUR sissy girly vids and pics! Thanks for the invite girl friend, XO
1 month ago
Thx for the invite, love your videos!
1 month ago
Most intense profile. Love your videos. Would love to catch you dressing in public, walking around like a cheap hooker. Your little slut ass would get so fucked! Thank you for the invite!
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite my sister!Awesome profile,read every word to.No matter which path a gurl takes,it is a bumpy dark ride,but worth every mile.

=^,^= pppuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr
1 month ago

you are awesome
1 month ago
★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ★And a happy new year★° 。
1 month ago
Ciao thanks for the invite,kisss
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite!! ;)
1 month ago
i would have to say that is a wonderful fantasy...may santa get you that for xmas
1 month ago
╲╲╲╲╲╲╲▉▉......ʍεƦƦψ chƦι$†ʍα$
..............˚αnd α hαppψ nεw ψεαƦ
★ ╓─╖╓─╖╓──╖.☆
★ ║░╙╜░║╙──╜.☆★♥☆..☆★♥☆...☆♥★☆♥☆♥
★ ║░░╓─╜╓──╖╓───╖╓───╖╓───╖╓───╖ ☆
★ ║░░╙─╖║░░║║░╙─╢║░╙─╢║░──╢║░╙─╢ ☆
★ ║░╓╖░║║░░║╟─╖░║╟─╖░║║░──╢╟─╖░║ ☆
★ ╙─╜╙─╜╙──╜╙───╜╙───╜╙───╜╙───╜☆
1 month ago
Hi baby
1 month ago
Thank you for accepting my friend request
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite ! :D
great profile!!i love furry art too.
1 month ago
Hello Risha and thank you so much for your friend request!

If I like to expose myself as a smoking faggot whore, it's simply the fact that I like to be humiliated and exposed in this way. This is why my pictures and videos are copyright free. So, don't hesitate to share my contents with those who love smokin' sluts like me and everywhere on the net.

I want everyones worldwide knowing me hornily as much as possible and how I love so much showing my thick juicy sissy shecock and my wide open butt for big toys, mmm...

I wish you well and lots of horny moments!
-xxx- ♥
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite. Drop in and chat some time or comment one of my fantasy blogs if you see anything fun. Until then, stay sexy! :)
1 month ago
1 month ago
Purging and/or hiding not conducive to the human soul, please be all YOU !!!!
1 month ago
I feel bad that I haven't popped in to even say hi in quite a while. I'd be curious to know if you ever followed up on any live cam experiments, and how well it went.
1 month ago
I am so very pleased to welcome you my newest friend, I have a profile page that should really interest you if you like mature women and grannies with large breasts, the last count I had in excess of 6500 videos and over 100 picture albums so enjoy my stuff and keep coming back to see the new stuff I am always regularly adding :) xxx

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