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From the husband, primary user of "gulzarhamster":

I'm just an average guy who is fascinated with the hotwifing and cuckolding scene. I became hooked to the lifestyle after my wife had a brief affair with a former boyfriend. At first I was hurt, angry, jealous and all the other emotions a husband goes through because of cheating. I was even perturbed by the fact that her lover was taller, bulkier and more endowed than me (she only disclosed these details at my insistence).

Time passed and we worked on our marriage; while we're not perfect, we built a stronger relationship. Our journey of self-discovery gave us a deeper understanding of each other, our marital bond and our needs from it. I'm proud my wife is a head-turner who possesses the looks and charm to elicit double-takes from men in a crowd, and accept the fact it is inevitable that other men will notice her. So, I came to the realization that the intimacies of her affair hadn't hurt me as much as the exclusion: the feeling of being left out.

The incident flipped a switch in my brain and altered my thoughts about our marriage and my wife's desirability. I now got aroused from things which once evoked a negative reaction. When another man flirts with my wife, I feel excitement instead of jealousy. I found out this joyous feeling is called "compersion" and it also covers the arousal I feel at my wife's interest and interactions with other men. I get excited when we are out in public and men do double-takes while others ogle her on the sly. It's even more exciting if she indulges their acknowledgement with a sly glance of her own. I get hard just thinking about the fact she gets countless Facebook friend requests from men she doesn't even know. Guess what? She still has her former affair partner's contact details in her phone (I didn't snoop, she told me!).

My wife finds my metamorphosis and new-found inclinations intriguing and mildly amusing. She has my blessings to be shared with another man but has explicitly stated she is happy with just us. She will however let loose during role-playing sessions and I get to see glimpses of the seductive siren who was once seduced herself.

In the meantime, I sate my lust by plunging myself in the sea of online knowledge & debauchery. In my opinion, there's nothing better than the sight of a wife being fucked by a well-endowed man who is not her husband! These are just some of the things I personally like about cuckolding/hotwifing:

Wife-watching or husband voyeurism scenes which involve the husband watching his wife have sex with another man while he's in the room or through an open doorway/closet
Home-made cuckold/hotwife videos captured with panning/tilting/zooming camera shots as opposed to fixed tripod shots. Particularly where a wife and her lover are filmed by her husband from various positions
Candaulism (where a husband exposes his naked wife, or images of her, to another man for his voyeuristic pleasure)
Swinging, Bull/wife/cuckold (MFM) threesomes, hotwife trains & gangbangs
Barebacking, creampies & sloppy seconds (no condoms)
Interracial cuckolding
Wife dogging, wife-flashing in public places

Double penetration, spitroasting & airtight (triple penetration)
Toe sucking, tongue sucking, ear sucking

Petite/skinny girls (versus big dicks)
Chubby girls/BBWs/PAWGs
Lesbians (especially mature on young)
Hairy girls (Fuzzy pussies & armpits)
Teen girls (18+ especially versus older men)

Women wearing stockings & fancy lingerie
Women using sex toys especially giant dildos, sybians & monkey rockers
Women acting brazen & naughty in public (pussy flashing, library webcamming, cumwalks etc.)

Professional studio productions such as BLACKED, Evil Angel, Naughty America, Reality Kings, Bangbros, Dogfart, Cuckold Sessions, Private Society etc.
Gonzo/POV/Go Pro porn
Japanese porn (especially cuckold fetish)

I will only add friends whose content I find appealing. However, I get a lot of requests from folks who have zero, inadequate or boring content to offer in return. I will not add those who cannot perform the basic requirement of being mutually beneficial. Please take the time to read the information below before you ask me to add you.

1. I don't add empty profiles (i.e. no uploaded content)

2. I don’t add inadequate profiles which have a few uploads or saved favorites

3. I don’t add inadequate profiles with uninteresting uploads or saved favorites

4. I don't add profiles with settings which hide content

5. I don't add profiles with cock-only content

6. I don't add profiles with gay male content

7. Don't request passwords for my locked content because they are not password protected. They are "friends only".

8. I ignore inadequate profiles who still message me despite my conditions for friendship

9. I block rejected profiles who spam repetitive friend requests

10. I block trolls who spam negative comments

11. Don't be offended if I ignore you, don't add you or even block you; you just haven't bothered to read my profile or understand what I require from xHamster friends. Life is short so be content with jerking off to my visible vids or the multitude of others on this site.

Here are some hot videos of wives taking on men with the encouragement of their husbands. You have to love the effort these women put into making their husbands happy as well as their own enjoyment.

Please click here http://xhamster.com/user/gulzarhamster/posts/347195.html to see another video collection I really like on xHamster. Please note they are separate from my list of favorite videos which can be found on my profile: http://xhamster.com/favorites/videos-1.html

Here are some hot cuckold themed gifs. They belong to some of my favourite tumblr blogs and xHamster friends. Please enjoy their hard work!

Please click here http://xhamster.com/user/gulzarhamster/posts/347192.html to see a collection of my favourite gifs.

Disclaimer Warning: Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for studies, projects and investigations — You do not have my permission to use any of my own original content, be it profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.

Additional Disclaimer: By us becoming friends, you and I agree that our profiles, photos, videos, stories, and chats are confidential between the two of us, and will not be shared with anyone or any agency for any purpose.
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Super vidéos j'adore on peut être amis ?
1 day ago
Great collection, would like to view the protected videos if you would kindly consider sending me a friend request.
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nice profil :)
2 days ago
Like the Avatar...
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Truly appreciate sharing posted videos...so please consider a friend request...Thanks much

Wizard Tongue
2 days ago
Good stuff - love the white milfs that go BBC gangbang... friends?
3 days ago
Awesome profile, love your collection.
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Rhanks for the add
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thanks your amazing xxx
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thank you for the amazing comment my mate
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Hot profile!
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Thanks for the invite!
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Good collection ov vid's & pics

Chloe x
10 days ago
thank you for the hot comment my friend
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You have a great collection :O)
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Love your videos!
13 days ago
would love to friend up, great content. I think you'd like mine too. SLowly adding more
13 days ago
you should strap on a big black dildo and fuck your wife with it
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Wonderfull videos and photo's! You like the same as me. Please add me as your friend if I may :)!
15 days ago
thanks playa. you got quite tha collection yourself. impressive.
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very hot site! the best!!!
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great videos..
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wats up you got some hot videos and tight ass page. send me a invite.
28 days ago
Happy new year 2015! I wish you many pleasures and love!
28 days ago
My man =)
29 days ago
very very hot:-) hello monnica and francisco
1 month ago
Your profile videos cover well two different attitudes women can show how erotic they are in cuckolding their main lover or husband. First is well described in your blog, "Its About me." She revels in her husband enjoying her flirting with and seducing men to service her. The second is where she enjoys humiliating him for being less of a lover than her new lovers and surprisingly he often gets strong erotic pleasure from the humiliation and realization that she is far superior sexually, erotically and socially than he is.
1 month ago
your welcome sweetheart,more videos is coming.
happy holiday
1 month ago
Great content!
1 month ago
nice profile

i like it
pls check my profile

have fun ^^