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I'm only here to watch good porn and will only add friends who have appealing or substantial content which I like. I'm not here to make personal "pen-pal" type friendships nor am I here to network or exchange personal information.

My definition of a 'friend' is somebody who:

a) has uploaded videos of their own which are interesting
b) is willing to share their uploaded videos
c) is active

I prefer profiles with uploaded videos over profiles with saved favorite videos because the uploading of videos - be they original, derivative or even re-posts - demands more time and energy, thus the resultant efforts are far more impressive than empty profiles bookmarking already uploaded videos with one click. There is a huge difference.

I get a lot of friend requests from folks who have zero, inadequate or boring content. Strictly speaking, if you don't have content which is interesting to me, it is more than likely I will not add you.

Please take the time to read the information below before you ask me to add you.

1. I don't add empty profiles (i.e. no uploaded videos)

2. I don't add profiles with uploaded videos which I don't find interesting (my interests are listed on my profile)

3. I prefer and prioritize profiles with uploaded videos which are interesting over empty profiles with saved favorite videos.

4. If empty profiles have saved favorite videos, I may consider adding them if there are over 200 pages of videos which are interesting to me like cuckolding, hotwifing, wife-sharing etc. (my interests are listed on my profile)

5. I don't add profiles with password protected videos or hidden saved favorite videos

6. I don't add profiles which withhold videos and only promise to share them after friendship has been accepted.

7. I don't add profiles with cock-only content (e.g. cock avatars, tributes etc.) or gay male content

8. My content is not password protected but viewable for friends only

9. I ignore annoying messages and will block ineligible profiles who message me repeatedly

10. I periodically check my friends list and will de-friend inactive profiles and profiles who no longer meet my conditions (I used to have 3500 friends)

So how do you become (and remain) my friend? Read on...

1. Read my conditions
2. Read my conditions again
3. Understand what I'm asking for with my conditions because there are NO exceptions, NO shortcuts, NO freebies
4. Qualify for friendship by fulfilling my conditions
5. If your profile checks out, I may add you. Even if you think you qualify to be my friend, it's my call since you’re asking me, capiche?

From the husband, primary user of "gulzarhamster":

My primary interest is with the hotwifing and cuckolding scene. I became hooked to this "fetish" after my wife had a brief affair with a former boyfriend. At first I was hurt, angry, jealous and all the other emotions a husband goes through because of cheating. I was even perturbed by the fact that her lover was taller, bulkier and more endowed than me (she only disclosed these details at my insistence). We worked on our marriage and while we're not perfect, we've built a stronger relationship. Our journey of self-discovery gave us a deeper understanding of each other, our marital bond and our needs from it.

My wife is a naturally gifted woman; a head-turner who possesses the looks and charm to pique the interest of any man. I have come to terms with the fact that other men will notice her, while some may be even bold enough to do more than just be interested. So, it was easy for me to rationalize the intimacies of her affair weren't as hurtful as being excluded from the experience. My mindset was, "if I can't stop the wave, I might as well ride it and enjoy doing it!"

My feelings spread and consumed me and I got aroused from things which once evoked a negative reaction. When another man flirts with my wife, I feel excitement instead of jealousy. I found out this joyous feeling is called "compersion" and it also covers the arousal I feel at my wife's interest and interactions with other men. When we go out together in public, it is easy to spot men ogling my wife as if they're mentally undressing her. It's even more exciting if she indulges their lecherous leers with a sly acknowledgement of her own. I get hard just thinking about the fact she gets countless Facebook friend requests from men she doesn't even know. Guess what? She still has her former affair partner's contact details in her phone (I didn't snoop, she told me!).

My wife finds my metamorphosis and new-found inclinations intriguing and mildly amusing. She has my blessings to be shared with another man but has explicitly stated she is happy with just us. She will however let loose during role-playing sessions and I get to see glimpses of the seductive siren who was once seduced herself.

In the meantime, I sate my lust by plunging myself in the sea of online knowledge & debauchery. In my opinion, there's nothing better than the sight of a wife being fucked by a well-endowed man who is not her husband! These are just some of the things I personally like about cuckolding/hotwifing:

Wife-watching or husband voyeurism scenes which involve the husband watching his wife have sex with another man while he's in the room or through an open doorway/closet
Home-made cuckold/hotwife videos captured with panning/tilting/zooming camera shots so that a wife and her lover are filmed by her husband from various positions. If the camera is fixed, I prefer to see the husband in the shot filming, taking photos or jerking off while his wife enjoys her lover.
Candaulism (where a husband exposes his naked wife, or images of her, to another man for his voyeuristic pleasure)
Swinging, Bull/wife/cuckold (MFM) threesomes, hotwife trains & gangbangs
Barebacking, creampies & sloppy seconds (no condoms)
Interracial cuckolding
Wife dogging, wife-flashing in public places

Double penetration, spitroasting & airtight (triple penetration)
Toe sucking, tongue sucking, ear sucking

Petite/skinny girls (versus big dicks)
Chubby girls/BBWs/PAWGs
Lesbians (especially tribbing and mature vs. young)
Hairy girls (Fuzzy pussies & armpits)
Teen girls (18+ especially versus older men)

Women wearing stockings & fancy lingerie
Women using sex toys especially giant dildos, sybians & monkey rockers
Women acting brazen & naughty in public (pussy flashing, library webcamming, cumwalks etc.)

Professional studio productions such as BLACKED, Evil Angel, Naughty America, Reality Kings, Bangbros, Dogfart, Cuckold Sessions, Private Society etc.
Gonzo/POV/Go Pro porn
Japanese porn (especially cuckold fetish)

Here are some hot videos of wives taking on men with the encouragement of their husbands. You have to love the effort these women put into making their husbands happy as well as their own enjoyment.

Please click here http://xhamster.com/user/gulzarhamster/posts/347195.html to see another video collection I really like on xHamster. Please note they are separate from my list of favorite videos which can be found on my profile: http://xhamster.com/favorites/videos-1.html

Here are some hot cuckold themed gifs. They belong to some of my favourite tumblr blogs and xHamster friends. Please enjoy their hard work!

Please click here http://xhamster.com/user/gulzarhamster/posts/347192.html to see a collection of my favourite gifs.

Disclaimer Warning: Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for studies, projects and investigations — You do not have my permission to use any of my own original content, be it profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.

Additional Disclaimer: By us becoming friends, you and I agree that our profiles, photos, videos, stories, and chats are confidential between the two of us, and will not be shared with anyone or any agency for any purpose.
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congratulations for your videos, i am your fan.
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thank you so much for honouring my page :)
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What a fantastic profile!!! Love the captions on the GIFs and your favourite movies. Absolutely delicious.
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Add me? I don't have a hundred pages of favorites yet, but I have a lot of vids that I think you would enjoy
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