How to tell if you would be a good pornstar


Every Straight Male thinks they're able to do porn

1. Are you capable of cumming more than once ? not that you will really need to but just in case you happen to get over excited around female performers you wont explode and then have nothing else left in the arsenal.

2. How are your athletic skills ? its one thing to be in a gangbang edge yourself and wait till its your turn to jizz, but its another thing when you have to penetrate another performer in full speed without getting out of breath and stopping.Porn stars usually go half and half on the sex but some directors want men to look like they're actually hurting the females so you need stamina.

3.How strong are you ? No director wants to see you struggle lifting up Madison Scott or Amia Miley, a lot of positions require you to be strong without losing your hard on at the same time.

4. Sexuality ! are you comfortable with yours ? This is one of the most important things in porn if not the most important rule,can you let a chick suck you and another guys dick at the same time, can you stick your dick in the same hole as another guy to keep the viewers turned on by the hardcore railing the pornstar is taking.Are you willing to dip your dick inside of 8-10 ounces of cum that isn't yours in order to make a good gangbang creampie scene and will you let a girl suck your dick after she just finish taking a load in her mouth by another guy.Little do people know that some straight porn can turn on many gay and bisexual men, that's why over the years porno has been a lot more open then its ever been.You ever hear a guy say "dude dont cum on my dick" or "I'm not sticking my dick in her now" ? I can answer that NO, its a porno people expect you to be as dirty as possible.

I seem to work well with this list, the only problem I have is the pay checks.Thats the only reason why I'm not in porn.
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3 years ago
Not only would #4 not bother me - I'd be looking forward to it LOL