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What are your biggest boner killers in porn ?

My biggest boner killers are... If pornstars bleeds and when they cut the scene of a creampie just to clean it up for the next guy to cum in the chick.Those 2 completely ruin my boners.
Posted by guess1tw3ll 3 years ago
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12 months ago
Extremely faux female orgasm "noises". I never realized touching their shoulders or caressing their hair causes such a leak. Three or more women to one man. Sloppy money shots. Hit their faces if you're going to pull out! Terrible blowjobs. Barely sucking a dick's head and stroking the shaft does not a good blowjob make. Partially shaved heads with long hair and overly tattooed stars. You look less like women and something altogether hideous.
1 year ago
-The girl having a very childish voice
-The cameraman talking too much
-The cameraman or male performer talking like a huge creep
-Weak cumshots
-Performers who miss half their load's target (they're paid to fuck, how can they miss the most important part???)
-Seeing the guy's butthole when he's fucking the girl, lol
1 year ago
I have a few boner killers, but the biggest boner killer by far is when my wife comes into the room while I am viewing porn and stroking my cock.
1 year ago
When the male performer talks to much, when the female has shoes on of any kind, and Poor camera work.
2 years ago
- I don't want to hear music in porn. Let's hear the sound of getting fucked and the sucking on a cock.
- I hate group talking where everyone is laughing and talking during sex. I like good hard rough sex. I don't want to hear laughing and jokes.
- Tell the camera man to shut the fuck up
- I want the cock to go all the way in. Not just the head so I have a good view. If my pussy is getting fucked, I want to feel the balls hit me too.
- I probably have more, but these are the ones that turn me off the most.
2 years ago
ron jeremy
2 years ago
Fake tits! Love them naturally, even if they are saggy and empty!
3 years ago
pussy fucking in anal vid's, a male preformer that is talking all the time and music so you can't hear the sounds of fucking.
3 years ago
Condoms and black chicks that are way too dark(bbc are cool still)
3 years ago
Without a doubt, sounding.
3 years ago
Shemales that don't fuck nearly as good as men do. And condoms...Slow sex, terrible blowjobs, list goes on and one.
3 years ago
And when the creampie does not get eaten.
3 years ago
I agree with the original post- I like to see the next guy plunge right into thzt messy pussy. Not as hot if they clean it up at first.
3 years ago
When a shemale doesn't get to unload...What a bummer.