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This is for the guys that have group sex frequentl

Okay so me and 7 of my friends had a debate on what feels better in a double anal or double vaginal Here are the choices.

1. Being the guy fucking the girl in a (reverse cowgirl) position,while your teammate penetrates up top.

2. Being the guy that penetrates from a (missionary) position, while your teammate penetrates from the bottom.

Dap or Dvp doesn't matter

This debate has been going on for weeks.

As for me I have no problem penetrating from the (reverse cowgirl) position.As I dont have to move as much I have the chicks weight on me and I can cum from just frottage alone.I dont have to do a damn thing, I have her tight ass or twat and constant movement from my teammate.

But what do you think is better ????????????
Posted by guess1tw3ll 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Double vag is the better of the two. I like the missionary position better because it provides for optimal control over the fucking and visual perspective that is nice (watching her tits bounce, the look on her face while she's stretched to the limit. But Being on bottom is nice when the other cock blows a load in her pussy, it automatically soaks your cock in his gooey wetness all inside her soaking pussy.
2 years ago
I like the on top position best, because looking in her eyes when that second dick is forced up her fuck hole, is a thing of beauti. If you are doing the first option and wants to do the old in and out too, when move her a little longer up on your stomach so you can move your hip, and that will do the trick. I like this kinda blog on the how, when, where and with who conundrum.
2 years ago
I love the middle as long as there is one or two to suck, then get all the cum , clean up mmmmmm then hold my legs over my head so I can cum in my mouth too!!!
2 years ago
DVP with me on bottom. SO HOT!
3 years ago
I have never tried any of the above but I am inclined to agree that being on the bottom and having another hard cock rubbing up against mine in a tight pussy or ass would do it for me!
3 years ago
I like pumping...
3 years ago
I have done both and have to say I love both but my favorite is DVP with her reverse cowgirl and me on top I get to poke my cock all over both and when we both cum I can dive right in and eat her cunt our cum and suck some cock clean.
3 years ago
I love doing it from the front. So I can kiss her tits and mouth.
3 years ago
I prefer being in the middle of it, being the "penatratee" guess I'm not much help!!
3 years ago
i like penetrating a bitch DAP with my teammate from tha missionary position.becuz i like to be tha one pounding. i also like tha view better. i can watch tha bitch scream and moan from anal pain and watch her titties shake from bein pounded. but.. i like dap from tha doggystyle position tha best while my teammate pounds tha bitch in tha pussy or asshole while he is gettin laid and she is bent over doggystyle and is roughly assfucked from tha back. i like DVP and regular DP but i prefer DAP. great fuckin blog homie.