Fun Fantasy Game *Enjoy* Be Creative

If you could be the hottest shemale that ever walked the earth for one day what would you do ? Im talking

*Beautiful Face, somewhat of Megan Fox or Lacey Chabert
*Pretty green eyes
*Nice lips
*Nice smile & white baby teeth
*140 lbs
*Very feminine voice
*Small girly hands & feet
*Long Hair (Brunette)
*About one shade darker than Pale skin
*Nice tight butt
*Boobs with no visible surgery scars
*And a small penis, just small enough for you to wear bikinis on the beach

Of course I want to hear your story's so i will make mine short,(Get all their email addresses)I would blow 10 straight guys at the movie theaters & blow 9 straight BUT BIASED truck drivers.And for the last one Look for the biggest Biased southerner I can find & have a bondage thing going on were I ride him bareback all tied up with my panties pulled to the side so he cant see the penis.Finally I would email all of them with pictures of my penis with the note "Its 2010 & the transgender walks among you accept them or get tricked by them :)"

10% (1/9)
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3 years ago
Okay, first of all I would want to be like Kimber James,
I would first enjoy playing with myself for a while. After getting to know my body, I would go out to a ladies night and find as many guys as I could to invite back to my place for a nasty night. Not telling any of them my secret or that more guys are coming. I get 25 to show up. They are all standing around waiting to find out what's going on. I walk out in a tight latex bra and tight panties, as they look in awe I tell them if they want to stay they must strip. They all do as I say. I go to each one of them and look them in the eye and squeeze thier cocks and ask," You want me to suck this?" They all say yes. I get them in a big cock circle jerk and suck them 2 to 3 at a time, rubbing them together and licking the tips tasting all of the precum.
After I lie down in the middle of the circle they gather around me shoving as many of thier cocks in my mouth as will fit as others suck on my tits and feet. licking my entire body, or so they think. Then one of the horny guys goes to grab the top of my panties. I have too many hard dicks pumping my mouth to stop him. As he pulls them down my cock stays tucked in somehow. He starts to lick what he thinks is the top of my cunt. His eyes are closed as he goes to town. He aims his tounge down towards my asshole, when out pops my hard little cock, right into his mouth. Before he realizes, he sucks for a few seconds. As he fingers my ass he feels something soft in his hand so he opens his eyes to see my balls in his palm. He cannot believe what he is doing. He jumps up and screams, "What the fuck!".
The other 24 guys look to see what he is pointing at. They all stop and pull away from me. I am starting to get worried so I back away until the biggest guy with a gigantic thick 12" dick says, "Where do you think you are going?". He grabs me by my hair and lifts me up until I am standing on my tiptoes and looks back at all 24 guys," Any of you guys want to leave or do you want to stay and teach the sexy shemale a lesson?". To my amazement, no one leaves. Now I asked so many guys to come because I figued most would leave when they discoverd my suck stick, boy was I wrong. Now the leader with the huge cock, pictured here turns me around and bends me over. He gets down behind me on his knees and shoves his tounge into my asshole exploring every inch of my anus. He reaches around and grabs my now rock hard dick and strokes it. As I am bent over three other studs step up and demand I suck all three cocks at once. They all take turns. As I finish sucking one trio they move under me, each taking turns sucking my cock and balls. I am in heaven.
The tounge comes out of my asshole and I stand up. The Big guy lays on the floor so I lay down the reverse way and we start to 69. He is really enjoying my cock and I am trying my best to swallow all 12". I hear him say,"She's ready boys!". I look back to see a line have formed behind me of 24 hard hung guys. I go to get up but he wraps his arms around my waste and pulls me to him. He takes my cock and balls in his mouth at the sametime. It feels so good, then I feel the tip of a swollen cockhead glide into my ass and with one hard thrust it is deep inside me as I yell with pleasure. After a while he cums deep inside my ass. I can fell the warm goo pump into me. As he pulls out, the cum runs down my balls and shaft right into the big guys mouth. He sucks even harder, eating up every drop. Each guy takes a turn pounding and cumming in and on my ass. After each one cums they move to the front and I take a break from sucking the 12" hog to clean the ass and cum off of they messy cocks. Each one is messier than the next. By the last guy my ass is gaping wide open and oozing a ton of jizz. They all stand around as if they are waiting to see the main event.
The big guy tosses me off of him and I land beside him, exhausted. He moves down in front of me and I see his mouth is covered with cum. He wipes his mouth and face into his hand and he smeers it all over my body. He grabs under my ass and lifts up my asshole until it is aligned with his huge throbbing cock. He slowly pulls me down on top of it. I can feel every inch move in deeper and deeper, and I have never felt anything better. He takes it out just as slow and repeats this action again and again.
Everyone that is standing around watching is hard again and stroking thier big cocks. As he is fucking me they guys start to cum again. They step up 2,3,4 at a time and get down on their knees stroking their big stiff dicks until they fill my mouth with hot creamy cum. Each time it is so much cum, Mmmmmmm. The big guy keeps licking my mouth for any cum that may get out and snowballs it with me as he pounds my ass. He is fucking much harder and faster now and he can't hold out much longer. Just as the last group of three has just topped off my mouth he pulls out and yells, "I AM CUMMING!". Before I can move his cock is above my cum filled mouth. He plunges it past my lipps and forces every inch to the back of my throat. As cum is pouring out from around his swollen shaft he starts to skull fuck my mouth hard. With no warning he pulls it out of my throat but keeps the head just inside my lipps. What must be a gallon of sperm flows from the big opening of his gigantic purple head into my mouth and throat. He pulls it out and slaps it agianst my face a few times hard. As I lay their a mess, he moves down and sucks and strokes my cock and licks my cum filled asshole. As he sucks my dick I cum into his mouth without warning but he eats every drop like a goodboy. As I lay in a pool of cum, they say, "lets do this again sometime, sweety". Surething!
4 years ago
O K lets hear your stories thanks