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How I feel about most T-Girl perfomers

I feel like most T-Girls are getting success simply because they represent a fetish and not because of their physical performance. Would you like to challenge me on my bold statement ? Fine

Name 10 T-Girl performers that have done the following

:Ride cock ferociously

:Take double anal in many movies (Not just one or two)

:Swallow cum

:Get their assholes gaped from rough thrusting

Its like they are getting away with the easy stuff because if genetic girls have done stuff like this in movies it would barely be looked at. I think a freaky T-Girl pornstar should rise up and impress her fans by going above and beyond and take the money that she deserves because of her performance and not because of her being the 3rd gender. I feel like any T-Girl pornstar can just lay there and get a halfway thrust until a guys nuts but can you really fuck for my buck ?

Posted by guess1tw3ll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I can't even name 10 T-Girls, let alone 10 who go above and beyond from your description. But I agree, most porn of that sort seems to be vanilla (if you take away the fact that it's a T-Girl).

I'm going to guess the reason most T-Girl porn isn't how you described is because the fetish generally requires them to be submissive. There's people who like the domination but porn is made for the larger number so if there's more submissive porn it's because that's what most people prefer. That only takes care of "riding cock ferociously" though. I'm no porn expert so I assume there's just not a big demand for hardcore shemale porn.

But yes, sometimes the fetish is stronger than the performance. Look at foot fetishes, jerk off instructions, etc.
2 years ago
interesting thought. there are a lot of T girls out there... do you think 10% or 20% do go above and beyond yet we may only get to appreciate 2-5%?