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Why I would have sex with a trans ?

Well it isn't because I have this overwhelming fetish, the reason behind this is the amount of power I would feel doing so, here I am this 180lbs fairly muscular 5'10 a****l pounding the insides of some petite tranny possibly 40-50 lbs less than I am. Something about being on top makes me feel very superior I feel like pounding her insides makes me more of a man while making her feel more weak. The first encounter will be an interesting one because I can only imagine how rough(Not violent) I might be. I seem to like to fuck women like I hate them I still follow a rhythm but I just pound very deep and hard.

Heres an easier way to think of it. We both have cocks and balls, but I'm bigger and Im over powering you therefore you're weaker. Basically I'm fucking you to feel better about myself and for you to feel sluttier or sissier.
Posted by guess1tw3ll 2 years ago
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