College Experience 1

Teacher: Ms. Williams (math teacher)

It began on on Monday,September 23. Ms.Williams had just finished grading our test in her class as we fooled around jacked off. It was our last period of the day and we students wanted to go home. The bell rang and all of the 37 k**s in that class poured out of the trailer excited to go home.

Mrs, Williams: Sarah, could you stay after class, for a while. I want to ask you some questions about the test.

Me:(Oh shit, she caught me cheating. Now I'll never pass this class.) Yes ma'me, I will.

She walked over to where I was standing (which was by the door) and looked into my eyes as she locked the door.

Mrs. Williams: Sarah,she whispered into my ear, I cannot keep my eyes off you.

I looked nervously at the door and then at her.

Me:What are you doing? (I said as she put her hand on my breast and stroked.)

Mrs. Williams: Just relax.

I couldn't help but moan.

She lifted me and carried me to her desk and placed me there. Then, she began kissing an licking my throat and stomach. She reached to unbutton my pants.

Mrs. Williams: God, you make so horny. Feel this. (She grabbed my hand and slid it passed her underwear and into her pussy.)

She moaned as I gave in (there was no way I would be able to leave) and began rocking my hips back and forth, stroking her vagina as she was began to get wetter and wetter.

I took off her pants and got off the desk. I lifted her onto a chair and spread her legs wide open. I began eating her pussy as it came. Her moans became louder and louder.

Mrs. Williams: Oh, help me! Yes! Yes! YES! More of that! YES! Good girl! (ah) Eat (ah) That (mmm) PUSSY! God, I'm cumming!!!

I took my hands an began grabbing her double D size boobs. I gave them a squeeze and began to lick them as I put her pussy on them.

Mrs. Williams: (panting) I (ah) have(ah) something for you. (MMM..)Well, it's actually for me. (She smirked)

She took out the longest strap-on I had ever seen and began to put it on me. I began putting lubricant on it. Then, within in seconds, I slammed her against the wall and shoved the dildo into her. I began going up and down, regardless of how much the trailer was shaking. Then, I layed her down onto the floor and took out the cock and began slowing stoking her vagina with it.

Mrs. Williams:
Give it to me. (I lifted my vagina and put it close to her face. She began sucking on it while she stroked me on my inner thighs and caressed my boobs. My rocking back and forth became quicker and quicker every time she licked and stroked)

Me: Get on all fours.

She turned over. I began fucking her from behind for the next thirty minutes. Our groans were in perfect harmony.

She tried to get on top of her, but I stopped her. I took the strap-on off and then whispered into her ear:

Me: This will be the first and LAST time that I will ever do this to you. You come at me again and I will find away to get you fired. Lisbeth Salander will look like a saint after I'm through with you. (those of you who have read the girl with the dragon tattoo.)

With that I got dressed, took keys, and began walking out the door.

Mrs. Williams: Wait, Sarah. You do realize that I can expel you for cheating right? Do you think I'm blind? I have beenon my desk watching, from the first time we took a test up until today, cheating. Now, if you don't want to fuck me anymore, Fine. I'll just have a little chat with the Dean. In fact I'll make a deal with you:
1.)Fuck me for the rest of the day and come into my bed tonight, I'll forget everything that's happened this semester.
2.)Fuck me everyday for the rest of the week, I'll make sure you pass my course with a B.
3.)Fuck me everyday for the rest of the semester, I'll pass you with an A and give you a letter of recommendation to move up into an honors math next year, other wise your stuck with me for next 3 years.


I stared at her with a cold expression in my eyes. Damn, she got me. It was hard enough to get into UCLA. With and expulsion on my record, no one would want me into their college. I pause thinking quickly.

Me: Choice number 2 (there's no way I can pass an honors class let alone this one)

I stormed out as she called out "See you tomorrow!"

Old hag, there must be someway that I can get away from this. An there, just like that, the idea popped into my head. I new what to do with Mariam Williams...

(To be continued...)

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
This looks promising! Please don't make us wait too long for part 2.

Thanks - 5 Xs.

3 years ago
GREAT STORY cant wait for part two
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good, awaiting for what happens
3 years ago
Next please