the connection

i have been exposed to sex for the better part of sixteen years...from the first time i ever had an erection i knew i enjoyed it, the sneaking around, having to hide this enjoyment, in essence i discovered in hiding this enjoyment i essentially made it my own...something that i could have to myself (like thinking to yourself, but physically) for years i kept this ritual to myself and thought i could maintain this escape for a long time

but the night i lost my virginity i lost that to which i could keep...

that night was...unique a story all to its own

but regardless the outcome was great i had been liberated as well as imprisoned to an ever changing idea

i now find myself needing to please a woman so that i can please myself, its something about a womans face, the way she squints, gasps, moans, and begs for more that is simply...heaven on earth :)
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4 years ago
I don't stink so wheres the sign up list haha
4 years ago
4 years ago
häss besser een ze wixen