The First Time I Fucked Renee

We met online and quickly started a relationship based on humor and our troubled marriages. Within several weeks we were hot for each other and we were teasing each other with phone calls, pictures and stories of what we would do to each other. Renee’s pics were incredible. She was 5’6”, nice tan and tight body with freckles in just the right places. Before long we decided to meet in person and to make the meeting even hotter we both agreed to not even masturbate until we could hook up in three weeks.
I got to the hotel first and called her right away to give her the room number. It seemed like she was taking forever and I started to think she had changed her mind. Finally I heard a knock at the door and there she was with a nervous grin. Even though neither of us were drinkers she had brought a 6-pack to calm her nerves. We made some small talk for about 30 seconds and even managed to open a beer before we were kissing and I threw her on the bed. We took each other’s shirts and pants off and continued to just make out. She still had her panties on and I was grinding against her, she was so wet I could feel her soaking thru the thin material onto my incredibly hard cock. She reached down to taker her panties off but I stopped her and continued to tease her. She took off her bra and boy was I not disappointed. Her entire body was incredible and her tits were perfect. She finally took off her panties and I slid my cock against her wet pussy but didn’t enter her. I reached down and fingered her wet pussy and put some of the pussy juice on her nipples and then I watched her suck her juices off my fingers.
She decided it was her turn to take control and told me to get off the bed and to stand. She then got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth looking at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes as she sucked and stroked me what seemed like an incredible eternity. It was now my turn again so I took her back to the bed and went down on her. I kept on bringing her to the brink and then stopping in order to tease her. She went crazy when I would suck her clit and she was screaming and telling me she was my slut and to let her cum.
Finally it was time to enter her and I slowly entered her. Her eyes were on me as I slowly entered her but she closed her eyes in bliss when I went all the way in. She was tight as hell and I almost lost it when I felt her pussy grip my cock. She grabbed my ass and didn’t let me go as she bucked like a mule when she came. I was now getting near the point of no return and told her to stop but instead she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her and said “cum on my tits, I love the feel of hot cum on me” and that just set me off and she milked every last drop out of me as I came all over her gorgeous tits. And that was the first time I fucked Renee.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Hope there were more times and you'll tell us about them, too. Thanks for posting.