...your old apartment....

I come home to your old apartment and find you in the bathroom, getting ready to take a shower. You are looking at yourself in the mirror, trimming your face. I come up behind you and finger your asshole. You jump. "Don't act like you don't like this." I say. In the reflection, you see the look in my eyes. You put the trimmers down and brace yourself on the sink, sticking your ass out. I finger your asshole more... teasing it and watching your cock grow. I shut the toilet lid and tell you to sit down. I reach into the closet and get my make-up bag. I open it and select a bright red lipstick. I open it and roll it up. I paint your lips, it feels heavy and foreign, but new and exciting. I take out eyeshadow and stroke it onto your eyelids. You feel me do this so carefully, with tenderness, knowing there is love behind the humiliation I am about to bring to you... it is odd... that someone who loves you so much and take such care of you, can be so mean and punishing, in a way that you feel safe. I paint black eyeliner on you and even elongate your eyelashes with mascara. "What a pretty, whore. Do you want to see how pretty you are, Slut?" I take your hand and make you stand and look at yourself in the mirror. You like it, but it embarasses you. "Go pick out something to please me, Slut." I point to your closet and you walk to it, still naked. You choose a short skirt and a corset. I help you put them on and then choose a pair of heels for you. "Go walk around and feel pretty, whore", and you walk towards the kitchen, checking to make sure the blinds are closed... Who would understand this? Your neighbors would call you a freak... but your love... she lets you be you. You walk around, awkwardly and feeling strangely sexy. Your hard cock pushes the front of your skirt up, I can see your arousal, still so vividly. "Come here, my Slut." You walk back over to me. "Do you like dressing like a whore?" "Yes, Mistress." "Do you feel sexy?" "Yes, Mistress" "Do you feel ashamed, slut?" "Yes, Mistress" "You enjoy dressing up, don't you?" "Yes, Mistress" "Do you know what would please me, Slut?" "No, Mistress." "I want to completely humiliate you. I want you to masturbate in front of me. I want you to stand here before me and satisfy yourself knowing that the only thing you did, was dress like a slut. I want you to get yourself off only by being a sissy... I am not even going to touch you. I will give you no satisfaction in knowing I helped you... you are only turned on by being dressed like a whore and you will get off by only being dressed like a whore... Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress." I grab the bottle of lube, I pour it into your hand, close it and get on my knees in front of you. "Slut, you will masturbate for me. Get yourself off, like the whore you are, aroused simply by dressing up for me....and then cum in my mouth. You can have your cum, when you kneel down and get it from me." "Yes, Mistress." This feels so weird to you. Exciting, knowing you are doing as I tell you, but embarassed that you are going to entirely masturbate in front of me, from beginning to end... knowing you will look ridiculous. The humiliation is enticing, but the initmacy drives you. You begin stroking, slowly and focusing on the head of your cock, small, circling motions... that lead eventually to longer strokes. "Mmmmm, stroke that cock for me... stroke it long and hard. I love seeing your cock hard... I just wish that cock was hard for me... but it's not... that cock is hard for your own, sissy ass... that cock is going to cum because you dress like a slut. You like the feel of the lipstick on your
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1 year ago
so fuckung fantastic, erotic