To get back to our vacation, in previous story, I hinted, that there were interesting things going on between my wife and me, and that I will write about it in another story.

So, here it is. But, this needs a little prelude. My wife is a 30 year old, gorgeous blonde, slim, small tits, but with glorious round ass and firm legs. As some of you may know, we had our ups and downs, mostly because of my infidelity.

I know, I am an idiot, and all of my friends tell me that, but when you are a sex addict, it is hard to control your urges, especially since, most of my life women kind a liked me.

So, as an epilogue of all this, we are on our third reconsiliation. She forgave me three times, and, as a result, we got to vacation to Greece, to start it over.

As you know, I cheated on her, again, within next 7 days, but that is not the point of this story.

When we were in Greece, our hotel had a big wellness center, so, on the first day, I payed for her massages, for all 15 days.

At this point, I must add, she is totally devoted, and she never cheated on me. She tried once, to get back at me, but when the guy she picked up for that purpose, got his clothes off (he was a 20-ish guy), she started laughing at the size of his dick, and on purpose, or subconciously mined that endevor.

I know her, so, after the first massage session, she was awfully quiet, and that is just, not her. After the second session, she confessed. Her masseus, a 45 - 50 year old hairy, ugly Greek, felt her up, more then he should. Than she started talking, how he, more than an hour, of a 2 hour massage, spends massaging her ass and tits.

I never considered myself a cuck, and I am sure that i am not, and that I wouldnt be able to watch her getting fucked by another guy. But this... I imagined that old, perverted bastard, wanking in the toilet of the welness center, minutes after massaging my wifes ass. Those feeling turned into a glorious round of sex, lasting, almost all night.

After that, since I have a pervert mind, I told her, what her masseus is going to do next. I told her, that, but the 5th session, he will start focusing on her lower area, and that he will "accidentaly" start touching her pussy.

So, it happened. Two days after that, she came back, all shocked. Not only that he started "accidentaly" touching her pussy, he, at one point, got in possition over her head, where he was massaging her neck, and used the opportunity to press his erected cock (through his pants), onto her head. At the same time, when massage was over, he helped her get her sandals on, and started kissing her feet, saying that she is beautifull, like Cleopatra.

Wow. Those images got me so excited. I asked her if she got wet. She denied it, but her face was telling a different story. That resulted in another night of hard, hard sex.

Sadly, tomorow, she told me that she wants to change her masseus, since she doesnt feel comfortable around him, and asked me to do that for her, since her english is awfull. And so I did, but I keep on wondering, was there something more, than she told me? I am sure that she didnt fuck him, nor something similar, she is very picky about looks, so, I dont beleive that that is possible. On the other hand, her face flushing when confronted about pussy wetness, gave me an idea. Maybe, she got wet, and maybe, she allowed him to touch her pussy to get her off, or even, let him lick her pussy (she is a maniac for that - in one hour of licking she is capable of cumming 3 times or more), and that is the reason why she couldnt continue going to him, since she felt bad about it?

I will probably, never learn the real truth. But, on the other hand, I used these events, to stade a jelous fight one night, accusing her that she got back to me to give me revenge for all my infidelities, and I stormed out of the room in anger, while really, I was trying to find a way to skip on night, and find my dutch girl, from the previous story.

In the end, I must say, that, these events showed me, that somewhere, deep inside of me, there is a little cuck, who likes thinking about it, but will never, go on with it, or even try. And that was exciting.
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