when i got caught fucking my moms best friend

My mom has a friend named jennifer she's 31 years old. She is the biggest milf i have ever seen, i have had a crush on her since i was about 10 but when i turned 16 I looked at her allot diffrent. now im 18 and every time i look at her i get a stiffy. she has nice big boobs blonde hair and a nice ass. but shes married to a fat ugly bald guy.

one day i was over at a friends house when jennifer called me and asked me if i could come cut grass for her because i usually do, so i went to her house and knocked on her door she answered with the sexiest lingerie i have ever seen. my cock got hard as a rock. She pulled me into the house and i asked her about cutting grass she said it could wait. so she pulled me into her bedroom and asked me how her top looked stuttering i said that she was the sexiest lady i have seen in a while she dropped her top to the floor. My cock was about to burst out of my pants then, she asked me how her breasts looked and before i could answer she had pulled my pants down and started jacking me off, then she started sucking it it was the best blow job ive ever had.

she threw me onto the bed and pulled my pants to my ankles sat on top of me and started giving me a lapdance i was already about to cum but i wanted her to cum first. her giant boobs flailing while she bounced up and down on my hard cock screaming and moaning. she started to cum she was screaming "im guna cum im guna cum" and as those words left her mouth we came at the same time. we waited a few more minutes before fucking again...

she bent over and said "jump in". i shoved my cock in her camel toe pussy. she was so tight that it wasnt even funny. i pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it in her mouth gagging and gasping for air she sucked my cock for a few minutes, i shoved my cock into her virgin ass, her scream turned into a moan gradually i was about to cum when her husband busted down the locked door...

it was totally worth getting my ass beat by her husband, i will never forget that day... i still think about her when i jack off, i think about those beautiful big boobs bouncing around and that virgin asshole tight on my cock and cumming in her pussy... i dont know if i got her pregnant or not.

now im worried...
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2 years ago
I enjoyed it!
2 years ago
poor, very poor
2 years ago
Hahaha.. That was hot :)