My Teacher Lisa

It was Tuesday September 6th, the first day of school. I'm a sophomore in high school. I go to all of my classes and it's the usual, boring same-old classes. I get to 6th hour which is gym. I look at my teacher and she has the best body I have ever seen. She’s 5 ft. 6 in, long brown hair, brown eyes, and amazing size D breasts. Her ass is ridiculous. I'm 6ft 1in, athletic and can't control my urges. Every day of school flies by until I get to gym. Her name is Lisa, every day she wears tight sportswear and drives me insane. She'll bend down and I'll just think about ramming my dick in her ass.

Second Week. I need more to jerk off to, so when she bends over today I'm taking a picture of her. She finally bends over and I get the picture. When I get home I blow it up on my computer and print it out. I'm thinking about bending her over and just slamming deep into her without care. I cum all over her picture and go to sl**p. The next day I'm thinking about her all day. I start thinking there is no way she is going to have sex with me willingly, so if I want to I'm going to have to f***e her to. The rest of the week I'm planning out how to **** her.

Third Week. I think I have a full-proof way of getting away with r****g her. She doesn't even know my name! I can't take my urges any longer. I need to get it in her and need it soon. After school each day I'm going to spy on her and see what she does. The bell rings for the end of the day. Everyone goes into the locker rooms to change and she goes into her office. I duck out and hide. She leaves the door cracked a little, but just enough see into. She’s changing out of her sport clothes and she’s in her bra and thong. My cock is rock hard so I pull it out. She takes off her sports bra and I see her tits. They're the best I've ever seen! I start stroking my dick furiously. She goes onto the floor to pick up a paper she dropped and her tits are hanging down and her ass is up in the air. I cum all over the floor.

Fourth Week. Now that I know she hangs out in her office alone for an extra hour doing paperwork and such, I can initiate what I plan to do. Nobody comes into her office at all. I will be perfectly safe. The week goes by smoothly. Finally it's Friday.

I come to school nervous and excited. I have never felt this way before. Today goes by extremely slow. I get to 6th hour and she has no idea what’s going to happen to her today.

The end of the day, the bell rings and every one goes to the locker room and soon they leave the school. She’s half-naked in her office. I sneak into her office and she has no idea I'm in there. I stand behind her watching her. She turns around and screams and I tackle her. Lisa is struggling and I hold her down. I am a lot stronger than her. I hold her arms down with one arm and sit on her chest. She tries to scream and my other hand is over her mouth. After 10 minutes she tires herself out. I grab the medical tape and tape her arms and her mouth. She’s all tied up. I leave her on the floor and go to the door and lock it. I gaze at her and watch her squirm. She tries to yell with the tape over her mouth so I hit her across the face. I put her on her stomach and cut her bra off then go down to her ass and slowly pull off her panties. She is very tan and has tan lines; her vagina is shaved and looks like it was today. I lean over her and run my fingers over her pussy and asshole; she squirms so I hit her on the back of her head hard. I pick her head up by her hair and say you do what I say, and don't squirm. I kick her and tell her to turn over bitch. She listens. I grab her tits and play with them, pinch her nipples little to give her pleasure, then when I see she enjoys it, I squeeze harder for it to hurt. A whimper comes out of her and I tell her to shut the fuck up and squeeze harder. I then pull my cock out which was raging hard already, I slowly put it into her cunt and savor the feeling of her wet tight pussy around my dick. I pump faster and harder into her. Lisa cries out, I punch her in the liver to shut her up. I whisper in her ear, you ready for some real fun?! I take my cock out of her and line it up with her asshole. Without warning I shove my cock in her ass, another cry comes out of her. I’m enjoying her tight ass so much, my balls start to churn. I pull my dick out and flip her back over. I stick my cock between her tits and thrust. I’m pushed over the edge and cum all over her tits and face. Then I look at her and think of how pathetic she looks, I go to put on my clothes, and decide its best to just leave her here and let somebody find her. Then on the way out I untie her, she is too tired to do anything or scream at this point. I tell her if she tells anybody I will kill her and I know where she lives. Lisa shook her head with a tear coming down from the side of her eye.

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3 years ago
wow, id like to hear a part 2 :)
3 years ago
wow hot