tne massage

we strip down naked you lie face down i gently massage your neck with my thumbs on each side of your spine i work down to your shoulders using generous amounts of lotion on my hands making them feel wet and slippery while i rub your back all the way down to the crack of your ass i apply two large gobs of lotion one on each ass cheek then i rub the lotion into your ass making it feel warm and slippery then i take my right hand and cote it in lotion leaving my wand straight in a salute position i slide my hand down the crack of your ass up and down again and again stopping my pinkie at your anus opening then i spread your ass cheeks and drizzle lotion on your anus the cool sensation makes you squrm i take my index finger and draw small circles around your anal opening and slowly adding pressure until my index finger gently slides into your anus then i work that finger in and out to the second knuckle then i ad my middle finger slowly opening up your anus in and out back and forth i slide up your body with my hard cock lightly poking at the crack of your ass with all the lotion there it slides through your ass cheeks lubeing up my cock then with slow steady pressure the tip of my cock starts to enter your ass your ass is stretching to take my wide cock deeper and deeper until my balls touch your ass then i pull back slowly until just the head of my cock is in you then back in again to my balls now i stop at the bottom of my stroke leaving you feel full to the max then it is time to pick up the pace in and out faster and faster until my balls are slapping your ass my own pleasure building until i lose control and empty warm spurt after warm spurt of sperm into your ass when i back out the sperm trickles out of your anal cavity leaving your ass all warm and wet. time to turn over to your front and work the front of you.
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4 years ago
short & hot