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About 6 years ago, I had a weekend to myself (for a change) I decided to meet some friends for dinner at a Micro Brewery in Elgin for dinner, then figured I head out on the town on my own and see what happenes. At dinner our waitress was a beautiful young lady, dark features, short thing great eyes amd smile. She had this fabulous little giggle/laugh, and we seemed to hit it off through dinner.

After dinner, my friends left, and I went into the bar area to watch the basketball game. Near the end of the game, Mia walked in. She saw me and walked over and joined me at the bar. I bought here a drink, and we made small talk. She imediately asked if I was married....which I was, and said yes...She simply smiled and told me I was a naughy boy who needed to be spanked. Well, that was all I needed, and I offered to drive her home.

We got to her place and went in. She said for me to have a seat, and she would get out of her work clothes. When she walked back in in a corset silk panties and 5" heels...well...I loved it! She walked over to me and and told me to stand up. I did...the told me to get nak**...well..I did. And as I undressed she saw I was wearing my metal cock ring. That got her attention immediately. She grabbed my now hard cock and gave it a playful spank. Told me to get on my knees, which I did, and lick her from hands..just her asshole
then I was told to stop, and lay back on the couch. She walke over and asked if I would be a "good boy" and do as I was told..."of course"

She then took off her pantes standing over my face and revealed a 9" cock. "Suck it" she said...of course I did! She giggled as I started sucking and said "you've done this before" I said I had. I wwas now her cock slut and she fucked my face. Eventually she had me get on my knees....and took my ass slowly at first, then harder and faster....telling me what a slut I was, making me say "I love cock in my ass" She flipped me on myback and again started fucking and stroking me....I was close to cumming....and she spanked my cock and I came all over myself...but she didn;t stop...she kept fucking and told me she would not stop till she came.....She got me back on my knees and pounded me for what seemed like forever till she finally came and we collapsed to gether.

Her name is Mia Isabella, when she was in Elgin, and before her boob job....a night I will never forget
Posted by griffin6444 3 years ago
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7 months ago
Mine was an Israeli TS called Mor, who I met in a Soho bar in London and who fucked me in her apartment that night. She was tall and slender with sallow skin, dark eyes and long dark hair. She wore an elegnt black dress that revealed shapely legs. When she slipped off the dress I saw that she had a marvellously long penis. At that point, flaccid, it was seven inches long. Erect it was not much longer, but was elegant and hard as a rock. I let her take me with joy.
1 year ago
Great story. I hope it was not a one night stand.
1 year ago
got me hard from this story
1 year ago
Excellent time...
1 year ago
Great Story.... I have fantasies about meeting a Cute Young Girl with Perky titties and firm round Butt cheeks only later to have her raise her short plaid skirt to reveal a Small thin boyish like, Erect 4 or 5 inch Cock!
I am Jacking Off now to that Ertic thought:
2 years ago
So damn lucky
2 years ago
2 years ago
that is so hot! i have always dreamed of this happening to me. I am very jealous of your good fortune.
2 years ago
hot story, lucky guy too!
3 years ago
hot story and thank you for sharing