at the pool....a first time story

When I was younger.....I enjoyed getting to our local indoor pool all year round. It got to the point, I just have my folks drop me off, and have them come back at closing time. One night, I was the last person in the pool but for the lifeguard. At that age I was growing...almost 6' tall, thin, little bod hair. I guess a 'swimmer build". About half an hour before closing Vince, the lifeguard said he needed to take a break and asked if I could get out of the pool for about 10 minutes till he was back. I did,and sat out of the pool for a bit.

After a few minutes, I went into the locker room to pee. I heard a shower running, and since no one was around went in to look...and saw Vince showering...(yes naked) and he was also stroking his cock. Vince was black...about my height, 6' tall and 25 years old. I was frozen, staring at him...and then he turned and saw me....I still couldn't move. He walked over to me and asked if I liked what I saw. I couldn't speak...nerves, excitiement..I mean he was 11 years older than me. He reached out and put a hand on my shoulder "it's ok...touch it" And I did...he was bigger then me. Id have to guess loking back 9" and cut. I stroked it for a bit....I could see he liked me touching him. He reached out and helped me remove msuit...I was rock hard. He got on his knees and slowly licked and sucked me.......I almost came instantly, but didn't. He seemed to sense how to keep me on the edge. He then stood up and guided me down to his cock.......

It was sooooo ecxiting! First I was sucking..exploring..then slowly he started pumping.......I could sense his cock getting even harder, and then he my mouth and on my first cock.....HE stood me up....wiped the cum from my face and kissed me and said "thanks" as he was reaching for my cock....Then he got down and finished me off...swollowing every drop. Needless to say, I got back to the pool alot after that, and we explored more....but it only lasted a few months till he moved away....
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3 months ago
so erotic lovely story
8 months ago
lovely story that reminds me of my teenage days
1 year ago
nothing like teenagers exploring sex
1 year ago
Good first time...
1 year ago
Awwwww, Too bad he had to move away that had the beginnings of a Long relationship like the one lasted for me with Leonard, an Older Guy that Sucked my young Dick the first time... just before I turnd Nine!
I'm Johnny a Bisexxual Older Guy in Los Angeles who LIKES & replies to ALL Private Messages but Cute Little Girls with Wet Pussys & Small developing titties have first priority -giggle-
2 years ago
love this story
2 years ago
Excitting time thanks for the story
2 years ago
Wow, that was a hot story. Makes me want to go to my local pool more often.
2 years ago
Hot story! Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Yeh but what an experience you must have had a lot of time togethere you should write more about some of them
3 years ago
blk cock is so hot.nice story
3 years ago
Nice, a Hot story. And lucky you, your first cock is a Black Cock. Hope you tell us more. I just love Black Cock.