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tease...until today

What a Fabulous day at the gym today. Actually the tease began earlier this summer. I had seen the woman in the gym, made eye contact, smiled etc. One day at the pool, I was sitting along the edge, and she walked over and sat near me, feet towards me, and I could not help but look, even stare, and get hard..hoped she didn't notice. after a few minutes my son swam over and I went into the pool and swam away.

The friday before Father's day, I bumped into her at the deli counter of the local store. This time we talked a bit, she asked about the deli, and what types were better than others. It was a nice somple chat, and yes, she was wearing GORGEOUS red heels..and yes, I looked. WOW...I was having naughty thoughts...As we parted, she smiled and wished me a happy fathers day.

Today, I saw her in the gym as I was finishing my work out. we said hello...asked about fathers days etc...She asked if I was going to the pool, I responded, I might, but I really wanted some time in the sauna....she smiled and said "enjoy"

I was in the sauna in my swim suit, alone for a few minutes when sehe came in. white bikini and barefoot...She smiled and said how nice the sauna idea had sounded, and could she join me. I hesitated, but said of course. Nervous about my thoughts. I knew she was married w/ k**s, as was I. She came and sat next to me feet towards me knees bent and asked how my weekend was. We made some small talk when I looked at her feet. She then asked "you like the color polish" "very much" I said. ..after a short pause, she asked, do you think my feet are pretty....well, I got hard instantly and meekly said 'very". She extended them to right next to my thigh and said "it's ok, you can touch, I have seen you look" and with that I did. she moand slightly as I did, and moved to rub my now rock hard cock. I was in heaven...and untied to let her feet touch my cock....She said she thought I was a "naughty boy" and liked it....and I came over her feet within a few minutes of this. THEN...she smiled and said "we can do this again, but you have to clean it up" as she held her foot up for me. Well, I did...every drop...and hope top see her again tomorrow.
Posted by griffin6444 2 years ago
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1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
Your story had me Salivating and Jacking Off to my Fantasies again! I Love Jacking Off, it feels GOOD!
1 year ago
hot story!
1 year ago
1 year ago
that's hot!!!!
1 year ago
Heh Heh..