Impossible Virgins Chapter 16 Aftermath

Chapter 16: Aftermath

Toppsy and Lulu awoke in their quarters. They had both been dressed in light pink panties, and a matching negligee, which covered most of their prodigious breasts. As both of the blonde dancers arose from the beds and stretched their limbs, they looked at each other somewhat quizzically.
"What's the matter, Lulu?" asked Toppsy.
"I don't know. You look...different...somehow today."
"I was just thinking the same thing about you, but I can't put my finger on it."
"Maybe it's just this new lingerie they put on us. I don't remember packing anything like this when we left."
The two girls turned to look at themselves in the mirror for a moment, and then it hit them.
"Holy cow, look at us!" exclaimed Lulu. As both girls looked at their reflections, they could see that their skin was significantly darker.
"Wow. We look like spent a few weeks on the beach," said Toppsy.
"And they didn't miss an inch of us," said Lulu, as she examined her body and lifted her heavy tits, as she admired herself. "You know, I kind of like it."
"I don't know, Lulu," said Toppsy, as she became adjusted to her new appearance. "It's just that it's so sudden."
"It looks like Tiffany and Dee Dee were right about our boobs returning to normal too, s*s," said Lulu. "My babies are back to their normal size after that last scene in the auditorium."
"Mine too," replied Toppsy, as she hefted her breasts inside her negligee. "I like 'em the way they are now, and not pumped up twice as big like they were, the other day."
"I always wondered what they'd look like with a dark tan," mused Lulu. "I want a better look at my two little gold mines." Lulu pulled off her negligee, and cupped her mammoth breasts in her hands, reveling in their size and weight as she hefted them up before her.
"Holy shit, Lulu! Look at your tits!"
Lulu stared at her reflection again. The areola surrounding her nipples were now a dark brown, and were at least five inches across. The tip of each nipple was like the end of her little finger, and stuck out visibly from the surface of her breasts.
For a moment, Lulu could only gape at her breasts in surprise. "Take your top off s*s, and see if you're the same way too."
Toppsy complied. As she held her boobs up and looked at them in the mirror, she saw that her nipples were virtually identical to Lulu's.
"You know, this may not be a bad thing," said Lulu. She tweaked and stroked her nipples. They were incredibly sensitive now. "I'll be that I could cream my panties just by playing with my tits now."
Toppsy whirled and faced her s****r. "Lulu, how fucking dense can you be?" she shot out. "If these gals screwed around with our tits and our skin, who knows what the fuck else they've done to us? They've used us like 'Dr. Frankenstein' would experiment on an a****l in a laboratory!"
"Hey take it easy, s*s," said Lulu. "Yeah, they were kind of rough with us the last time, but it wasn't that bad. And it looks like we're almost back to normal now."
"You had to get your brilliant fucking idea about taking a vacation to this madhouse! And then later on, you practically encouraged those nymphomaniacs by showing off and squirting your juices everywhere!" Toppsy shot back at her. Her emotions reeling, Toppsy threw herself down on the bed. Lulu donned her negligee again, and tried to console her s****r.

A few moments later, a buzzer sounded, indicating that someone was about to enter the room. Tami, a short blonde girl who handled a lot of the administrative tasks on the Island, entered, and greeted the two blonde dancers.
"Hi girls. Tiffany and Dee Dee sent me to check up on you. Today's your last day on our Island. We've put your suitcases at the foot of your beds. Pick out something to wear, and then come with me to the auditorium. Tiffany and Dee Dee have some things that they want to tell you, before you leave."
"Yeah? We'll, I've got a few things to tell you, blondie," growled Toppsy as she rose from the bed. Toppsy stood directly in front of Tami, with her hands on her hips. Tami was a very short girl, and Toppsy glared down at her. "I am sick and fucking tired of being experimented on like some type of guinea pig around here."
Tami backed away from Toppsy, as she could see the anger in her face. Toppsy stalked Tami like a schoolyard bully, poking her finger at her chest.
"Get your ass over there and use that phone girl!" shouted Toppsy. "Tell Tiffany and Dee Dee that they can damn well come here and see us. I want some straight answers around here, or there's gonna be hell to pay, starting with you!"

At that point, Toppsy reached out, intending to shove Tami towards the phone.
Just then, Ebony's hand reached out and grasped Toppsy's wrist like a vise.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you."
Toppsy glared at Ebony from her height of just over seven feet; she was the strongest girl on the Island, and her experience from teaching physical conditioning classes made her some-one most girls wouldn't dream of picking a fight with.
Ebony stared at Toppsy. "Go ahead. Make my day and try something." Ebony released Toppsy's wrist, and the blonde girl backed away from Tami. "That's better. Tiffany and Dee Dee figured that you two would probably be a bit unstable, once you woke up, so she had me accompany Tami here, just in case."
Toppsy sat back down on the bed, next to Lulu. Both of the blonde dancers were in awe at the size and strength of Ebony.
"Now then," continued Ebony. "You two have been invited to a farewell audience with Tiffany, Dee Dee and some of the others, before you leave us. Not only does Tiffany not like to be kept waiting, but there's some things that I think you'll really want to hear there also.
"So like Tami said, pick out some traveling clothes. Because after your audience with Tiffany, we're taking you back to the mainland."

Ten minutes later, Toppsy and Lulu were attired in short pants and blouses, as they made their way to the conference room with Tami and Ebony.
In the room, Tiffany, Clyda, Dee Dee and several other amazons were seated in the chairs. No one else was in the room, as compared to other times.
"Hello, Toppsy. Lulu," said Tiffany. "It's good to see you again."
"The only thing good about it, is that this is our last day here," retorted Toppsy. "Where the hell do you get off tinkering and experimenting with our bodies like you did?"
"All right. Sit down and have a seat, girls. Your flight doesn't leave the mainland until late this afternoon. So I've got plenty of time to explain things to you. Let's talk about the various changes to your bodies.
"First off are your tans. We didn't do anything more than put you in a tanning chamber for a couple of days. We also gave you some sedatives, and you slept for more than two days after the finale, recuperating and letting your bodies return to normal. When Dee Dee said that you'd return to normal, she meant it."
"If I say so myself love," said Clyda addressing the two dancers, "you look absolutely smashing. Think of the attention you'll get from your boyfriends and people on the street in general. And if anyone asks, you won't be fibbing when you tell them you were on vacation in the Bahamas for a while."
"Not to mention that this will help you in your modeling and dancing careers," added Tiffany. "The more you can reinvent yourself for the photographers and the dance club circuit, the more marketable you are, and the more money you'll rake in."
"Of course, it's up to you two if you want to make the effort to keep this new look," said Dee Dee. "In a couple of months, you'll look the same as when you left for your vacation if you don't do anything about it."
Realization settled in on Toppsy and Lulu that this aspect could be a benefit to them.

"Now let's talk about your boobs," said Tiffany. "We have cameras everywhere on the Island, so we saw how you two reacted when you woke up. That's why we had Ebony follow Tami, when she went to check in on you.
"Like your tans, the change to your tits isn't permanent. Lulu has already seen how sensitive her nipples are now. Yours are every bit as active, Toppsy."
"Stop and think about the doors this will open for you girls," said Clyda. "This is another thing that'll have editors drooling to sign you up for pictorials. And that's just for solo posing and videos. If you two ever come out of your shells and loosen up some, the possibilities are almost unlimited for you."
"Quit trying to tell us what to do!" exclaimed Toppsy. "You had no right to screw around with my body, without asking me first."
"There's one more very important thing about your boobs that you need to know, and you can decide if you want to take advantage of it or not," said Tiffany. "Lulu, you seemed to be more receptive to your new tan, and the new look of your nipples, when we watched you on our cameras."
"I don't need for my tits to be any bigger, like they were that one day," said Lulu. "But I do like what you've done to me, just from looking at them."
"I want you to do me a favor, and take off your blouse and bra," said Tiffany. "There won't be any more fucking or sucking today. But I need you to do this for me, so I can make a demonstration."
"Okay." Lulu removed her blouse and bra, and stood before the other girls in the auditorium. Her massive tits and spectacular new nipples were plainly visible to everyone.
"I'll let Dee Dee take over here," said Tiffany. "She can answer any questions you have."
"Now Lulu, I want you to cup your breasts with your hands, and begin stroking and tweaking your nipples with your fingers," explained Dee Dee. "This is going to be weird, but imagine that your nipples are tiny little pricks, and that you're making them erect with your hands."
"If you say so," giggled Lulu. She plainly thought Dee Dee's suggestion was ludicrous.
Within moments, Lulu changed her tune. "This feels fucking incredible. My boobs feel like they're tingling all over. What's happening to my tits?"
Before everyone's eyes, Lulu's nipples were becoming visibly erect and stiff. In less than a minute, Lulu's teats were just over three inches long, and as thick as her little finger. The entire areola became a darker brown as bl**d filled the skin, and it rose and grew from the surface of her breast, like cookie dough rising in the oven. Lulu could only gape at herself in awe and wonder as she stared at her boobs.
"What the hell did you do to her?" asked Toppsy.
"I've given her what I like to call the 'ultimate nipples'," said Dee Dee. "When you two swallowed all that cum a few days ago, that primed your bodies. Afterwards, I did a little minor surgery that produced the effect you see now. Believe me, if you don't have a prick handy, or don't want one, you won't have any trouble getting off just as well, simply by playing with your boobs."
"But now comes the best part of all," said Tiffany. "Squeeze and pull your teats like you're milking a cow, Lulu."
Lulu complied, and within seconds, she was spraying fine streams of milk from her nipples in all directions.
"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Lulu. "My juggs feel tingly all over. It's fucking great! But I've never been pregnant in my life. How'd you do this?"
"I won't bore you with a scientific explanation," said Dee Dee. "But you've both seen that I can put cocks on girls, so just accept this and enjoy it. I want you to know that this change isn't permanent either. In about six months, your nipples will return to normal. To return to a more convenient size, just concentrate on making them shrink with your mind."
Lulu did this, and her nipples slowly began retreating back into the surface of her boobs.
"You can also stop them at a more reasonable size," added Dee Dee. "They don't have to be fully extended all the time unless you want them like that."
Lulu willed her nipples back to their ordinary state, and then quickly wiped the moisture off of them. Then she donned her blouse and bra again, and resumed her seat.
"Well, what do you think, Toppsy?" asked Tiffany. "Anything that Lulu can do, you'll be able to do also."
"I'm not happy about you doing things like this to me without my consent," said Toppsy. "But I can see the obvious possibilities."
"You two have been in the business long enough to see the potential something like this will offer you," said Clyda. "But only if you choose to exploit it. You'll have to break the mold that you've set for yourselves, and get out there and do things. But that's up to you."
"One benefit is that you can completely control your new nipples," said Dee Dee. "It's a matter of mind control. You won't be like a guy who gets a hard-on when he doesn't need it."
"This does present some interesting scenarios," said Toppsy as she smiled and stroked her chin. "Even if it is just surprising the heck out of my boyfriend. But you keep mentioning that these changes may only last about six months. What happens then?"
"By then, the chemicals that are in your body will be diluted and ineffective, and you'll be just like you were before you came here," said Dee Dee. "Those chemicals are part of what makes our cocks perform like they do. We have to take a variety of pills and supplements here to maintain them."

A slow understanding of Dee Dee and Tiffany's plan began to settle in on Toppsy and Lulu.
"So if we decide we like being like this, just what do we have to do to stay this way?" asked Lulu.
"As I explained, your tans will be easy if you work at it," said Tiffany. "For your boobs, you'll have to make a return visit to us, here on the Island."
"Oh I get it," retorted Toppsy. "We come back here, and let you pump us full of cum, and fuck us until we can't walk straight again. I don't know if I want to go through this again, even if you did make it so we weren't hurt by your cocks."
"If you return here, there will obviously be a price to pay, so that you can maintain your bodies in the state that they are," said Tiffany. "But if you return to us, I'm also going to dangle this one idea in front of you two.
"If you're sincere about it, we'll consider making either of you, or both of you, members of our f****y down here."
Both Toppsy and Lulu stared at Tiffany and the other girls in stark amazement.

"You don't have to give me an answer just now. I've seen the way you two performed once you got used to us. I've been a model myself, and that includes doing numerous hardcore videos in my days. I know when someone is putting on an act for the cameras, and when someone is really getting off.
"You both know what all the girls here have done to you in the last two weeks. Just imagine being hung like some of us, and getting to return the favor to Clyda or myself. Or being able to put a new girl through her paces with your cock."
Lulu's eyes began to light up as she imagined herself transformed into a shemale amazon in the future. Toppsy was still indignant and somewhat antagonistic towards Tiffany.
"That just might be worth it, so that I could wipe that smug smile off your face, Tiffany," she replied. "But don't hold your breath waiting for an answer from me."
"Come on, love. Have an open mind about things," said Clyda. "You've seen just how much we like having cocks, and how we get off around here. As good as it feels to get fucked by us, or to suck us, it can't possibly compare to having a cock like ours of your own."
"Thank you for the sales pitch, Clyda," interjected Tiffany. "I didn't expect an answer from either of you today. Here's our e-mail address." She handed both girls what looked like a business card. "This is how you can contact us, if you want to, in the future. If you're serious, we can set things up down the road for a return visit."
Both Toppsy and Lulu stuck the cards in their purses.
"Right now, all I'll say is that I'll consider it, Tiffany," said Toppsy. "So much shit has happened to us, that all I want to do now is go home."
"That's perfectly understandable," replied Tiffany. "We've got your ride waiting for you on the shore."

Two of the newer girls grabbed Toppsy and Lulu's suitcases, and carried them out to the waiting boat. Just before they reached the perimeter door, Toppsy and Lulu were blindfolded. Some of the girls carefully e****ted them the short distance to Ramirez' boat, and into a cabin below deck.

Once in the cabin, their blindfolds were removed. There were no windows that might be used to reveal their location.
"We use this gentleman on a regular basis for transporting girls to and from the Island," Tami told Toppsy and Lulu. "You'll have no contact with the captain, until you reach the port. This cabin is air-conditioned, and has all the amenities that you'll need for the trip to the main-land. From there, a limousine will pick you up and take you to the airport.
"Every girl reacts differently to our little world down here, but I really hope that we'll see both of you again sometime soon." Tami smiled and waved good-bye, as she locked the cabin door from the outside.

Several hours later, Toppsy and Lulu relaxed in their seats as the airliner took off from the Bahamas airport, and headed for New York.
"You know, s*s," said Lulu. "Our little 'vacation' has really opened my eyes. I'm gonna think about taking Tiffany up on her offer sometime down the road."
Toppsy gave an exasperated sigh, and rolled her head in the direction of her s****r. "Lulu, the next time that you enter a contest, include me out."

That evening on the Island, Tiffany and Clyda relaxed in their chairs after dinner.
"So what do you think, love?" asked Clyda. "Any chance that we'll ever see either of those two again?"
"It's hard to say, Clyda," replied Tiffany. "A lot of girls get cold feet once they arrive here and see us, even after they make it through the initial screening process.
"My gut feeling says that Toppsy may still be too much of a prude to ever come back here. You saw how hostile she was this afternoon toward us. I think that if she ever did have a cock like ours, she'd turn into a little hellcat, and simply want to fuck everyone for revenge, and might not ever accept our lifestyle here.
"But Lulu's another story. I think that towards the end, she was really starting to like it here. And you saw how turned on she got with her new nipples today. If we hadn't stopped her, I think she would've kept on masturbating, and creamed right in front of everyone."
"That girl does love her own boobs, doesn't she?" replied Clyda.
"Not only that, but I've discovered something about Lulu that indicates she might not be as stuck up as we thought. One of the girls found some material that she'd posed for in the last couple of years, posted on the Internet.
"Lulu was a dark-haired brunette, which I think is her natural hair color anyway. She did a couple of layouts with a guy and a girl. Nothing terribly serious, and she certainly hasn't popped her cherry in front of the cameras yet. But she really seemed to be enjoying herself.
"The other was a series of photos Lulu did with two other established big boob starlets: Chessie Moore and Kimberlee Kupps. Again, they didn't do much more than just pal around, and play a little with each other's tits. But Lulu shows some potential, if she goes ahead and really makes an effort to join us in the future."
"That is encouraging," said Clyda. "Hopefully, she's not so much of a wallflower after all."
"Only time will tell. Come on, Clyda. Let's head over to Dee Dee's quarters. I finally talked her into putting all of her laboratory work and her projects on hold for a night. Dee Dee told me that she's ready to take me up on that offer of her and myself giving it to you good in both holes tonight."
"You know, you're pretty generous in just promising my body to someone without asking me first, love," quipped Clyda.
"That's only because I know you love it that way, smart-aleck," said Tiffany with a grin. "And so do I. And for that matter, Dee Dee does as well, too.
"It's time that we used our pricks on someone who'll appreciate them, without putting up a struggle. Namely, ourselves!"
"Well, let's not keep Dee Dee waiting, love."
With that, Tiffany and Clyda strode from the dining area, and headed to Dee Dee's quarters.

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